Its me again, Margaret...

Yep, me again. I took a little break from names and I set the appointment for our ultrasound since I knew DH would be more willing to discuss once we knew whether we were looking for a boy name or a girl name. 

Well, the ultrasound was yesterday. The tech flat out refused to check gender since it was not specifically listed on the order, so it seems we are not going to know ahead of time and I am trying to make peace with the situation. (Sympathy welcome)

I think I am settled on a girl name and DH has not vetoed it though I get the impression he is leaning more towards what I am considering the backup option. 

I thought I was settled on a boys name but I am feeling a little panicky about it now. DH and I both have a feeling this baby is a boy- but obviously it is not for sure.

I am determined to honor my dad by using the middle name P@ul if this baby is a boy. I love the name Caspian and got good feedback on it before, especially with that middle, but... I worry that it will be less wearable in practice than it is in theory? Does Caspian sound like I am trying too hard? I am open to alternative suggestions also. For reference, we really liked Ephriam but it shares too many sounds with our last name and became quite a mouthful all together. I also liked Edmond (but dislike all the nicknames), Frederick, Arlo (vetoed), Humphrey (again nn issues), Ronan and Lochlan (sibset issues)

Our daughter is Georgett3 (Georgi3). 

Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement you always supply!




May 23, 2018 6:35 PM

Wow, I've never heard of needing a prescription for an ultrasound sex-peek! Do you mind me asking where you are, roughly? I'm guessing it's a jurisdictional thing...

Caspian is probably at the bolder end of the naming spectrum, but in today's naming landscape I don't think it will stick out nearly as much as you fear. By the time he's old enough to be sending out resumes I doubt anyone would even blink at it.

If Caspian does turn out to be "too much" at any stage of his life, Cass and Kaz are both quite wearable, and the very blending-in nickname Ian is also hiding out in there; he could also use his middle name. And of course you or he could come up with a nickname that isn't obviously contained in the longer name, like Chip or Mack or what-have-you.

May 23, 2018 9:26 PM

I live in the US (in the South), but it is not normal for the area- my midwife knew I planned on learning the gender and even asked me to let her know what it was since her experience was that they did not put it on the chart they just announced verbally to the parents. I had her send the order to a hospital she has never worked with before because I get better benefits there due to DH's job. So if she expected that it had to be on the order she would have added it. 

I like Cass, and I had not thought of Chip, but I think I like that too! Caspian did debut on the SSA list in the most recent edition so it should be becoming more familiar, but it still feels rather bold for me. Sometimes bold is good though.

May 28, 2018 3:18 PM

That is so strange. If It was a 20 week anatomy scan,  that should have been part of the identified anatomy, and it should not need to be noted separately on the order. If it was earlier, then I guess I can see how they might not want to, but it still seems odd to me.

June 8, 2018 3:01 PM

I found out more info about the whole situation and it sounds like it worked out that way more because the tech I had was not very familiar with OB orders and consequently did not feel competent to say one way or the other so she used the loophole of the lack of specific order to get out of having to do it. I did complain to the head of Radiology about the situation and in an effort to make it right they had their best OB tech (who was very sweet) do another ultrasound to get that and the other pics that actually were on the order but the incompetent tech didn't do at no extra charge (good move since we could contest the charges since they did not complete the order). Sadly, despite a valiant effort by the 2nd tech that included everything from eating and walking around to going to the bathroom and jiggling and prodding my belly, nothing could get this baby to uncross his/her legs so baby is still going to be a surprise. Sigh. 

June 8, 2018 3:07 PM

very modest little one there,  I loved the surprise element with all mine,  I just wanted to know with 100% accuracy

May 23, 2018 9:00 PM

love Paul as a mn - Caspian is ok,  if you like it - what about Casper or Jasper


what about Edwin,  Frederick is ok,  Ari, Ronan is ok, Phineas, Raphael, Dominic, Theodore, Elliott, Lincoln, Maverick, Roland, Alastair, Anthony, Sebastian, Finnian, Lucius, Adrian, Bastian, Damian, Julian, Maximillan, Kian, Tristan, Lucian, Christopher, Benjamin, Alexander, Felipe, Tobias, Simeon, Thaddeus, Edison

I like Lachlan - what is the sibset issue ?




May 23, 2018 9:37 PM

Casper and Jasper are not my style (I will admit to being strangley and unpredictably picky).

I do like Roland, and actually I really like Felipe- is it too.... Belle's horse?

The issue with Lochlan is that it is so Irish and Georgett3 is so french that it feels very disjointed to me- kinda hard to explain. I like eclectic, but I worry about going too far eclectic, if that makes sense? I dunno. I really do appreciate the suggestions.

May 23, 2018 9:55 PM

I wouldnt worry about G and Lochlan as a sibset

what about Louis, Andre, Antoine, Beau, Jordan, Julian, Marc, Maxim, Nathaniel,  Cyprien, Hadrian, Harvey, Kasim, Lucien, Maximilien, Olivier, Orville, Philippe, Theodore, Timon, Eric, Adrian, Adam, Albert, Aldric, Bastien, Charles, Damien, Daniel, Dimitri, Edgar, Edmond, Ethan, Felix, Florian, Hubert, Jesse, Joel, Justin, Kylian, Leo, Leon, Lionel, Lucas, Martin, Matthias, Maxime, Michael, Nathan, Nicholas, Oscar, Patrick, Quentin, Robert, Samuel, Samson, Sebastien, Simon, Simeon, Thomas, Victor, Vincent, Xavier, Zachary

I think Felipe is nice

May 28, 2018 8:59 PM

I like Felipe too. You could also go with Phillppe or Philip. 

May 24, 2018 11:59 AM

What about Vance, Nigel, Aldo, Conrad, Otto, Peter, or Nile?

May 28, 2018 8:58 PM

I love the name Georgette.

I don't know if this will make you more or less panicky, but here's the thing about gender: it's never a done deal. Having an intersex baby (one whose physical sex characteristics are not obviously male or female, or may be a mix of both) is about as common as having a baby with red hair. Your child could also grow up to be trans or gender fluid, identifying with a gender other than the one the doctors gave them. Just something to keep in mind!

That being said, I think Caspian is a great name and doesn't sound like you're trying too hard.

Other ideas:















June 8, 2018 2:53 PM

I am so glad to hear someone say it doesn't sound like I am trying to hard- I really do just want a name that I love and will maybe be inspiring to my kiddo. I have not bounced it off of many people IRL but my mom has said she really likes it. My dad said it feels a little awkward but he will get used to it.

I have thought about that stuff with gender before, but in my experience it seems that when people deal with gender dysphoria etc they want to choose a whole new name to rather than keep a gender neutral name or a version of their given name that correlates with the gender they are identifying as, so I figure I might as well go with what I like for now and if they need to change it then it may end up being part of their process. 

Thank you for the suggestions. I keep looking at lists and suggestions, but nothing seems to be as exciting to me as Caspian, I just wasn't really planning on also going with such a kind of bold decision.