Sibling for Maximus Alexander

Not yet expecting but I have been trying to find the perfect name for #2. I need names for both genders. This has really been stumping me. I think I find the right name and then I change my mind.

Just curious, what would YOU name the sibling of Maximus Alexander?

(Strong, gender-specific, elegant/sophisticated first names that aren't overly popular. Any nicely flowing, long middle is great.)

Ideas please! Thanks! :)


June 28, 2013 10:13 AM

Does Maximus go by Max?  Maximus is a pretty grand name, so I like the idea of a similiar name that has a "nice guy" kind of nickname.  August/Augustus-Gus comes to mind-but perhaps that is too themey.  Charles/Charlie, Henry, Harrison/Harry.

For girls, I also like the idea of a traditonal feminine name with a friendly nickname.  Charlotte/Charly, Margaret/Maggie, Amelia/Millie

June 28, 2013 8:21 PM

No, he only goes by Maximus but he's also only 14 months old so he will probalby decide to be just Max later.  I agree with you and I personally love Augustus but its too much -us sound, plus my husband hates the GUH sound.  Charles and Henry are a bit too common, as are Charlotte and Margaret.  However, we have had Amelie on our list on and off (french form.) Not sure its the one though.  Thank you for your suggestions!

June 28, 2013 10:57 AM

Not sure about a match with Maximus, but for nicely flowing, long middles try:

Boys: Nathaniel, Zachariah, Jeremiah, Bartholomew, Nicodemus, Antonio, Theophilus

Girls: Elizabeth, Evangeline, Josephine, Katherine/Catherine, Anastasia, Angelina, Anneliese, Cecelia, Eleanora, Emmaline, Felicity, Gabriella, Isabella, Lavinia, Mariella, Natalia, Olivia, Penelope, Seraphina, Theodora, Thomasina, Veronica, Victoria

June 28, 2013 2:13 PM

Maximus Alexander is very Classical to me, as in ancient Rome and Greece.  You've got a Latin name followed by an ancient Greek name, but both of them are familar to contemporary Americans.  More names like that:

Claudia Daphne

Julia Xanthe

Felix Jason

Victor Nicholas

(The boys names are a bit harder, since most classical Latin boys' names end in the same -us sound, and I don't know if you want to repeat that.)

June 28, 2013 2:17 PM

I had the same thought. Roman names such as Julius and Gaius fit stylistically, but sound a little repetitive next to Maximus. You could switch it up and use the Greek name first and then the Roman one. Theodore Marcus sounds nice with your son's name.

June 28, 2013 8:26 PM

The Latin and Greek fit very well with our last name so they were our most favorite genres.  But I agree with you about all the Latin boy names ending with the same -us sound, this is why it has been so difficult. However, we are not committed to only using Greek/Latin names.  I like Daphne, Xanthe and Felix.  I also considered Theodore before and Marcus is his uncle so we're not sure about it as an honor name.

June 29, 2013 12:29 AM

There are Latin-derived boy names that don't end in -us: Julian, Augustine, Constantine, Boniface, Benedict, Clement, Octavian, Victor, and of course Felix. Many of them have meanings or historical associations that would nicely parallel Maximus without getting too matchy (in my opinion).

For girls, the Romans would just tack an -a on at the end (or in place of the -us): Julia/Juliana, Augusta/Augustina, Constantina, Benedicta, Clementina, Octavia, Victoria, Felicia. It's interesting how different a feel some of these have compared to their masculine counterparts!

As mentioned, another way to continue the Roman + Greek theme (which I rather like!) while avoiding repetition is to switch the order: do a Greek + Roman for the second child. (Dunno what you'd do for a third or more, though. Perhaps branch out into other early European names, like Frankish/Germanic: Frederick, Ferdinand, Adalbert?)

June 29, 2013 1:14 AM

Ha! I just realized that I said ALL latin boy names end in -us.  I clearly didn't mean that. Silly me!  

I have seen all those before and I do like most of them. I suppose I'm trying to debate whether to use another Latin/Greek combo or Greek/Latin or change it up completely so I'm not stuck in a theme.  Ferdinand intrigued me,  I hadn't considered that.  We do like Constantine but dislike Connie/Stan/Tino.... Benedict is very cool!

