Sibling for 4 kids

My friend needs a name for a girl. She has four kids and this will be her fifth. Their last name starts with U and rhymes with bun. Their four kids are Jace Arlo, Maddie Bree, Dion Louis and Brodie Aiden. She really needs help but I can't think of any names so I've turned to you for help. She needs a first and middle name because her and her husband aren't agreeing.  The baby is due in a month.



July 16, 2017 4:07 PM

She likes the names Nadia and Mila

July 16, 2017 4:53 PM

Nadia is nice,  I wouldnt use another M name though


Alexa Elena Siena Allegra Elisa Eliza  Livia  Talia Malia Bryn

Calista Natalia Savanna Xanthia Lavinia Leticia


July 17, 2017 10:04 AM


Well, tell your friend that she picked very beautiful names for her 4 kids!

All of them are very sweet and I can see that she likes short names, I can give her suggestions:

Maya (mn. Estelle, Grace, Sofie-long 'eee' at the end, Nicole)

Anais (mn. Quin, Grace, Faith, Eve)

Mia (mn. Eleanor, Elise, Pearl, Sofie-same pr.)

Chloe (mn. Jayne, Beth, Marie, Mae)

Saya (mn. Erin, Ivory, Lynn, Lauren)

Emma (mn. Joy, Louise, Rose, Noel, Grace)

Eva (pr. Ee-va, or Ey-va or if you like Iva pr. Like Ee-va) (mn. Claire, Celeste, Maisie, Frances)

Keisha (mn. Eve, Evangeline, Irene, Lynn)

Thaia or Taya (mn. Brielle, Juliet, Caitlin, Elise)

Thea (pr. Thee-ya or The-uh) unfortunately I don't have any ideas for middle name :(

And I like name she likes-Mila, I don't like Nadia. :)

Names she also may like: Lea, Alexis, Hannah, Luna, Ivy, Sophia, Ava, Skye or Skai, Mina (Mee-nah).

Congratulations on having another girl! Girls are so much fun! :)

I would like to hear an update. Hope this helps!


July 17, 2017 4:52 PM

Thanks so much for the help . They decided to go with Rae Lilou.