Our first girl!

I'm pregnant with my fourth and I'm (finally!) having a girl. Because I am Ashkenazic Jewish, and we name children after a family member who has passed away, for this little one we are naming her after my great aunt Dana and my husbands step-father Adam. This means that we can use names that start with the letter D or the D sound and names that start with A or an A sound. THere are some exceptions, like different movies they liked or names related to their names, but for the most part that is what we are looking for.

Our other children are Elliot Steven (named after my grandmother Eleanor and my grandfather Stuart), Silas Ruben (named after my husbands grandmothers Esther and Rina), and Miles Lincoln (named after my grandmother Miriam and my husbands grandfather Abraham<- one of the exceptions, think Abe Lincoln).

Some names that we like are:

Delilah, Dorathea, Dorothy, Dalia, Devin, Haven (Dana came to the US seeking a safe haven so this would be fun to use, but we aren't sure), Evelyn (Adam and Eve)

Alina is definitely going to be her middle name. 


January 6, 2019 3:26 PM

Congratulations! Religious naming traditions can be a bit of a struggle, but I personally love how you did it with your sons. Are you planning to use two first names, one for each relative? Or would you be interested in trying to find one first name that honors both?

Adam is difficult since it’s a male name with few female variants (I’m guessing you’re not interested in Adamina). Addison is a male form that is often used for females, if its not too common for you. I’m assuming since Evelyn is on your list, you’ve already vetoed Eve. I would recommend trying to find something that reflects your husband’s stepfather as a person, like you did with Haven.

I love the idea of namesaking your great aunt Dana with Haven. It really honors your aunt herself instead of just her name. It’s definitely my top choice off of your list. Other ideas for Dana: You could use another feminine form of Daniel, possibly Danielle/Daniella, Danka, or Danya. Dana is also a diminutive of the Bulgarian name Yordana, linking it to Jordan, Jordyn, or Jordana. The Persian translation of Dana is “wise,” so you could use a name with a similar derivation, such as Akilah, Reina, or just the word name Wisdom. 

January 6, 2019 6:05 PM

Yeah, we vetoed Eve - it's the name of our rabbi's daughter! 

My sister is a Danielle, which is why we're trying to stay away from "Dan" names, but I never thought of linking the names together with meaning, for Miles we were more adventurous with Lincoln instead of just Abraham or my second choice Aidan, but it's definitely more fun that way!

Our kids go by their first names with their middle names (Steven, Ruben, Lincoln) being used occasionally, think them being in trouble or with their more silly nicknames - like Elliot sometimes goes by Spielberg because E.T is our favorite movie and we chose Elliot and Steven in conjuction with that.

Adam is getting honored as Alina, but if we go with Evelyn we might change our middle name to reflect Dana more. 

Edit: Maybe I can get my husband to agree to Athena as a mn if we go with Evelyn!

January 7, 2019 2:00 AM

I like Dana Dalia Haven and Evelyn , Alina is a pretty mn

Others with similar meanings Cassandra, Dinah, Sophia, Sunita

What about Eden as a connection to adam

Adamina, adamara vadamai adamaris all have Adam in the name 

Names with Dana in the name Adana, Danae, edana, danaya, Jordana, Aidana, Danaca zidana seldana sedana

Names with d and an and a  Danica Dania Deanna Adriana 

Another d name Deborah, delma Delphine 

January 6, 2019 7:56 PM

For Adam, I think I'd look at names like Ada, Adele, Adaline, Adelaide.  Since you've already got the Adam & Eve connection with Evelyn, perhaps you'd also like Eden?

Although, if Alina is going to be her middle name, and it already starts with an A, doesn't that count your namesake for Adam?  Then you only need to find a first name to honor your aunt.

I like the sentiment behind Haven, though it's not exactly my style.  Have you considered Daphne?  It seems like it'd fit well with the brother names.

January 6, 2019 10:27 PM

With my siblings also pregnant, I've considered leaving one of them Dana's namesake (I've already used up so many, they're a little annoyed but happy with me!) which is where Evelyn came in. It certainly doesn't hurt that we think it sounds gorgeous with Alina.

Haven is a hard sell- the more traditional side of my family was already angry at me for Miles Lincoln, I have no idea how they'd react with Haven! On the other hand, Dana's direct lineage loves it, so it stays on the list. I'm just worried about how 'out there' it is. 

Eden was vetoed early on because, according to DH, its a strippers name. I do love it though, but I definitely won't get to use it for any children!

Daphne never crossed our minds, but I doubt the conversation would go anywhere besides Scooby Doo. I'll definitely bring it up though!

January 7, 2019 12:47 AM

I like Delilah best of your choices; however, I don't know that I like the flow of Delilah Alina.  I do think Alina is a fantastic choice as a middle name though.  I like the idea of Delilah Evelyn; it flows really nicely and gives a nod to both Dana and Adam.  

D girl names are hard for me; I just can't think of many good ones!

I do have to say, I LOVE your naming tradition!  I love the idea of honoring family while still giving the baby a name that's "their's."

January 7, 2019 7:36 PM

Thanks! While it is hard sometimes (Oh what I would give to name this girl Chiara! But sadly, no C's in this family tree). I like Delilah, and I like the idea of Delilah Evelyn even more! More ideas to discuss, I guess!

January 7, 2019 11:09 PM

ok it might be too much of a stretch but follow me for a second...Chiara believed to be from Clare "meaning" bright or clear.

Dana one origin linking it to wise. Bright as a synonym for smart, clever, wise....

Also did great Aunt Dana enjoy ballet? Maybe link to Clara from the nutcracker?

January 7, 2019 3:56 AM

I don't know if it's your style at all or how it would fit with your other choices, but I feel compelled to note that Amanda contains all the letters of both Dana and Adam (with some overlap, obviously).

January 7, 2019 7:33 PM

Amanda is a little out of our style, but if we go with Evelyn as the first name I might get DH to have wiggle room with Alina, although I do love that name!

January 7, 2019 5:18 PM

My favourite from your original list is Dorothea - if you are inclined to use a nickname, it has some great options like Dora, Thea, Dot ... Dorothy would be the same but I much prefer Dorothea.

Dalia is also pretty and would be a good fit with your boys' names, but Dalia Alina is not the best combination.

I also thought of Diana as an option but that may be too close to Dana (or unsuable fpr a Jewish family - I have no idea!)

January 7, 2019 7:30 PM

Pretty much any name is usable, although (for my family at least!) we tend to go for names of Polish or Russian origin, with an emphasis on good Hebrew translations (makes choosing a Hebrew name easier, and placates more traditional family members).  Diana sounds a little stuffy next to my boys, but maybe just Diane or Dina would work?