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December 12, 2017 12:26 AM

Since Nancy is essentially a spin-off of the name Anne, I give a hearty vote for naming her Roseanne, which covers all your honor bases!  And you could call her Nancy, Rosie, Rosanne, Annie, whatever... so many nicknames!



December 12, 2017 12:09 AM

Henrik is a Scandinavian name, form of Henry (I assume.  I'm also assuming that  Henrik is Scandinavian based on the fact that I have a Swedish friend named Henrik.)  Does that appeal?

Of your names though, another big vote for Hendrix!  Too fun.  And no, I don't like Holden either.





December 12, 2017 12:05 AM
In Response to Second baby!

Oh, I totally thought Nico was your winner!  And I was also going to suggest long form of Copernicus -- so much fun!  I think others have already suggested Nicodemus, Dominic, Nicolai, etc.  But I am so grooving on a little boy named Copernicus nn Nico.

Of your remaining boy names, you have a nice manageable shortlist.  I think teasing over Edmund is a non-issue these days, and the Narnia books are fantastic and Edmund is the core redemption character and a positive role model (beyond the first 2/3 of the first book).  This is not a character ubiquitous in pop culture (a la Elsa or Hermione) and I don't see an Edmund being forever and endlessly associated with a stray story character.



December 11, 2017 10:12 PM

If you are the person I remember from an earlier post, you are Chinese right?  I think in your list Natalia and Emmeline are easy for Chinese speakers to pronounce.  This will make life much easier for your girl's relatives!  :)



December 5, 2017 01:59 AM

I love the name Meredith!  Well done!!!  And I think Meredith Rose goes very nicely together.  And seriously,  nobody ever uses a middle name so whether or not Rose is a popular middle name strikes me as a moot point.  If you want to jazz it up a bit, what about Rosa, Roslyn, Rosemary, or Rosette?  I do think that a long name like Meredith pairs nicely with a one-syllable middle name like Rose.  Sage and Fleur work too.   Meredith Sage is a stunningly beautiful name.

December 5, 2017 12:45 AM
In Response to Here comes #4!

The pattern to your daughter's names is that they begin A, B, C.... and that does indeed lead us to D!  Have you considered Dahlia?  It seems to fit right into your style and pattern, but I haven't seen it mentioned.  I also love Delilah.

I think having a son named Wilder could potentially set up some grief especially if he's a spirited child.  You will get a lot of comments/guffaws about him being a troublesome toddler, rebellious teen, etc.  Also, Owen is a fantastic name!  Go for it!  Rowan or Ewan are nice alternatives.

Oh DEAR on Charger!  Here's a funny little story for you.  I conceived by daughter via anonymous donor.  At one point she constructed this fantasy that her donor was an Australian man named Charger, who was "black, with sparkles." We are natural red-haired Irish Americans, so I don't quite know where any of these details came from!  Anyway, that's the only time I've ever heard of Charger as a name so I am giggling to myself a lot right now.



December 5, 2017 12:14 AM

For girls, another vote for Daisy!  I do agree that another flower name in the middle spot would be overkill. But you could get something to 'go with' your other daughter's middle name Lillian other than flower.  For example, I think Daisy Jillian is fantastic.  You could also go with another L name (Daisy Lorraine) and also give an L middle name to your son, to tie all three together not just the girls.

Of your boy names - I have an M name fetish so I like them all. ;)  Marcel would be my favorite.  Mason is very popular these days; Mateo is distinctly Latin flair.  So you've got a shortlist with French, English, and Spanish names here.  Which one best fits the boy's hiertiage? 

December 4, 2017 11:53 PM

I agree that it's great for all 4 girls to have different letters at beginning and end -- each are very distinct.  It would be helpful if you could list your (and/or partner's) shortlists to help think through them.  But others that come to mind that you might like are Sylvie, Noelle, Harper, Juliet, Meredith, Irene, Melody, Charmaine, Gretchen.

December 4, 2017 11:24 PM
In Response to Girl name!!

Audrey is a lovely name and evokes the great African-American poet, Audre Lord. Her original name was Audrey but she dropped the y at some point. Well done. Your name is Brianna - so are you of Irish heritage? The traditional Irish name Siobhan is pronounced "Shavonne" and quite popular in African-American communities (although they never keep the Irish spelling, which is really quite sensible). If you are looking for a name that nods to these two heritages, this might be a winner.

November 14, 2017 03:36 AM

Hello!  Sounds like you're making great progress in narrowing down your names....

Eliminating ones that either you or your partner reallys seems to dislike leaves you with: Bodhi, Lucius, Rhett, Bray,  Bear.