While the Latin names you listed are awesome, (Love Octavia, Clementine and Augustina) I do like French names for girls too.  

Mostly, I'm looking for random outside opinions and new ideas thrown my way.  Thank you for your suggestions. If you have any more, I'd be happy to hear them.

June 29, 2013 2:53 PM

I'm not the linguistic authority that others on this site are, but I'll just tell you some that popped to mind (some repeats)

Vincent, Theodore, Sterling, August, Calvin, Phillip, Oscar, Felix, Silas, Cyrus, Phineas (too much?)

Augusta, Freya, Tamsin, Sabine, Simone, Cordelia, Lilith, Araminta, Marcella, Helena, Cressida, Isadora

By Coll
June 30, 2013 2:41 PM

I like a lot of the the names mentioned. Julian and Theodore were the first to pop into my head. I think they sound nice together, too:

Maximus Alexander X and Julian Theodore X

I will also suggest and/or second: August, Frederick, Ferdinand, Leopold, Felix, Orlando, Percival, Quentin,

For girls some names that might hit a sweet spot for first or middle are:

Augusta, Delphine, Laetitia, Lavinia, Viola, Juliette, Leonora, Aurelia, Claudine, Helena, Portia, Vivienne, Mireille, Juno, Magdalen, Theodora, Felicity (or Felicia), Honor/a, Cornelia

July 3, 2013 3:35 AM

I do like many of these. Thanks for the ideas. It is so very hard to choose! 

Does anyone have more ideas for name combos?  I like Theodore but not Julian.  Juliette is a favorite for a girl so I'd rather use that than Julian.

July 3, 2013 12:24 PM

Okay, so here are my suggestions. I put the individual names first, then a list of first/middle combos. Since I consider Alexander to be SUCH a classical name, I used other names that I think of as classical names as the middle names. I will also say that a LOT of my favorites end in the -us ending, BUT if you're only planning on having two children, I don't think that's a problem. If you want to have three or more, then you may feel like you HAVE to choose a name for your third that ends in the -us...but I think there are a lot of great options. I included possible nicknames with the first name suggestions since it seems like that may be important to you.


Atticus "Ace" or "Kit" ("Atti/Atty" seems to be the go-to, but it's not my favorite)
Augustus "Gus"
Benedict "Ben" or "Benny"
Galen "Len" or "Lenny"
Lucius "Luke/Luc" or "Luca" (Or, to avoid the repeat -us ending, you could use Lucian instead)
Phineas "Fin"
Severin "Sev" or "Rin"
Thaddeus "Thad"
Titus "Ty"

Atticus Benjamin
Atticus Charles
Atticus Christopher
Atticus Edward
Atticus James
Atticus Julian
Atticus Michael
Atticus Nathaniel
Atticus Richard
Atticus Robert
Atticus Roman
Atticus Simon
Atticus Theodore
Atticus Vincent
Atticus William

Augustus Charles
Augustus Christopher
Augustus Edward
Augustus Grant
Augustus Jacob
Augustus John
Augustus Noel
Augustus Paul 
Augustus Theodore

Benedict Andrew
Benedict Anthony
Benedict Christian
Benedict Christopher
Benedict Edward
Benedict James 
Benedict Julian
Benedict Matthew
Benedict Michael
Benedict Miles
Benedict Nathaniel
Benedict Samuel
Benedict Stephen/Steven
Benedict Timothy
Benedict Theodore
Benedict Thomas
Benedict William

Galen Andrew
Galen Anthony
Galen Benjamin
Galen Benedict
Galen Charles
Galen Christopher
Galen Edward
Galen Elliott/Eliot
Galen Henry
Galen Isaac
Galen Jacob
Galen James
Galen Julius
Galen Matthew
Galen Miles
Galen Nathaniel
Galen Nicholas
Galen Richard
Galen Robert
Galen Samuel
Galen Stephen/Steven
Galen Theodore
Galen Thomas
Galen Vincent
Galen Wesley
Galen William 

Lucius Andrew
Lucius Benjamin
Lucius Benedict
Lucius Bennett
Lucius Edward
Lucius Grant
Lucius Henry
Lucius Isaac
Lucius Jay
Lucius Michael
Lucius Nathaniel
Lucius Philip
Lucius Roman
Lucius Theodore
(If you like Lucian better, I like Lucian James)

Phineas Benedict
Phineas Bennett
Phineas Edward
Phineas Elliott/Eliot
Phineas Graham
Phineas Grant
Phineas Henry
Phineas Isaac
Phineas James
Phineas Jay
Phineas Joel
Phineas John
Phineas Julian
Phineas Lawrence
Phineas Michael
Phineas Nathaniel
Phineas Noel
Phineas Nolan
Phineas Patrick
Phineas Quentin
Phineas Reid/Reed
Phineas Vincent 

Severin Edward
Severin Isaac
Severin James
Severin Miles
Severin Reid/Reed

Thaddeus Andrew
Thaddeus Benjamin
Thaddeus Bennett
Thaddeus Daniel
Thaddeus David
Thaddeus Edward
Thaddeus Elliott/Eliot
Thaddeus Graham
Thaddeus Grant
Thaddeus Henry
Thaddeus Isaac
Thaddeus Jacob
Thaddeus James
Thaddeus Julian
Thaddeus Lawrence 
Thaddeus Malcolm
Thaddeus Matthew
Thaddeus Marshall
Thaddeus Michael
Thaddeus Mitchell
Thaddeus Nathaniel
Thaddeus Reid/Reed
Thaddeus Stephen/Steven
Thaddeus Victor
Thaddeus Vincent
Thaddeus William

Titus Andrew
Titus Anthony
Titus Benedict
Titus Benjamin
Titus Christopher
Titus Frederick
Titus Nathaniel
Titus William

My favorite boy option is Atticus. Maximus and Atticus. Max and Ace. As I said before, if you plan on three or more and feel like you NEED to use the repeating -us sound at the end, I think you could even do: Maximus, Atticus & Thaddeus (my favorite three) / Max, Ace & Thad or Maximus, Atticus & Phineas (it's not spelled with the -us, but it sounds the same) / Max, Ace & Fin or Maximus, Atticus & Lucius / Max, Ace & Luke/Luc. 


Althea "Thea"
Ariadne "Ari"
Beatrix "Trixie" or "Bee" (could also use Beatrice)
Damaris "Mari"
Lucia "Lucy"
Octavia "Tavia" or "Avia"
Xanthia "Thia"

(I got a little out of the "classical" names for the girls...)

Althea Caroline
Althea Catherine/Katherine
Althea Cecile
Althea Clementine
Althea Cecily
Althea Claire/Clare
Althea Eleanor
Althea Elisabeth/Elizabeth
Althea Eloise
Althea Emeline
Althea Evangeline
Althea Frances
Althea Genevieve
Althea Grace
Althea Heloise
Althea Josephine
Althea Mae
Althea Margaret
Althea Mathilde
Althea Miriam
Althea Rose
Althea Rosamond
Althea Violette
Althea Virginia
Althea Vivian
Althea Winifred

Ariadne Cecile
Ariadne Grace
Ariadne Rose

Beatrix Adele
Beatrix Adeline
Beatrix Amelia
Beatrix Audra
Beatrix Audrey
Beatrix Augusta
Beatrix Aurelia
Beatrix Aurora
Beatrix Caroline/Carolina
Beatrix Cecilia
Beatrix Cecily
Beatrix Claire/Clare
Beatrix Cora
Beatrix Cordelia
Beatrix Cornelia
Beatrix Dorothea
Beatrix Eleanora
Beatrix Esme
Beatrix Evangeline
Beatrix Genevieve
Beatrix Grace
Beatrix Henrietta
Beatrix Josephine
Beatrix Louisa
Beatrix Olivia
Beatrix Ophelia
Beatrix Rose
Beatrix Theodora
Beatrix Viola
Beatrix Violet

Cleo Augusta
Cleo Cecilia
Cleo Evangeline
Cleo Genevieve
Cleo Josephine
Cleo Theodora

