Looking for a long girl name that has a short nickname

 expecting my first child and couldn't be happier !! Just found out she is a girl too. so excited !! 


I have a fondness for more old fashioned names that are pretty long (Like 3+ syllables) BUT i will be calling her by a shorter nickname most of the time (Like 1-2 syllables) I would love if the nickname was somewhat gender neutral but thats not a huge issue. I just want something short and sweet


some of my fav names are

Elizabeth (liz)

Melanie (mel)

Beatrix (Bea)

Emmeline (Em) 


but im not sold on any of them so im still looking ! Any suggestions would be appreciated !


Also she wont be having a middle name so no need to think about that<3


July 14, 2018 5:53 PM

Elizabelle, Melody, Melissa, Bethany, Evangeline, Caroline, Lucinda, Stephanie, Catarina, Genevieve, Rebecca, Susannah, Josephine, Guinevere, Annabelle, Abigail, Annalise, Gwendolyn, Jocelyn, Juliette, Evelyn, Vivienne, Eleanor, Lillian, Natalie, Victoria, Penelope, Veronica, Vanessa, Rosalie, Coralie, Margaret, Matilda, Meredith,

July 14, 2018 11:06 AM

Name Finder on this site gives the following four-syllable feminine names that aren't too rare but aren't very common, either:

Adriana, Alexandra, Alicia, Amelia, Anastasia, Angelica, Angelina, Annabella, Arabella, Arianna, Cecilia, Emilia, Esmeralda, Evangeline, Julianna, Liliana, Mariana, Natalia, Penelope, Valentina, Valeria, Veronica, Viviana.

(I've picked just one spelling for variants like Adriana/Adrianna.)

Of these, the ones that are feminized versions of masculine names, such as Alexandra, will naturally have some gender-neutral nickname options, such as Alex. Of course, many of them are a lot more common in English as feminine names (Cecilia, Emilia, Valentina), so the nickname options also skew clearly feminine.

Is there anyone or anything you'd like to honor or reference in your child's name? That can help narrow the field and make it easier to choose.