Pretty and unique or too strange?

I'd love feedback on the name "Nayeli"   This is a latino name and the I've heard of two accepted American pronunciations.  Either Nuh-YAY-lee or Nigh-Ellie.    I would pronounce it "Nigh-Ellie"   Do you like this name?   Does it sound pretty and unique or just strange?   

My other name I am considering is "Natalie" which is a familiar more common name.   Both Natalie and Nayeli have similarities....3 syllables, begin with "N" and end with the "lee" sound.    We are a mixed race family (spanish and European heritage).   Our surname is Orellano.   Which name do you prefer and why?    

Nayeli Orellano


Natalie Orellano



September 20, 2018 6:14 PM

Natalie,  the other I would pronounce Nay el ee

September 24, 2018 3:46 PM

I've met several Nayelis (I lived in Mexico for a while). They all pronounced it "Nigh-Ellie" and told me it meant "love" in one of the indigenous languages (shamefully cannot remember which now; Behind the Name says Zapotec. A few of them spelled it differently, with variations such as Nayely. I always thought it was a great name -- very Mexican though, and to me very much speaking of a renewed pride in Mexican identity. If you don't have Mexican heritage, specifically, I'm not sure how relevant it would be.

Natalie is a classic, and one I like. Of the two I prefer Nayeli, but with the caveat above.

September 24, 2018 6:01 PM

I love Nayeli. It seems like it solves all your problems with Natalie, while retaining many of the same sounds. It falls squarely into pretty and unique territory for me: familiar enough that it's a name I've encountered before, but not often. It is perhaps worth noting that it's a name that I would expect to come with some Latin-American ancestry, rather than Iberian ancestry, but if that applies, I think Nayeli Ore11ano is a fantastic combination. I find it much more exciting than Natalie, which is an unobjectionable name but one I can't get very excited about because I just have known so many.

October 4, 2018 4:37 AM

I totally agree with this post of Lucubratix.  Nayeli seems to solve all your problems.  Again I think Natalie is perfectly fine, I just don't get excited by it as I've known so many of various ages.

September 24, 2018 9:54 PM

I love Nayeli. It definitely sounds pretty and unique to me. I've also seen it spelled Nallely but I like Nayeli much better.

September 24, 2018 11:45 PM

I think this name is fabulous.


I believe it translates to "I love you."  I'll have to check on that, but I recall someone explaining this to me years ago.  It's super lovely!

September 28, 2018 3:54 PM

Nayeli is a beautiful name! Nothing wrong with Natalie, of course, but I’d be delighted to meet a little Nayeli.