Damaris Adelaide
Damaris Amalia
Damaris Amelia
Damaris Audra
Damaris Audrey
Damaris Caroline
Damaris Catherine/Katherine
Damaris Cecilia
Damaris Cecily
Damaris Claire/Clare
Damaris Cordelia
Damaris Cornelia
Damaris Eleanor
Damaris Elisa
Damaris Elisabeth/Elizabeth
Damaris Elise
Damaris Emeline
Damaris Evangeline
Damaris Frances
Damaris Genevieve
Damaris Helena
Damaris Josephine
Damaris Juliette
Damaris Louisa
Damaris Lucia
Damaris Matilda
Damaris Olivia
Damaris Ophelia
Damaris Rose
Damaris Rosalia
Damaris Seraphina
Damaris Serena
Damaris Thea
Damaris Theodora
Damaris Victoria
Damaris Vivian

Lucia Adele
Lucia Adelaide
Lucia Anne/Ann
Lucia Audrey
Lucia Beatrice
Lucia Camille
Lucia Caroline
Lucia Catherine/Katherine
Lucia Cecile
Lucia Cecily
Lucia Claire/Clare
Lucia Clementine
Lucia Eleanor
Lucia Emeline
Lucia Estelle
Lucia Esther
Lucia Evangeline
Lucia Genevieve
Lucia Grace
Lucia Heloise
Lucia Josephine
Lucia Mae
Lucia Maeve
Lucia Magdalene
Lucia Margaret
Lucia Mathilde
Lucia Miriam
Lucia Penelope
Lucia Rose
Lucia Rosamond
Lucia Therese
Lucia Violet
Lucia Winifred

Ione Amalia
Ione Amelia
Ione Beatrix
Ione Damaris
Ione Evangeline
Ione Genevieve
Ione Grace
Ione Josephine
Ione Olivia
Ione Ophelia
Ione Rose
Ione Viola

Octavia Beatrice
Octavia Bryony
Octavia Cecile
Octavia Cecily
Octavia Genevieve
Octavia Grace
Octavia Josephine
Octavia Louise
Octavia Mathilde
Octavia Rose

Xanthia Caroline
Xanthia Catherine/Katherie
Xanthia Eleanor
Xanthia Genevieve
Xanthia Grace
Xanthia Josephine
Xanthia Louise
Xanthia Mae
Xanthia Mathilde
Xanthia Rose
Xanthia Therese

I always have a harder time picking favorites with girl names, but my favorites are Damaris, Ariadne, Beatrix & Octavia. Maximus & Damaris / Max & Mari. Maximus & Ariadne / Max & Ari. Maximus & Beatrix / Max & Trixie or Max & Bee. Maximus & Octavia / Max & Tavia. Damaris has a similar sounding ending to Maximus, which may lead to the same issue mentioned in the boys section, but I think Max & Mari are SO cute together I just can't stand it; plus Damaris seems to flow easier with more middle names. Ariadne is a personal favorite of mine (one of those that I LOVE, but would never use) and I feel like you're ballsy enough to use it, but the middle name options are fairly limited from what I could come up with. I adore Beatrix and even the nickname Trixie, also I do know some people who have said that Trixie is a "stripper name" (I think more strippers nowadays are using names like Sparkle, Crystal, Destiny, etc.). I also like that both Maximus and Beatrix have an X. And I ADORE Octavia with Maximus, but then you may get stuck in the having to use Roman names thing.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

July 4, 2013 12:01 AM

Wow! You went to so much trouble! What a list! Thank you for that! I'll need some time to review it and talk to hubby. Max and Bee are awfully cute. I do like Benedict, but not crazy about "Ben" but I"ll ponder it!  :)  Thank you!

July 4, 2013 10:25 AM

You could do Denny has a nickname for it as well. Obviously, Ben's the easiest one to see, but if you can use any of the letters in the name to spell another name, you can technically use that as a nickname. =) 

You're welcome. Yeah, there's a LOT of options there. I got excited by your son's name and just went insane - clearly.  

July 3, 2013 6:10 PM

Not sure if this is your style, but I'll throw it out as I don't think it's been mentioned yet.  What about a Scandinavian name, such as Soren, Thor/Tor, Gunnar, Kristian, Oskar, Magnus (well, Magnus might be a bit close)?  In my mind they have the same epic/macho feel as Maximus.

