Thoughts on our top 2 boys names

A little less than a month until we find out the sex, but we are currently working on boys names. I have a favorite and DH has a favorite. Both names have a family middle, one after my dad, one after DH.

The names are Hir@m Sp3ncer and C@spian P@ul. Our daughter is G3orgette ("G3orgie"). Last name is 2 syllables, name of a tiny town in Great Britain, so very English.  

Sorry about the spelling, just trying to maintain some privacy if we end up using the names- of course we would spell them with a's and e's instead of @s and 3s. Just looking for some thoughts. Thanks!


April 30, 2018 11:01 AM

I really like C@spian P@ul.  I like Caspian better than Hir@m & I really like the repitition of the Ps in C@spian P@ul.

April 30, 2018 5:22 PM

I'm another vote for C@spi@n.  I can't imagine Hir@m would be well received at all.  I like stodgy names, but that one's a step or two too far for me.

April 30, 2018 7:02 PM

Hiram is definitely further "out there" than Caspian.  I'm a softie for both names, but I think to the modern ear, Caspian blends in with all of the -ayden sounding names.

April 30, 2018 7:56 PM

Another vote for Caspian. I think it would definitely fit in more in the current naming climate, and I also like the way it sounds much more than Hiram.

May 1, 2018 9:51 AM

Haha- C@spian P@ul is my favorite too. For right now I should probably hold off on vetoing Hiram, in the hopes that he will continue considering C@spian.Not sure why DH is liking Hiram Sp3ncer so much right now- but I was a little impressed he had been thinking about it at all- it usually feels like a chore making him talk about names. He probably doesn't realize Hiram might not be as well-recieved in the general population as it is for him culturally. We actually know of a little Hiram, but I am not sure how they spelled it. We almost agreed on Ephriam before we realized how much sound repetition it had with our last name- it was rather a mouthful altogether! 

Just to throw one more possibility out- I have really liked the name V@lor. It may be the most "out-there" option but I just love the meaning and the possibility of a great virtue-name for a boy, any thoughts on that?

May 1, 2018 10:09 AM

Another vote for C@spian. I also like V@lor; I'm not sure if it's too much to live up to, though. I tend to feel that way about a lot of virtue names, like Charity and Chastity--ugh--and Patience. I think names like Hope and Pax, that are more a wish for the child's future rather than a charge to their character, seem like they would be easier to live with.

I don't think you need more names, but the juxtaposition of Hir@m and C@spian put me in mind of Hadrian, especially if you wanted an H name for any reason.