Middle names for Julianna and Ruby

Hey ladies  

I’m expecting twin girls in September and am having trouble coming up with some middle names for both of this little ladies, we’d like Julianna’s middle name to start with an A and Ruby’s we have no idea, any suggration will help. Our last name is Steele  


June 10, 2019 5:04 PM

Julianna is going to be hard to pair with an A initial - the A ending and A beginning won't flow together very smoothly in many cases.  Maybe Julianna Audrey, Julianna Aisling, or Julianna Alice.


Have you fully considered Ruby Steele?  I get a bodice-ripper trashy romance novel vibe from it... either that or just straight-up porn star.  I would strongly suggest a serious, weighty sort of middle name if you use this combination.  Ruby Cordelia, Ruby Augusta, Ruby Eleanor, Ruby Henrietta.

June 11, 2019 5:07 AM

Amy, Alice, Ailsa, Ava, Alysse, Adele, Avril, Ada, Adeline, Abigail, Amelia, Angelique, Anastasia, Ava, April, Audrey, Arielle, Ashlea, Ashlyn, Anya

Anastasia (most of the A names would work)  Carolina Vivienne Bethany  Eliana Elizabeth Kathleen Evangeline Evelyn Isabella Gabriella Juliet Magdalena Susannah Catherine Bianca Vanessa Cassandra Natalia Samantha Sophia Bridget Beatrix Beatrice Celeste Elise Laura Annelise Imogen Annabel

June 12, 2019 2:49 AM

I agree with Molly that Julianna paired with an A middle name is just going to run together awkwardly, unless you zero on on a workaround like Audrey (nice call!) where the a in Julianna sounds totally different from the a that begins the middle name.  In general however, unless there is a compelling reason (like Julianna Audrey shares intials with grandpa Julien Arnaud), how about shift the A middle name to Ruby?  Otherwise, how about Julianne paired with an A name?  Oooh, I am now crushing on Julianne Alicia.

I don't quite get the bodice-ripper vibe from Ruby Steele exactly, but both are word-names and those can be awkward to pair  together.  Does Rudy or Rory appeal instead? 

June 13, 2019 9:52 AM

Our Julianna's middle name is Éva, after her grandmother; it's pronounced much like Ava.

In general, don't worry one iota about "flow" between first and middle names -- it's not going to matter at all in daily life. Instead, concentrate on meaningful middle names: something to honor family, or spell something neat with the initials, whatever.

It could be fun to give Ruby a middle related to Julianna's: stealth-twinsy names. Ava and Evelyn, Alice and Adelaide, Audrey and Etheldreda.

I can see where some people might get a bodice-ripper vibe from Ruby Steele, and I agree that a substantial (and strictly non-word-name) middle can help with that, but I wouldn't worry about this overmuch. (My vibe from the combination is more "private eye", for some reason.)

June 18, 2019 11:13 PM

A quick google search shows me that there is already a romance author, as well as a porn star, named Ruby Steele. What about Ruby as a middle name instead?


Julianna and...

Claudia Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Francesca Ruby

Georgia Ruby

Harriet Ruby

Lillian Ruby

Matilda Ruby

Camilla Ruby


Middle name ideas for Julianna:

Julianna April

Julianna Autumn

Julianna Audrey

Julianna Aubrey

Julianna Ariel