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I just wanted to comment from the perspective of somebody who volunteers in a program to help breastfeeding moms and has had quite a bit of training in breastfeeding issues.  The info I'm going to link to is from Canada since that's where I'm from.  Obviously follow up with your doctor, but just because your breastfeeding absolutely does not mean that you need to discontinue medication for depression.   Obviously you should do some research based on the specific drug, but there are many antidepressants that are safe to take while breastfeeding.  Your mental health is very important (both for you and for your baby).

Here are a couple of links.  Motherisk is a program run by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids where they study drug interactions for pregnancy and breastfeeding:

And Dr. Jack Newman is a very well respected Doctor in Canad whose has specialized in breastfeeding research and education.  This information is from his website:

I hope maybe some of this will help!

As for the names, I think both Eǀizɑbeth and P____ are beautiful.  You can't go wrong!

August 12, 2013 01:12 PM
In Response to Help with name for DD2

We call her Anna. Claire is a middle name and I use it occasionally, but 98% she's Anna or Annie. I would always introduce her as Anna and I think of Anna as her name, but I do call her Annie a lot. I love all 3 of your options: Anna Kate, Anna Katherine (a top contender for us as well) and Anna Juliet. I actually really wanted to name my daughter Anna Rebecca but I didn't like the two 'a' endings. Now I wish I had gone with that because I love Rebecca, but I do love Claire too. I actually have met quite a few Anna's. At our playgroup there is my Anna, an Annabelle and an Annalie. Everyone uses the full name though so my Anna is the only 'Anna.' I don't think a name like Anna could ever be really looked upon as trendy as it's so classic, so it doesn't bother me. Looking at stats, it seems that Anna has risen a bit in popularity but not nearly as much as Annabel/Annabelle (in terms of percentages). Those names were almost nonexistant 10 years ago while Anna has held much more steady.

August 8, 2013 09:32 PM
In Response to Help with name for DD2

We have an Anna Claire who is 15months old.  I personally much prefer Anna over Annabel because I just find Annabel so frilly.  I love tha Anna is sweet on a young girl, but gentle and  sophisticated on a young lady.  I think it's a name that ages very well from childhood to adulthood.

i call my Anna Annie all the time.  I didn't necessarily intend to when we named her, but it just comes out as a term of endearment.  Then again I also call big brothers Joel and Owen, Joely and Owey a lot too.  My husband did say to me, why do you call her Annie?  Don't you think that is a totally separate name?  I thought that was completely bizarre as it seems like a natural nickname to me!  Anyways I can say from real life experience that my Anna equally gets called both names with no issues!

By the way I love the combo Anna Kate.  Kate is the name of my SIL so we didn't want to use it but it probably would have been my first choice.

July 25, 2013 12:46 PM
In Response to 2nd Daughter Names

I think Vanessa is lovely.  I love Clara!  One of my absolute favourites.  My daughter is Anna Claire but if it wasn't for the double 'a' sound at the end not flowing she would be Anna Clara.

February 20, 2013 11:17 AM

Just going to throw out some names from a sibling set I know who have a Ma3va.  4nderson, Lach1an and 3wan.