Lauryn, Taytum, or Piper?

My daughter decided she wanted to go by a different name. I agreed to it. She still has to go by her real name, Presley, at school. She can’t decide whether she wants to go by Lauryn, Taytum, or Piper, and asked for my help. Her siblings are named Madeleine Bell, Rylee Jade, Harper Noelle, Teagan Monet, and Noah Lenno. Which name is the best choice? 


July 17, 2018 4:30 PM

Piper sounds the most the most like Presley but is more cutesy and cool. I think she should choose Piper, besides, she is five, and Piper sounds like something a five-year-old would really love. ❤

July 17, 2018 4:36 PM

Are the spellings her choice?  If I remember correctly, she's only 5?  I'd encourage you to have her use the more standard spellings, Lauren or Tatum.  I think it's more consistent with the siblings names (I noticed none of them really have alternate spellings) and I think it'd be easier for her later down the road, especially if she decides she wants to make the change permanent.

My 1st choice for her is Piper, I think it fits well with the sibling group.  I also think it's nice because she would have the same initial.  If the change does become permanent (and at age 5 I think that's likely a long shot) that P initial would be a nice nod to her original name.

My personal preference is Lauren; however, I don't think it works with the sibling group quite as well as Piper.  It also lacks any connection at all to her given name, which could make it harder for the nickname to "stick" with other people.  It seems like a similar sounding name/something with the same initial would be easier for people to remember?

I agree Tatum does seem awfully close to Teagan.  I'd probably point out to her that she'd have to share an initial, which might make her like another choice better.

I'll add that at age 5, she's likely in preschool or perhaps about to enter K?  If she wants to try it out at school (and you are Ok with this), I'd imagine her teachers will be more than happy to oblige.  Just a quick explanation that "her name is Presley but she's going through a phase and wants to be called Piper/Lauren/Tatum" should be enough explanation.  If she changes back to Presley later just a heads up that "she's over that particular phase, can you start using her given name" shouldn't be a big deal.

July 17, 2018 4:46 PM

Presley has decided to go by Piper. She is going into preschool in three or four week, and I will let the teacher know about her Piper Phase. She is super happy. All the kids have signs in their rooms with their names. I took down the ‘Presley Olivia‘ sign and helped her make one that says ‘Piper Olivia‘.