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March 20, 2018 11:31 PM

I like Roslin as is, but then I loved the character on Battlestar Galactica, Laura Roslin, often called by her last name. I've also thought that Rosslyn, a town in Virginia, would be a pretty name. I think this name is unisex.


Mila is pretty and while it breaks the previous pattern, 2 girls with 'm' names tie together well.


If you like Edin for a girl, do you like Edwin for a boy? 

February 10, 2018 06:29 PM
In Response to Elizabeth vs Veronica

They are both beautiful, classic names. I know a lovely teenage Veronica who uses her full name and is still sometimes Ronnie to family. 


February 7, 2018 07:15 AM
In Response to Sister for Evelyn

With the last syllable in Adaline being long, there is no rhyme and no problem for me. I do know an Adalyne spelled that way as a cue to pronounce the last vowel long. Having the last consonant sound be the same is fine. Evelyn, Corinne, and Adaline said all together sounds like several pretty names, not a poem or tongue twister.

I personally like nickname potential and both these have some good options. 

Corinne is lovely and unexpected! Is it the last syllable "in" or "een" ? The Corinne I knew was Cor-in.

February 6, 2018 09:49 PM

People have already covered Dr. Callie (Calliope) Torres, and Felicia Day's daughter. And classic mythology. The spelling isn't complicated. Anyone who can pronounce Sean or Thomas or Michaela can get Calliope.


Beatriz does sound very Spanish to me.  But in the way Katarina sounds German to my ears.The only person I can specifically  associate with the name is actor Stephanie Beatriz. She uses her middle name as a last name professionally.


I like almost all the names in the Helen family so am fond of Elena. Elena Gilbert is the main character in The Vampire Diaries TV show (based on a book series). She's fictional small town Virginia. 

January 30, 2018 04:17 PM

Thusnelda sounds like a great middle name! 


Taking Nell from the middle works well.


Using initials gives a lot of flexibility. 

January 3, 2018 09:30 AM

Calliope is probably in my top 20, so this is another yes vote. Cece is a cute name, and Callie is beautiful. Calliope has history and a familiar form going for it while still being uncommon.

Since middle names aren't used in everyday life by people who go by their first names, Calliope Celeste isn't too much. 


November 4, 2017 04:32 PM

Leon is one of my top ten boys' names at the moment. I think it's classy and flexible. (I also love Lee by itself.) I'm pretty WASPy, and the first(only) Leon in pop culture that comes to mind is the NCIS character, played by a  handsome African American actor. 

I know of one Ezra, who belongs to a not religious family. His sister is P3tra. I think they just like the name as one that is known but not too popular.

Roscoe sounds like a dog name to me too, but the line between pet and human names is thin now, so if you love it, then go for it. He is likely to be Ross sometimes.

Milo sounds like the top runner and is very nice. It would go well with the last name. Why isn't your husband sold? 



November 4, 2017 04:31 PM

I do like the out of the box thinking of Judith Emma, but second that Jemma/Gemma is a full name. 

October 19, 2017 07:16 PM

I want to second the advice to take both parents into account with the name. If Booth is your last name then choosing from your partner's side of the family for the middle, or even first, is inclusive. 


Arthur is a great name, though the only one I know in real life goes by Art. Oliver is adorable on little boys and grows well, I think. 

Oliver Shannon Booth?



October 19, 2017 06:54 PM
In Response to Joss

Just Joss is androgynous to me. The people with the name I can think of easily are Joss Whedon, a man formally named Joseph; and Joss Stone, a woman formally named Joscelyn. I love the name Joscelyn.

October 19, 2017 06:51 PM
In Response to Max, Ryan or Ian

I like Ian best. The vowels in Ian Chin, or Chin Ian, are different enough for me. 

Is this a name that will be used by anyone who doesn't speak English? Is pronunciation a considerartion for them?

October 8, 2017 12:57 PM
In Response to Nerissa and Cressida

Eh, parents mix up children with names like Patricia and Kent. Its not unusual to mix up kids with the dog, Rollo, and cat, Vanille,(for example) either. 


I do think that the mix of ancestors' languages makes this mostly a new world English speaking concern. Siblings Julie, Marie, and Thierry in France or Lucia, Giulia, and Giovanni in Italy are unremarkable.

Nerissa and Cressida both have two S's and end in 'a'; neither is striking in a name.

October 8, 2017 12:27 PM

Florienne is very pretty and feminine. I have come to love the "enne" ending for women's names from watching Call the Midwife. Sister Julienne us such a force of nature. 

October 7, 2017 10:30 PM
In Response to Hyphenated names

The repetitive 'a's make it clunky and likely to blur together. For  example the Spanish names Mariana was Maria Ana, and the name Maria Elena ends up sounding like Marelena. What about Diana-Louise?

October 7, 2017 10:22 PM

These are mostly surnames that were given to boys as given names first. 

Kim is a male character from Kipling before it was used for girls.


October 7, 2017 10:17 PM
In Response to Caius?

There are a lot of names in England that bear no aquaintance with conventional English spelling and pronunciation. 

October 7, 2017 10:13 PM
In Response to Nerissa and Cressida

I like them both. Actually I love Nerissa, but Cressida is pretty and I know the name from my second favorite Shakespeare, so it's a winner.


The over worrying about sibsets sleeves me out honestly. You are naming individual people, so sure avoid Daniel and Danielle, but the period where both names might be called at a playground is short compared to 60 plus years of adulthood. If you love both names, them use them.

October 5, 2017 07:56 PM
In Response to Gender of Callahan

Ha! I should have remembered Callahan and the saloon, but my mind files it under Spider Robinson. The stories are great and if anyone does name their kid Callahan, either sex, the books would be fun gifts. Starting age 12 or so.

October 5, 2017 11:51 AM

I like a lot of the South American and Indian names. They sound musical but not lightweight. 

October 5, 2017 06:06 AM
In Response to Natalie

I knew a Natatalie or 2 in my  age group, now 40ish, and a sweet 6 year old now. The name reminds me of the post on "Angela", not in sound but in the fact that it isn't jarring to hear of a woman with the name, no matter her age.

Incidently, Angela is the name of the 6 year old's grandmother. Her sister is Elen@. The names fit in their bi-national family.