Star Names?

I love star names. I'm a bit Harry Potter obsessessed, and finally convinced the husband to agree to something to do with the sky, as it's a naming tradition in Harry Potter AND my husband and I met in an astronomy class in university. 

Pretty Perfect!

But the only names I've fallen in love with have been Luns, Sirius, and Regulus, and we've decided on not naming after HP characters, but being inspired by them.

please help me. I need help very badly. I've been looking at galaxy-related names and I don't think any are actually sticking! I feel like I'm just mindlessley scanning rather than letting them sink in, but I'm so overwhelmed with "61 Star Names Perfect For Your Baby" "Moons You'll Want To Name Your Daughter After." I feel like I'm drowning in such a limited pool of options, and can't seem to grasp onto anything. 

I really love the idea of something universe-related, but I don't want it to be constricting... 


March 12, 2019 8:49 AM

what about Skye Skyla Starr Stella Astra Danica Dara Estelle Esther Seren Tara Soleil Chandra Selene Celeste Vesper Svetlana Lyra Vega Estella Nova Ariel Astrid Aurora Phoebe Portia Bianca Cordelia Elara Miranda Ophelia Pandora Juliet Cressida Calista Aisha Thea Helena Carina  Maia Talitha Starla Solveig Starling Dawn Luna Nysa Rhea Finlay Ara Belinda Ida Gemma Delphin

By EVie
March 12, 2019 12:24 PM

A lot of celestial bodies are named after characters in Greek mythology, so their names actually are people names. And there are a lot of stars in the sky! So there's really an abundance of choice. You might even say, uh, the sky's the limit (sorry, I had to). 

One that immediately popped into mind for you is Lyra. Ara is another that fits in very well with today's naming fashions. Carina is a constellation, but would be a lot more subtle, as it has other roots as a name. And Aquila is a more unusual pick that feels very name-like (I've met a couple Akilas in real life, but never an Aquila). 

 If you wanted to go with a more ornate Greek style, Cassiopeia or Andromeda are obvious options. 

For boys, there are even more choices. Leo is probably the most obvious, but I think Corvus is really cool, and I'd be really enthused to meet a little boy named Perseus or Aries. 

A more offbeat choice that I've always thought would make a cool name for either a girl or a boy is Altair (that one is from Arabic, and means "the eagle").

That's just stars and constellations—moons will give you a ton more choices, especially for girls. Do you lean one way or another in terms of style? E.g. Lyra or Cassiopeia, Ara or Andromeda? And do you want something where the celestial connection is immediately obvious (e.g. Stella), or one where it's more subtle (e.g. Uranus has moons named after Shakespeare characters, so you could pick a name like Juliet that has a lot of other associations that are maybe more dominant). 

Also, why not name directly after Harry Potter characters? Especially a name like Luna, which is used pretty widely beyond Harry Potter. 

March 12, 2019 12:38 PM

Since you don't want to be constricting, my mind immediately goes to Cosmo, which does ultimately come from the same Greek root as cosmos. Cosmos-as-in-the-flower is also a possibility (and also from the same Greek root), for a botanical/astronomical mashup name.

Based on similarity to the names you've listed, I might suggest something like Lyra or Circinus. For something with even more personal significance, there are websites that will show you the night sky for a given time and location--maybe you could look up what was overhead on the day you met or what will be overhead on your due date, and see if something there strikes your fancy?

Otherwise, are there non-astronomical names that you like, that might give us more direction in terms of sounds and style? For example, are you generally drawn to -us names (Julius, Cassius, etc.) or do you think the appeal of Sirius and Regulus comes more from their HP associations?

March 12, 2019 1:35 PM

I think names tied to astronomy and the universe are very cool. I've always liked Celeste (from the word celestial) and Soleil (French for sun) for girls. For a boy I love the name Rigel (name of a star). Cassiopeia (a constellation), which others have mentioned above, is also beautiful.

All three of the names you've mentioned yourself are great too! If those are directly from Harry Potter, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Serious HP fans like yourself will love it, and people who don't know as much about it (like me) will just here a cool Latin/Greek name that reminds us of the sky.

March 12, 2019 11:01 PM

Well, there's always Stella/Estelle; they mean "star."  Ursula as a variation of Ursa Major & Minor?  I think Luna is completely acceptable; it's not as "Harry Potterized" as Sirius and Regulus.  I love the suggestion of Celeste and I also like Celestine.

March 13, 2019 5:53 PM

How do you feel about crossword puzzles? Coincidentally, the answer to one of today's NYTimes crossword was (spoiler!!!) Auriga, which is a constellation. Its brightest "star" is Capella, which Wikipedia tells me "is an unusual multiple star system [and is] among the brightest stars in the night sky." Capella in particular seems like it would make an attractive name, and would give you a musical nod, too, if that interests you. Though I suppose your child might get tired of hearing "Ah, Capella!" whenever entering a room.

March 16, 2019 9:18 PM

I've liked the name Orion since I heard it on the sequel to Zenon on the Disney Channel (dating myself here, lol). It's different and space-y, but it's close enough to the more familiar Ryan to not seem too out there, y'know?

March 18, 2019 11:51 PM

If you're including moons, I've always thought Callisto and Elara from Jupiter made great names. 

March 25, 2019 12:54 AM

One of Uranus' moons is named Miranda, which is very usable!

Others I like: