Please Help me with the names!

Hello, I’m writing a story. Where a family has adopted a girl name Suzetta ‘Zetta’ and I need help with naming the rest of the family. (Father, mother two older sisters, and two younger siblings, (either boy or girl would be helpful. the names that I need can be either old. Classic the world doesn’t hear anymore but might want to, or unusual names that people these days are going with now. Also I need help with Zetta’s middle name as well that can also be the same thing, as well portmanteau or amalgamation names
Can anyone help me out?


Their last name is going to be either Sidle, or Ohana (which means family in Hawaii)  while Zetta’s birth last name is Nightingale.  

Thank you very much. 



July 10, 2018 12:08 AM

Names in stories should "fit" the characters temporally and culturally. So: when and where does your story take place, and what sorts of educational levels, political leanings, and other cultural characteristics do you have in mind for the name-giving characters?

July 11, 2018 10:51 AM

Did her adoptive parents name her "Zetta" or did she come with the name from her birth parents? How old was she when she was adopted? Is her name part of her new family culture or from her birth culture?

July 12, 2018 10:15 PM

     The name Suzetta is the hebrew/French name of Susan, meaning lily, which her birthparents whom have given her the name from combing their long time friends names. the nickname Zetta means either olive in hebrew origin or rose in portuguese. Zetta is half Indian (either Native American or actual Indian from India) and half arabic from her birthmother's side and white from her birthfather's side.

    Whereless her adopted parents whom are willing to adopt a transracial child is half white and half latian. the mother is going to be white while the father is half white and latino. 

     One of the sisters who's hair is going to be black, but with purple hightlghts, (kind of like Gamora from Guardans of the galaxy, without the green skin) or  white strake of bangs, depending on what i decided on what to do with her. the one of the other silbings would be adopted as well, while the others would be their birth children One of them a girl would be from India while the others would be white or latin.

    the names that i need have to go with the flow Zetta's name, sort of like rhyming, except without the rhyme part. 

    The story would take place sort currently and sort of not.    

thank you for your help. 


December 11, 2018 3:44 PM

I was thinking for Zetta's sister with dyed hair a name like Geanna, or Gigi, Genevieve, or Gemma (for some reasons I like using g names for her, I think I just get a harsh feeling when I picture her). For Zetta's Indian sister, maybe a Marie, or Mary, or the mary extension names such as Marilynne or Maryann. 

The other siblings names could be Elizabeth (Lizzy), June, Tess, Landon, Jack, Jaquelene, Brian, Luke

For their parents some suggestions I have are: Brynn & Jeremiah

Remember just suggestions. 

July 13, 2018 8:15 AM

If you don't like how i did Zetta's background, please tell me, cause i know people these days are afraid of those with different cultural  with the war and shootings that's going on, i can change it, i just want to make her different you know, her abraic background would be mention in the story. I can always change it in you want me to. 

Also the meaning of the names would be helpful too

Thank you