i really am liking the nickname Laney/Lainey. But I am not sure what full name goes well with my daughter Eliana’s name??

thanks!!  :)


March 26, 2019 8:07 AM

I know a family with Eliana and Alayna NN Laney. You can also have the name Layne or layna.

March 26, 2019 8:12 AM

Oh really. I like that name but I feel it’s to close to  Eliana.   It’s not to close ??

March 26, 2019 8:23 AM

They haven't had problems. Other names Delaney, alani, layna, Layne, Melanie, noelani, nalani, Kalani,, Milani, Leilani

March 26, 2019 4:50 PM

I think Alayna and Eliana are different sounding enough and different syllables etc. 

some others Delaney,  Jillane, Lana, Lani, Melana, Selana, Solana and Helena - you could use Lane/Laney

March 26, 2019 5:48 PM

Alayna can also be spelled Elena, which really emphasizes just how close to Eliana it is.  I agree that even Lainey is very similar to Eliana... in fact, maybe try out calling the daughter you have Lainey!

The good news is that you really love the name you already used.  Now it's time to branch out and explore some different sounds for the next one.  Eliana and Phoebe, Eliana and Gwendolyn, Eliana and Beatrix, Eliana and Xanthe, Eliana and Coralie.

March 26, 2019 9:02 AM

The main name I know it as a nickname for is Elaine. I think most of the names that it works with will be very close to Eliana.

Personally, Lainey would be too close to Eliana for me. The names are basically just swapping vowels around, without even changing the order of the consonants--like Minnie and Amina or Amanda and Mindy. Different people have different tolerance levels for that kind of thing, but I also think sometimes we can get stuck on a particular sound, and miss out on names we might really like that are more different. When I was naming my fourth I realized that a lot of the names on my first-pass list had at least one syllable in common with an older kid's name, and a lot of why I liked those names was because they kind of reminded me of the names I'd already chosen.

I notice this in novels, sometimes, where an author will inexplicably have eight out of ten characters' names start with B or the women are Lisa, Luisa, Lacey, Lissy, Sela, and Sally. One of my favorite authors had a succession of heroines named Sasha, Shaya, Sienna, Sophia, and Sahara as the leads in five out of twelve books.  The namer who loves the particular sound obviously perceives all sorts of subtle differences between the various names, but they can be harder to keep straight for other people--kind of like "blush and bashful" to non-pink-afficionados.

March 26, 2019 11:05 PM

I think Alayna and Eliana are too close. Laney/Lainey may be too close altogether.

Maybe you'd like...






By EVie
March 30, 2019 3:30 PM

I agree with those above who say they're too close, definitely too close. My own name is in this name family, and I definitely get that weird "kinda-my-name-but-not" feeling from the other name. I would NOT want that name for my sister.

April 3, 2019 5:32 AM

If you already have an Eliana, another daughter named Laney might be too much of a good thing!  That said, I have a close friend whose two kids have very matchy-matchy names and.... SO WHAT.  It's not actually a big deal.  In my friend's case, she and her husband come from different countries and speak English together, and there were just not a lot of options that they both liked and worked well in three totally unrelated languages (English, Hebrew, and Khmer).   They are SO glad they didn't pick a name for #2 that they liked less, just to be different from kid #1.  If your heart is set on Laney, then make it work.

That said: the two names are definitely matchy-matchy. I would like to echo the suggestion of Delaney; the D sets it apart distinctively.  Or how about Melanie?  Absolutely beautiful, and it has the sounds that you like.  Janey is another nice alternative to Laney, and if you like longer names you have some gorgeous options like Janette and Janine to work from.   Oooh, and then there's Lacey.  Or another step out from Laney: Avalon? Okay, that's pushing it but one of my favorite names!

April 6, 2019 8:38 PM

Thanks!   I really like Delaney but idk if I love it.    To me Ellie and Laney aren’t to close.   So if I use if I will be okay with the nicknames. Thanks though 

April 7, 2019 4:28 PM

I think the reason some think Lainey and Eliana are too close is this: 

Lainey is a relatively common nn for Elaine  AND Elaine and Eliana are too close. (They're in the same family and stem from the same meaning - light. In fact, they're practically anagrams of each other)

However, the way to avoid that connection is to not use Elaine for Lainey. Alayna is getting farther away. Even though the sound is in the Elaine/Elena family, the spelling sets it apart just a bit more. 

My favorite suggestion though was Lorraine. I think Eliana and Lorraine go really well together and are set apart enough. I also think Delaney, Layne, Melanie, and Madeleine work with Lainey as a nn.

I also really liked IraSass' suggestion of Janey/Janie. It's similar to Lainey and opens up a whole avenue of Janine, Jeanette, Janelle, like cm2530 was saying. I know a Janie who is very sweet and intelligent. Her name really stuck with me.


But since you like Laney/Lainey, I like Lorraine. I think it works in a Zaney-Laney-Lorrainey kind of way. 


April 8, 2019 5:59 AM

YES!  Exactly.  Ellie and Laney are not too matchy-matchy, but Eliana and Laney are -- indeed Laney can be a nickname of Eliana.  I could totally see bureaucratic snafu somewhere that thinks you have one daughter not two. BLEAH!  But as you say, if you make Laney a nickname for something else that's a bit removed from Eliana/Ellie and all your problems are solved.  Here's some more suggestions I don't see above: Helen, Adelaine, Lanora, Leona, Magdalene, Marlene/Marlena, Milena, Raylene, Marilena, Isalayne, Emmalayne, Catalena, Arlena, Selena.... seriously, with all the -lyn, -lane, -leen, -line, -lena etc names out there, must be a fabulous one you like and/or can tweak spelling of to get to Laney.  Perhaps a family tie-in?  Like I don't happen to like the name Raylene, but Ray is a family name  so I could live with it if daughter was actually called Laney, you know?