My sister is expecting twins...

My CIL is expecting boy/girl twins. For girls, she has Eva (pronounced like Ava), Isabella, Penelope, Layla, and Arianne on her list. For boys, she only has Leo. Both she and her her husband have Greek and Italian roots. She prefers shorter names for boys. What are some suggestions of names with Greek roots that are fairly popular and not overly frilly for girls, and Greek/Italian  shorter names (no longer than 2 syllables) for boys? Popularity doesn’t matter for the boys’ names.


May 7, 2019 8:50 AM

Elena, Larissa, Maia, Eliana, Maya, Lydia, Helna, Alexis, Alexa, Melissa, Chloe, Catherine, Stephanie, Angela, Zoe, Sophia, Carissa, Cassandra, Cora, Phoebe, Amara, Daphne, Anastasia, Athena, Amalia, Marika, Tessa, Tiffany, Anna, Chara, Evellina, Gianna, Georgia, Katina, Katerina, Leah, Sara

Dante, Marco, Raul, Rocco,  Gian , Gino, Roul, Alex, Thomas, Oscar, Andrew, Christian, George, Luke, Lucas, Peter, Silas, Walter, Reno, Noe, Zander, Zero, Felix, Iva, Johas, Leon, Jonas, Ivan, Ivo,  Santo, Pauo, Pedro, Carlo, Bruno, Franco, Adam, Teo, David, Theo, Stephen, Rafaele, Deacon, Nico, Philip, Stephen, Philip, Franco

I like your CIL name - I prefer this Leila spelling.  With Eva - if its prounced like Ava,  I'd just spell it Ava


May 11, 2019 7:10 PM

For familiar boys' names that are short and Greek/Italian, how about Milo, Luca, Nico, or Rocco? Something about Milo seems particularly sweet to me. The less common names Teo, Noe, Silas, and Zeno/Zinon/Zenon might have an edgier feel, but I get the sense that they're looking for more romantic than edgy, given their other choices.

For girls, how about Amelia/Amalia, Sophia, Mia, or Lucia? The current hit Olivia fits just right, as well.