Hi everyone,

Im new here so any advice would be really apprieciated. Im looking for names for my babies due feb...TWINS (if you cant tell, im SUPER excited)!! We're not sure on genders yet but our other children are

Micah Daniel King, Tobiah Austin Storm and Freedom 'Free' Elizabeth Rose....

We quite like Noah, Liberty, Everly, Winter, Shiloh, Ezra, Roman, Remy and Caspar but please offer any advice.

Thanks in advance



January 10, 2017 9:49 PM

Congrats!! Twins are so fun!

Personally, I would take Liberty off the list on account of it's being so close to Freedom. I think Ezra and Roman are my favorites off your list for b/b because they fit in so well with your other boys' names while making a good pair together. For b/g, my favorites would have to be Everly and Caspar because they are like (Mt) Everest and Caspian (like the sea) with different endings. Clever, but subtle. For girls, I would choose Winter and Everly because, like Caspar, Winter is a natural term.

My middle name suggestions are (for girls) Margaret, Elisa, Samantha, Amelia, Charlotte and Ocean, Wren, Dove, Violet, Brooke. For boys, Brennan/Brendan, Ethan, Matthew, Samuel, Aydan, and Stone, Merit, Gray, Reed, Arrow


January 11, 2017 2:00 AM


Congratulations!  My inclination is that for a family of five you probably want to make sure each child's name has distinct sounds.  My family is from a family of five kids who mostly had J names; my father ended up always called "Jick" by accident (rather than Rick) because, well, J. That would cut out Noah and Ezra, as you already have two boys with names ending in A.  I also agree with the above poster that Liberty and Freedom is too much for a pair of sisters.  And while I love both Roman and Romy, I would NOT name a pair of twins that no no no.  They need to have their own personal spaces. 

Do you like the European spelling Kasper or Kaspar?  Less friendly ghost-y.

Of your list, my favorites are Remy and Roman, but like I said not together! 


January 11, 2017 4:09 AM

Thank you for replying!

Kaspar is adorable! We've Decided to use Kaspar as one of the boys names but we're still stuck on girls names. We like Winter, Skye and Romany! Any more ideas would help alot


January 11, 2017 11:27 AM

Romany is the name of a group of traditionally nomadic people (formerly known as the Gypsies). I'd axe that name. It would be kind of like naming a child Kurd. 

I like Winter and Skye for you.

January 11, 2017 12:13 PM

Thanks. I'm loving Winter with Lyric or Skye. Husband chose Free's name so now it's my turn!

January 11, 2017 12:36 PM

I love the choice of Lyric. It's whimsical, like Freedom, but has entirely different sounds and starting/ending letters than the rest of the kids.

Kaspar and Lyric works for b/g twins. 

Lyric and Skye, however, are either a fantastic pairing or way too close for twins, depending on your perspective, since that would give all girls noun(-ish) names. They don't sound alike, so that's a point in favour of the combination.


EDIT: I see I misread the comment above that that you were considering the combination of Winter Lyric. Winter works with the older kids' names, but I wouldn't use it with Skye, since that makes the twins sound like a phrase together. Twins will be paired enough without their names making a cutesy phrase together. Likewise, I'm partial to not pairing two noun names. Winter Lyric sounds like a song or poem about the season, which is too much for my taste. I also don't love that Kaspar and Winter both end with approximately the same sound, but that could be a plus for some people.