Naming my daughter

I have a 2 year old son named Dylan. Struggling with the name for our girl who's on the way. Please send feedback or other ideas on below list. 

Riley Alexander

Mila Alexander

Maya Alexander

Hazel Alexander

Sophie Alexander

Madison Alexander

Madeline Alexander

Hayden Alexander

Ava Alexander




May 16, 2018 1:46 AM

I'm a bit confused.  Are you proposing to name your daughter a long boy name (Alexander) that runs together with a girl name without a space in between?  If so, honestly, I don't think it's a good idea.  It looks like a mistake, and Alexander is a boy name.  A run-on with a girl name just compounds the confusion.  How about naming your daughter Alexandra and leave it at that?  Or Alexandria, Alexa, Alessandra, Lexi, etc.



May 16, 2018 2:07 AM

I am sure Alexander is their surname. 

I like Ava and Hazel for the names.

May 16, 2018 9:52 AM

This was an issue of formatting. When I went in to edit the post to make it clearer, each name was on its own line, as it appears now. Sometimes, when text is written in another program and then pasted here, it gets all messed up. 

May 16, 2018 2:40 AM

Love Sophie,  Hazel, Madison, Mila, Maya and Madeline are ok, Ava is nice - or Eva would be nice too.  Adeline would be nice too or Sophia

sorry I prefer Riley and Hayden for a boy - Hayley is nice,  Briley maybe



May 16, 2018 3:47 PM

Are there any you are leaning towards or more drawn to? I can tell you which ones I like, but it is really personal to my own taste... Do you care about popularity or have any set criteria for the "type" of name you are looking for? 


My favorite here would be Maya, but I honestly think of names like Riley or Sophie when I hear your older son's name.  

May 16, 2018 6:03 PM

I agree with this ^^ Your list is fairly wide-ranging in style and popularity so without more idea about what you want from a name we can't give much practical help. 

My personal favourite would be Hazel; I like it on it's own and think it also makes a good set with Dylan (I like that they both have a high scrabble value letter in the middle with the y and z, and they just sound good together to me). I also like Maya and Sophie and agree that Sophie seems like a name I would expect in a family that has a boy Dylan. I'd expect Riley more if your Dylan was a girl. 

By EVie
May 16, 2018 9:27 PM

Oh, that's a really good point. Given that Dylan is being used for girls these days, too, a sister named Riley, Hayden or Madison could throw Dylan's gender into question.

By EVie
May 16, 2018 4:41 PM

You've got a mix of androgynous surname-names (Madison, Hayden, Riley) and traditional but currently very fashionable feminine names (Ava, Sophie, Madeline, Hazel, Maya, Mila). Do you favor one style over another? I much prefer the traditional choices, personally, and I think any of those names are nice, dependable choices that will wear well over time. Also, a potential downside to a surname-style name with the last name of Alexander is that people may mix them up and think your child is a boy named Alexander Riley, Alexander Madison or Alexander Hayden. That won't happen with a clearly feminine first name. 

I don't know if a name's "freshness" matters to you, but Madison has been massively popular over the past 30 years and is currently on the downslope, so it's definitely got a kind of stale and ho-hum feeling to me nowadays. I sort of feel the same about Madeline, which was never quite as popular, but was definitely riding Madison's coattails up and down the charts. If you're choosing between the two, though, Madeline will definitely age better, as it's still a classic. Sophie also has a coattails situation with Sophia, which was the #1 name a few years back. They're both on the downslope now. But it's a sweet, classic name, so still a nice choice if you don't mind popularity.

Riley is one of those names patched together from super trendy sounds, so not only will there be a ton of alternate spellings out there (Ryleigh, Rylee, etc.) but there are also a horde of sound-alikes like Brylee and Kylie and Miley and who knows what else people have come up with.

Mila, Ava, Maya and to a slightly lesser degree Sophie all strike me as being in a very similar style--the "raindrop" names, very short and sweet. It's a hugely popular style right now. Hazel is the outlier on your list, being more a vintage-revival name, but it has just skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. I would still say it's the most distinctive and unexpected choice on your list, even though it's techincally more popular that Maya, Sophie or Hayden, because it doesn't sound quite like anything else on the charts.

Other raindrop names you might like: Aria, Lila, Chloe, Nora, Leah, Zoe, Lucy, Sadie, Eva, Cora, Nova, Isla, Ivy, Iris, June, Vera, Ada, Kaia, Lia, Eve, May, Mira, Kara, Mara, Mina, Lyra, Noa, Lina, Lara

May 16, 2018 5:51 PM

I very much agree that a clearly feminine name is better with the masculine surname.

My favorite is Madeline, followed by Sophie and Hazel.

May 17, 2018 1:53 AM

a-HA you were not intending to name your daughter AlexanderSophie.  Good!

One quick point to consider: Alexander is usually a first name.  My friend also has surname that is usually a first (a la Alexander), and she gave her son a first name that is more commonly a surname (along the lines of Larson).  People constantly reverse his name, calling him Alexander Larson instead of Larson Alexander.  If that would annoy you, I would avoid a surname-as-first for your daughter, espeically if it is gender-ambiguous.  A little girl might not be at all happy being called "Alexander Hayden" all the time.  I would go with a name that is clearly feminine and a given name.  Maya is my favorite on your list.



May 21, 2018 12:44 AM

My vote is for Maya. Maya & Dylan is very cute.

Also, you could even give her two middle names and have her initials spell MAYA...

i.e. Maya Alison Yvonne Alexander

or Maya Ariel Yara Alexander

or Maya April Yolanda Alexander