Too Many Names!

I like just too many French names right now- Fleur, Isabelle, Gabrielle, Zoe, Aurelie, Grace, Amelie, Madeleine, Juliet, Lilou, Romy, Emy, Maelie, Leonie, Eloise....... and most of them are ones I'm not crazy about anymore, but are so pretty I just feel sick about letting them go! But, the ones that I'm still loony for are Romy, Emy, Maelie, Leonie, and Eloise with nn Elo.

Yet, there's a number of Scandinavian names that I can't get off my mind. Lilly, Hanne, Matthijs (boy), Katla, Sven (boy), Vivi....... I'm tied between two origins and can't choose which one I love best.

Now, many people would say, "Just like them both" but I like to like one origin at a time.

Any help would really be appriciated.....

Luna XOXO 




September 29, 2015 5:42 PM

It's fine to like "too many names" when you're young and not actually naming a real person yet. It's fun to play around with different sounds and styles. Once you're older and have a baby on the way, it's a bit different - there will be another parent with possibly different tastes to take into consideration, maybe you'll have a different last name than you do now, maybe you'll have completely different taste in 10-15 years. The thought of actually bestowing a certain name to your child, one that they'll maybe have forever, one that you'll be yelling up the stairs and across the playground, one that they'll be putting on resumes and wedding invitations, feels very different than just toying around with theoretical names.

September 29, 2015 5:49 PM

I think you said before that you like to write? If so, you might try using some of the names you like on characters. They could be characters in full stories, or you could just make up a very short story (like a paragraph or two) for each name. Or see how many different stories you can imagine for a name. Maybe make up one French family, one Swedish family, and one mixed-origin family, and see how they feel.

You might find that you love a name for a character so much that you want to use it there, and can't imagine it on anybody else (including your own someday-child); maybe you'll find that you only think of a name as a villain or some other negative character; or you might find that a name seems so flexible and has such wonderful possibilities that you want to keep it on the list.

By Eko
September 29, 2015 6:03 PM

There are no such thing as too many names, not at this point at least. Just keep a list of all the names that you like for various reasons, you don't have to choose or let go of any names.

I've had a little list for years, I think it's been about 20 names and they have changed a bit - I think my old list on the computer isn't the same as my ongoing list on my Ipad. In your case I could imagine that your list would be quite longer than 20 names, but that's okay! No need to narrow it down yet! Keep all the names that you love. :-)

Sometimes I'll even put a "guilty pleasure" name on my list even though I wouldn't name a child that. It can be fun to remember and look at that name for a while, and then when it's actually time for us to name a child I'll just look past the names I'm not serious about.

I'm currently trying to conceive and I try not to make up my mind too much about names, because I will have to give my partner a fair chance to chime in as well. (Yeah, that's easier said than done!)

By Eko
September 29, 2015 6:04 PM

I don't think Matthijs is a Scandinavian name.

By HarryPotterFan7896 (not verified)
September 29, 2015 6:49 PM

Gosh, thanks for all the replys everyone. I was walking my dog today and I was thinking about names, and I suddenly started to like the French names more than the Swedish ones (it may be because I have more French names that I like than Swedish)....