July 4, 2013 12:05 AM

I do think Scandinavian names are neat! My husband likes Norse and Viking type names as well. I pondered Thor for a while but with the Avengers movies being so popular, I kind of feel like it'd be trying too hard to be cool/tough.  Thoren or Thorrin didn't quite do the job either.  I like Soren but "sore" is off-putting.  That sort of style is definitely an option.  

However, our last name has Greek roots, but most of the family speaks Spanish so it makes things tricky. They can all say Maximus but sometimes it sounds like "Mahk-si-moose" haha!

July 4, 2013 8:39 AM

Torin is another option that bridges the Thorin/Soren gap. It's has a possible link to Thor, though not nearly as obvious.

July 4, 2013 10:22 AM

A friend of mine is married to a man named Thorsten. Not sure where his name came from, but he goes by Thor. Might be an option. =)

July 11, 2013 6:51 PM

A few ideas we've been tossing around:

Xanthus is super cool. My husband really likes it and we mutually agreed its awesome. Probably would be a middle name.

Esmeralda is a new favorite of mine, probably also in the middle name spot. Hubby liked Emerald though.

Magnolia is so pretty and I wouldn't even care about an M trend (Maximus and Magnolia - Max and Maggie or Max and Nola)

Any other random, interesting name ideas like these? WDYT?

July 11, 2013 9:55 PM

How did I miss this thread!? So fun!


Boy's Names:

Charlemagne (Bonus: nn Charlie!)

Girl's Names:

I hope you like at least some of these...I may come back if I think of more. 

July 11, 2013 10:02 PM

Also, you could use Connor as a nn for Constantine. It's the first one I thought of.

July 12, 2013 2:47 PM

I do like Connor. Do you really think that'd fly? Hmmm. We do like Constantine a lot but its so long and none of the obvious nicknames appeal to us. Connor though.... hmm...

I do like Apollo and Augustine (although I like Augustus more)...  and Artemisia is a family name. Everyone's got Artemis somewhere, even the guys despite it being a female name, haha!

July 13, 2013 4:46 PM

I always say, if you can call a Margaret 'Peggy,' your nickname is probably fine. For Constantine with time and use you might end up calling him Con or Connie, why not Connor? Plus I think it goes well with Maximus/Max. "Constantine and Maximus, get your bottoms over here right now!" vs "Max and Connor did the cutest thing together today..."


Plus, really. Who's going to tell you it's not a valid nn for Constantine? All the many Constantines you will run into? ;)

July 30, 2013 3:27 PM

Dante has been on the top of our list for ages.  What do you guys think of Maximus and Dante?
Cannot decide on a middle name though. What would you pair with it?

Dante Vincent has been on top but I'm not 100%.

Dante Theodore?

Dante Constantine? Last name also starts with C though.

Dante Augustus?  Husband isn't a fan of the Guh sound in Augustus though. :(

And for a girl, Esme is my top name at the moment. Maximus and Esme are cute, but if we had a Dante and an Esme, is that too rhymey? Thoughts?

Esme Magnolia is my top but not sure if husband is a fan. 

July 30, 2013 4:24 PM

FWIW a cooleague named his son Dante Sp3nser (the Sp3nser for Edmund).

July 31, 2013 1:05 PM

I like Maximus and Dante. I feel like they're both unusual, but familiar and I think they compliment each other.

Dante Vincent is, by far, my favorite combo that you listed, but I do feel like if you're not 100% sure of it, then it's probably not the name for you. So, sticking with the "Vincent" feeling, I'll suggest the following combos: 

Dante Andrew
Dante Anthony
Dante Joseph
Dante Julian
Dante Michael
Dante Nicholas
Dante William

I ADORE Esme with Maximus. I don't know about Esme with Dante, but I'd honestly just focus on finding a name that you like with Maximus - since you have him now - and worry about subsequent names later on. Unless you're up in the air between Esme and another girl's name. 

I really like Esme Magnolia. But if you think you're husband is not a fan, do you know what the hold up is? Does he want something more traditional as a middle name or does he maybe want something feminine and flowery, without an actual flower connection? If you can narrow it down some, then I could give a few more middle name suggestions and see if anything sticks for the two of you.