Ideas/Suggestions Please!

My husband Finn and I have 3 boys, ages 8, 5, and 3.  We've finally agreed that we're ready for number 4 so we're currently in the process of trying.  This isn't a final attempt at a girl or anything; at this point I'm not sure what I'd even do if we don't have another boy!  This forum helped us choose our youngest son's name so I'm back to pick your brains!

My name is Austin and my husband is Finn.  Our sons are named:


Atticus Luca (goes by Ace the majority of the time but prefers Atticus at school)

Malakai Solomon (never intended to nickname him but Kai is what I almost always end up calling him)

Isaias Everett (typically goes by Ike; I wasn't sold on the nickname at first but it was the only way I could get my hubby to even entertain Isaias as a name and now Ike is just SO HIM)


Three pregnancies so far and we have never concretely agreed on a girl name, so I suppose it's good we have boys!  Naming Atticus was a cinch.  We had the whole thing, nickname included, before he was even conceived.  Kai was harder.  Finn loved it and Kai was easy for our then two-year-old to say, but it took us awhile to get to that consensus.  By the time we had Ike we had it down between Isaias and Elias but as soon as I saw him at birth I knew Isaias was right.  


If we happen to have our 4th boy, I go back and forth whether or not I want to avoid a name that ends in S, but I do know I want something that can easily be shortened to an easy nickname.  I can't get Elias out of my head but I feel it's too close to Isaias now.  Finn likes Augustus, which I could get behind but I want some different options.

For girls, blahhh...if Ike had been a girl he probably would've been Genevieve.  I don't hate that name but it would've been a pretty big compromise.  Names I'm kicking around are Felicity, Scarlett, Gianna...maybe?  


Any suggestions or thoughts?  And good vibes would be appreciated; another week before I can test!


August 8, 2018 3:23 AM

I like Genevieve and Felicity - Vivienne and Chelsea would be nice too


for boys I wouldnt do another s name - what about one ending in i - if you want 3 syllables like the others - Jovanni, Nikolai, Dimitri, Jacobi, Omari, Jamari, Liugi, Jelani, Yovanni,

others - Levi, Eli, Giovanni, Bodhi, Remi, Jedi



August 9, 2018 11:37 PM

Vivienne is another name that I am good with that I'm pretty sure my husband won't hate.  Jacoby has potential.  Also been thinking about Dominic.  I kind of like Luigi but our last name is Dillon and I'm not sure Luigi Dillon really meshes.  Thanks for your suggestions!

August 9, 2018 2:47 AM

I think you should avoid another 'ending in s' name for a 4th boy, because then you'd have 3 with s and one without. However, if you exclusively use nicknames, it might not be such a big problem. So if you had Elias nn Eli for example, you'd have Ace, Kai, Ike and Eli - that would be fine.Or Augustus nn Gus - also fine.


The one name I was going to suggest was Solomon and then I realised you've already used it as a middle name. I do get a strong Biblical feeling from your boys' names which is probably why I thought of it. Other possibilities: Abraham (probably Abe is too close to Ace, but you could use Bram), Joshua (Josh - maybe too common for your sibset), or any of the -ah names (Jeremiah, Zebediah, Jedidiah, Elijah as an alternative to Elias).


Other ideas - Evander (Evan, Van), Joachim (Joe, Kim), Dashiell (Dash)


For a girl, Genevieve is lovely but feels different to your boys' names (which isn't necessarily a big problem). Have you considered Geneva? Felicity, Scarlett and Gianna are good options too. Other ideas: Lorelei, Dominica, Naomi, Estella, Verity, Florence

August 9, 2018 11:35 PM

It's funny because Solomon was one of the top contenders when we were naming Malakai but at the time we didn't think we'd have more kids.  It amazes me how situations and priorities change as years go by!  I totally would have used that as a first name but it's too late now.  

I thought about Dominic after I made the original post and it's not my favorite but I know Finn won't hate it so it might make the list.  


I LOVE Geneva!  I kind of like Ginevra too.  Lorelei is another that I don't mind that I can see my husband really liking.  Thanks for your input!

August 10, 2018 5:45 PM

I've been crushing on Sylvan nicknamed Van lately.

Atticus, Malakai, Isaias, and Sylvan.

Ace, Kai, Ike, and Van.

Genevieve makes me think of Imogen, Beatrix, Sylvie, Juliet.

August 10, 2018 6:06 PM

Caleb or Calvin fit nicely into your set, but Cal seems too close to Kai.

Malcolm nicknamed Mal?  (It'a a bit close to Malakai).

Ira, Asa or Ezra?

Max (Maxwell, Maximus, Maximillian?)

Kip, Chip (Christopher or almost anything)

I like Gus from Augustus and suspect the 's' won't be an issue.

Leo (Leon, Lenard, Gallileo)

Ben (Benedict, Benjamin, Bennett)

Win, Ed (Winston, Edwin)

Walt (Walter, Walton)





August 12, 2018 2:19 PM

I think Elias is out with an Isaias, even if you use the nickname forms most of the time, but Eliot or Elian or Elijah could fit. I also want to throw Eliezer out there, which friends joked about but which I think is actually totally usable.  You have very similar taste to said friends - they have an Elia* and an Isaia* and Malachi made their short list. They also have a Z3ke, short for Ezek!el, which I might suggest for your consideration as well, on the grounds that you seem otherwise stylistically in step.

Augustus seems too similar to Atticus in the full; perhaps you could be interested in other forms like Augustin(e)? I also want to mention Leonidas as an idea.

I really enjoy your children's names as a sibling group, both the long forms and the nicknames, so I am excited to see where you end up taking your fourth naming adventure! Best wishes and good luck!

August 14, 2018 4:09 AM

I think Elias is too close in sound as well.  I think Augustus is probably ok given Atticus goes by Ace, but just August or Augustin work well.  We ended up using Augustus for a middle for our son and August was the top contender for a first, but Augustus really suited him.

I love the suggestion of Ezekial (nn Zeke) and Dashiell (nn Dash).  Other thoughts - Raphael (Rafe/Rafa), Tobias (yes another S ending name), Idris (again with S), Benedict, Caspian, Emmett, Gabriel, Lysander

I like all your girl suggestions. They are slightly diferent in style to the boys names but that isn't a big deal.  I also like the suggestion of Ginevra rather than Gianna or Genevieve.   I'll have to think about the girls a bit more, it's harder to get an idea on style!

August 14, 2018 6:59 PM

The name that immediately popped into my head for you is Conrad for some reason. It doesn't have a lot of nickname options, but I still think it fits your general "style." Or maybe Damon, Desmond, or Roman? I agree that Elias is too close to Isais- that could get very tricky when calling out their names.

For girls, I like all of your suggestions. Are there any that you like more than others? It doesn't seem like you are really enthused about any of them. Maybe try messing with the Name Matchmaker tool to see what comes up when you type in your list to see if there are similar styles that may appeal to you?