Mitt Romney's new grandson

One of Mitt Romney's sons and his wife just adopted an African-American infant, named Kieran James Romney.  Apparently a whole bunch of strangers who are incapable of minding their own business are up in arms because the name Kieran means 'black.'  First of all, the birth mother may have chosen that name, and the Romneys decided to keep it.  Second of all, there are many African-Americans with names like Ebony and Jet.  Certainly having darker skin is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.  Third of all (or maybe first), it's nobody's business to crticize publicly what parents name their children (unless, of course, the name is Adolph Hitler or the like).  Little Kieran James is an adorable chubby bunny who is now part of a large and warm family which will take good care of him, and that's what counts.

Disclaimer:  My son and his wife, who are not African-American, adopted an African-American son who is now three years old, thriving. and a darling gem.  They kept the name his his birth mother gave him, but shifted it to the surname spot, and chose Elliott as the given name.  For various reasons they would never have chosen the name that birth mom gave him, but they respected her choice by retaining it as his last name.  His birth siblings and nana call him by a nickname based on the the (now) surname, and all is well.  BTW before he was adopted when he went by the name his birth mom gave him, busybodies made obnoxious critical remarks about it.


September 21, 2013 8:12 PM

So sad for little Kieran! Since he is from a famous family, he may someday read these comments. I wish people would consider that before they wrote nasty things about other people, especially about babies! That's one thing I appreciate so much about this site: by and large people are not snarky or mean-spirited, even when they dislike a particular name. Congratulations to the Romney family on their new addition.