Irish/ Scottish names that start with T?

So, a bit of backstory (eep!)

My husband and I are both from Irish/ Scottish families and both our names start with a T. 

We both like the idea of naming our kid (don't know the gender yet!!) a name that starts with T and is an Irish/ Scottish name. My husband has also voiced some opinions on the name Tobias so I guess it doesn't really matter if it's an Irish/ Scottish name but I would really prefer if we could keep in trend!

So far we have a pretty small list and it's basically only our names and his brother's name, but I wouldn't quite feel comfortable naming any future child after ourselves.

Please help!!!



August 25, 2018 12:22 PM

Todd Tegan Tierney Tiernan Torin Troy Tully Tyrone Tavish ThaneTavin Tevin Tate Tavis Trevor Tristan Treacy

Treasa Tara Tallulah Taryn Tiernan Tierney Tullia Tavia Tyra Tyree Trina

August 25, 2018 3:18 PM

On Behind the Name you can search for names based on usage (origin) and filter for initial letter:

The lists it comes up with are quite short though (13 names across both genders for Scottish and 25 for Irish) so you might do better considering all Irish/Scottish names and disregarding the letter requirement. You could of course do the opposite and disregard the name origin requirement to look only at T names but I think it would be first worth considering if you would then feel locked in to the T initial for all potential future children. Personally I would rather have the link be the name origin and have a wider field of names open to me, but I generally find families where all children have the same initial overly cutesy at best and tacky/forced at worst.