Should sibsets having matching styles --need advice!

Hi everyone, 

My husband and I worked together to create a list of names we both agreed on (most of these names were my suggestions, which hubby was alright with).

Boys: Archer
















Note: My favorite girl's name is Isla, but hubby does not like it. He also said no to Violet. He suggested several names that I didn't like the sound of (ex: Richard, Jerome) or names that were too popular (Isabella, Sophia). 

Our current favorite for a boy is Archer, current fave for a girl is Camille (nn Mila). My concern is that my naming style is so different to my husband's, and I don't want to pick sibling names that don't match. For example, say baby turns out to be a boy, and we pick Archer (which we both love!) The issue is, most of the other names we like would sound kind of random next to Archer (for example, if we picked Camille for the next one). Do all these names sound too different from each other? What kind of names would sound nice with Archer? I know I don't want to have kids with all the same initials, but I don't want names that clash with each other. (for example, a trendy name next to a classic name). 

TIA for any advice/ name suggestions!


April 5, 2019 1:41 AM

Well, first of all, I think any combination of the names you've got listed would be fine together.  I really love Archer and I REALLY love Mila as a nn for Camille.  

So the thing about names "going" together is that I think it's less about the names themselves and more that most of us have a "type."  For example, my sons are Atticus, Malakai, and Isaias.  My husband and I have a very clear type of name that we like.  So when I say I'm looking for a name that goes with those names, really what I want is something that suits my type.  We are likely down to Gideon or Raphael for boys, both of which, I feel, would fit nicely with our current trio.  Whereas names like, say, Brian, Aidan, Logan, etc. would not work because they don't fit our type.  There's nothing wrong with those names at all; they just aren't our style.  I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing names that are stylistically incompatable if those are the names you really really like!

April 5, 2019 2:01 AM

Oh good! Thank you so much! That helps a lot :) I like your boys' names too!

April 5, 2019 5:04 AM

Most of the names on your list I think sound fine together, even if they are not names that I would put into the same style box (I think style boxes are very overrated anyway). Concretely, I don't think any of them would bother me as a sibling for Archer.

In fact, I think Archer is a very flexible name. Paired with Hudson, say, it sound very masculine and rough and tumble, paired with Maxwell it sounds quite classic, paired with Sven it sounds off-beat and creative. I wouldn't bat an eyelid at Archer with a sister Camille either.

The only I think clashes with some of the others is Lincoln. I think it's fine with the other boy's names, but I would definitely raise an eyebrow sky-high at a boy called Lincoln with a sister called Primrose. But that's because Lincoln is presidential and sounds a bit aspirational, while Primrose is not just floral but a particularly pastel and domestic seeming flower, so it really would send mixed messages in a sibset. Lincoln with, say, Daphne, would be fine however.

I also don't really like Hudson with most of the others,  just because it seems very macho and that isn't really the vibe I get from the rest of your list.

April 6, 2019 7:51 PM

To answer the question in your thread title: names chosen by the same people will by definition match in style. All of the names they choose will fit their style of naming. Some people (couples) have a particularly eclectic sort of style, and that's perfectly fine -- preferable, even, compared to naming every child with some combination of the same set of sounds/letters. People will accept just about anything as sibling names, because of the basic fact that they _are_ siblings. (Well, OK, people would probably raise an eyebrow at Keren-Happuch as a sister to Mason, but what are the chances of the same people choosing both of those names?)