Names for me

Hello, my name is Oskar. I am 15 years old, and I am transgender. I am trying to come up with a middle name so I can legally change my name. Right now my favorites are 

  • Thomas
  • Edgar
  • Oliver
  • Sebastian
  • Jaxson
  • Henry
  • Salem
  • Noah
  • Josef

I would like opinions on those names, and more suggestions for names that flow well with Oskar.

~Please do not comment if you do not support trans people~

Thanks you,




August 8, 2017 7:50 PM

Welcome Oskar! I like your taste in names! Paired with Oskar, my favourite off your list is Sebastian. It's a lovely name that I think flows very well with your first name. That being said - is any of the names on your list of significance to you? I am all for honour names in the middle name spot. So if any of the names you mentioned honour a special person in your life, like say your father / grandfather / uncle etc then that would trump flow for me, especially since middle names are usually not being used on a daily basis. 

Thomas: very pretty, classic name. always a solid choice. Oskar Thomas sounds great and is my second runner up

Edgar: I'm not too fond of first and middle name ending in 'ar'. Oskar Edgar is a bit too much for my taste

Oskar Oliver: I like Oliver, but again, I'm not keen on the flow of these two names together

Sebastian: my favourite as mentioned above

Jaxson: I like it a lot, also paired with Oskar, although I do prefer the spelling Jackson. Or if you wanted to spell it with an x I'd leave out the s and simply use Jaxon. Jaxson is a bit much for my taste (but that's just my personal opinion)

Henry - I like this one a lot too. I'm a big fan of Henry and Oskar Henry sounds pretty cool

Salem - makes me think of the cat from Sabrina The Teenage Witch and I can't get over that one

Noah - I like Noah, but not paired with Oskar (i think it's the 'ar' /  'ah' ending - although this may depend on where you live and how you pronounce the 'ar' in Oskar. I'm from the UK and the way I say Oskar and Noah, the endings are very similar...)

Josef - not really my style, but not in any way a bad choice. flows well with Oskar

Other names I think would sound great with Oskar

Oskar James, Oskar Theodore, Oskar Felix, Oscar Atticus, Oskar Tobias


Good luck!

August 8, 2017 7:52 PM

While Oskar Felix sounds good, it's way too Odd Couple to be usable.

August 8, 2017 7:58 PM

Oh I didn't even realise that! I was wondering why Felix immediately popped into my head... that must've been why

August 8, 2017 7:51 PM

(I think that you will find posters on this site to be very respectful of all people, no matter the naming situation. That's one of the best things about being part of this community.)

I like there to be a contrast in sounds between first and middle names, so with Oskar I'm partial to names that don't also end with -er /-ar, which eliminates Edgar and Oliver.

Are you in a non-English speaking country? I only ask because of your Oskar and Josef spellings, which are non-standard in English. If you're in an English-speaking location, with the non-standard Oskar, you could double down with Josef or mitigate it with something more typically English.

I think that my personal favourites are Oskar Thomas and Oskar Josef, with Thomas in the lead, but that's just based on sound. Are any of these names personally meaningful to you? Because a personal connection, such as a relative or other person you admire could push a different name to the top of the list.

August 9, 2017 1:38 AM

I think names not ending in a or r

Oskar Thomas is nice  or Sebastian or Henry or Josef or Jaxon/Jackson


  • Nathaniel
  • Theodore
  • Nicholas
  • Elliott
  • Jamison
  • Jeremy
  • Harrison
  • Rafael
  • Tobias
  • Jonathan
  • Anthony

Blake, Heath, George, Jack, Jake, Max, Kyle, Miles, Quinn, Rhys, Sean, Troy

August 9, 2017 7:50 AM

I think Oskar Thomas, Oskar Sebastian, Oskar Henry, and Oskar Josef sound the best. Salem is an intriguing and potentially loaded choice. My main association with Salem is the witch trials. If you choose it, just be sure you're aware of all the implications. I could see it as being quite negative, since the witch trials symbolized an era that was unsupportive (in the extreme!) of people who expressed a sexuality different from the norm (as the witches, at least in the popular imagination, were seen to go against the grain of what was expected of proper women of the day). I could also see a trans person choosing the name deliberately as a badge of honor.

August 9, 2017 11:17 AM

I agree with what has already been said about both flow and personal significance. I would add that if your last name is two syllables, stress on the first syllable, that would probably push Sebastian to the top for me--but issues of rhythm in names are highly personal, and some folks really like the trochaic nature of a name like OSkar HENry JOHNson.

On the topic of "meaning", I might tailor my advice based on the story behind your first name choice. For example, if you are already honoring the most important person in your life and don't have anyone else you want to acknowledge this way, you might just want to choose the absolute coolest-sounding (to you) name, or maybe choose a name that represents your personal history or journey in some way (like if you're especially inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau or if you have fond memories of when you used to live on Thomas Drive then I would bump up that name in the list).

If Oskar doesn't already do this, you may also want to consider whether you want to maintain any connection to your birth name. It can often ease a name transition to have some kind of connection like this--for example, finding a name that sounds similar to one of your birth names or that is related in some way. If you have a good relationship with your parents, you could also ask them what they would have named you if they had known your gender at birth, and perhaps incorporate one of those names (or a variant if you really just don't like the names).

Good luck! I hope you will update us with your decision.

August 9, 2017 1:04 PM

I agree with previous comments that the best middle names have some kind of meaning behind them.  Names of family members or other people you admire, virtue names, place names & nature names call all be places to start.

However, some people do prefer middle names that just flow or sound nice.  If that is really your only criteria, I'd suggest eliminating Oliver & Edgar.  The repeated "er" ending sound with Oskar seems a bit too sing-songy for my taste.  Instead of Edgar, I'll suggest Edmund or Edward.  

Thomas & Josef are both nice, and seem like "safe" choices.  They sound nice, people will recognize them, long history of use, but they do strike me as a bit boring.  

Jaxson seems very trendy & likely to seem a bit dated one day.  It would strike me as a bit surprising on a 15 year old (I would expect a Jaxson to be a few years younger).  I find simply Jack more timeless, and the spelling Jackson would seem more consistent with your age.

Noah is a bit meh.  Again, I'd expect someone named Noah to be perhaps a bit younger than you, but it doesn't seem inconsistent on someone your age.

I really like Sebastian.  It flows well with Oskar, is familiar but perhaps not as "safe" as Thomas and Josef, and strikes me as much less trendy than either Noah or Jaxson.

I also really like Salem.  It's a more daring choice than any of your other choices, but daring in a good way-if that makes sense.  


August 9, 2017 1:37 PM

I think all the very good points about significance, flow and so on have been covered already so I'll just give you my personal opinion on the names.

Thomas-a good classic choice, sounds nice with Oskar
Edgar-I like this name but not how it sounds with Oskar, like many others the double 'ar' ending is too much for me
Oliver-Again nice name but I don't care for it in combination with Oskar, both for the alliteration and the ending sound
Sebastian-Really like this as a middle for Oskar, it would be my top pick
Jaxson-I don't like this much, the x makes it feel like it's trying to be trendy and I find it a bit much having a harsh consonant in the middle of both names
Henry-I like this a lot too, I think it flows really nicely from Oskar so I'd put it a close second to Sebastian
Salem-This is really not my style, sorry. It does make me think of the Salem witch trials which is not a nice association
Noah-Another one where I like the name but not paired with Oskar
Josef-This is like Thomas for me; a solid choice that works well

Assuming no other factors are at play I'd go with Oskar Sebastian or Oskar Henry, but really there is nothing wrong with any of them so you should choose whichever name you like most. Good luck! :)