No names!

Hi! I have two characters that currently have no definite name. The first is a girl, around 14, with short black hair and blue eyes. She's very protective of loved ones, but is very tough on the outside. She never knew her parents, and grew up in a shelther.

The other one is a boy, also 14. He has light red hair and green eyes. He is very silly, and likes making jokes.

The names I have for them now are Kara and Adam, but I'm not sure about them. Please help!


August 21, 2015 8:14 PM

My first thought for the girl is Rosamund, because roses are tough on the outside, and the actual derivation of the name is 'horse protector', which works for both the protectiveness and growing up in a shelter.

For the boy, my first thought is Isaac, derived from Hebrew for 'he laughs'.

August 23, 2015 10:32 PM

Thank you! I actually love the idea of this tough girl having a really sweet name (for a while, her name was actually Sadie). I also really like Isaac. Thanks again!