Just to feed back your comments: I think your concerns re: Bodhi and Lucius are minor quibbles.  This is the first I've heard of Bodhi being trendy (really?), and since middle names aren't used much it doesn't matter that your son's first name is similar to your daughter's middle.  This has little practical consequence, other than perhaps your other daugher mgiht be jealous that there's not a bit of her name in there too.  (hello, middle name!)

Rhett - you come across as ducking the question of "do you LIKE this name" with the fact that your cousin has a similar name.  The first issue is very important, the second is not unless maybe if you see a lot of him.  I would focus on making up your mind about how much you like it.  This is the key issue.

Sorry, just to make this about me - Bray is indeed a donkey sound and he's going to be tormented in gradeschool.  How about Dray or Ray?  Bear is a large dog name to me (I know three!).  If you want to use Bear as a nickname, does Uruslus appeal?  I don't like it at all frankly, but you might.  Latin for Bear.

You seem to like old Latin names.  I vote for Cato or Julius!  :)



November 10, 2017 07:57 AM
In Response to Middle name for Ria

It's always nice for middle name to be grandma's.



November 10, 2017 02:41 AM
In Response to Baby girl #3

Yo Emily: Your Disney bubble will burst and your little Ivy will spend at least one year of her life singing Let It Go nonstop while clad in a blue princess dress and frayed Elsa wig that makes her look like drunk George Washington.... mwa ha ha ha....


November 10, 2017 01:37 AM
In Response to Middle name for Helena

If you want 'screams British' then I vote Guinevere (or more boldly Gwenwhyfar) or other British historical/legend names, English word-names like Rose or place-names like Chelsea, or else a distinctly Scottish, Welsh, or other British minority language (e.g. Cornish, Manx) name that is not in much use in North America (which kills Jennifer, the Cornish variant of Guinevere).  Names that would work include Fiona, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Bronwyn, etc.  I am especially fond of Avalon, as both a British place and from a British legend (it's the fairy realm in the King ARthur tales).  Plus, I think Avalon is a stunning name.

November 9, 2017 08:17 PM
In Response to Evelyn and Jocelyn?

Yeah, a bit close, but not in a huge big deal way.  I would say if you were choosing between Jocelyn and Jessica, the similarity could be the deal-breaker, but if Jocelyn is the name you love, that is a fine name and you should go for it.  I have only one girl, but if she had a sister I would have named her something even more matchy simply because, dammit, I think it's a gorgeous name.




November 9, 2017 03:17 AM
In Response to International names

I'm a regular on this site, but was (mostly) offline for a few weeks so I realize I'm chiming in late.  I'm a middle-aged American who works in international affairs and has spent most of my adult life working across Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.  So I have some definite (and well-informed) opinions on this!  And I'm taking your reference to 'Indo-European' languages literally, i.e., include Indian and Persian languages, not just European ones per se.

All that said, the expat naming formula for 'international' names that work across many languages tends to emphasize those which are easy to spell and pronounce globally. This means: alternating consantants and vowels (NO consonant clusters, and avoid many dipthong vowels), no hard-to-pronounce sounds like V, Z, TH, R, X, A-as-in-apple etc. and ideally a short call name that is embedded in a long one so that you have a backup in case your chosen name happens to be a random word in some other language in the next country you're posted to.  (My own name means 'hill' and 'carpet' in two separate Indo-European languages so I'm sensitive to this.  And I know a little 'Lili' who got that name because her given Li---- name meant 'underpants' in the country she moved to when she was two.  Her parents intended to go back to the full given name when they moved again, but by then she was six and Lili just stuck.)  Anyway, examples of names that fit the formula are Alana / Lana and Philip / Phil.



November 8, 2017 07:38 PM

On the Daisy front - while it traditionally is a nickname for Margaret, I can't imagine why!  There are lots of other (I think better) ways to get to Daisy - like Desdemona, Desirée, Deirdre, Deandra....

Daisy and Poppy is totally growing on me.  No pun intended.  :)

Another Maisie alternative: Marcella, nickname Marcy.


November 8, 2017 06:43 PM
In Response to Baby girl #3

There is also the variant Ilsa,although I don't think that will work to distance the name from Elsa among the preschool crowd.  I agree that Elsa is at this point eternally Disney, but she's a good and fun character and it's not a bad association.

Given that you like Elsa and Elsie and Violet -- does Sylvia appeal?  A lot of the same sounds and style.  There's also the French variant Silvie.  Or what about Etta, like the classic singer Etta James?  (whose actual given name was Jamesetta).

November 8, 2017 02:19 AM

My first thought was Daisy is a great alternative-nickname for Maisie!  But Daisy and Poppy might be one too many flowers.  Maeve is also a beautiful alternative to Maisie, but a short standalone name.  If you REALLY want to go for the nickname thing, I suggest long (4-syllable) names: Andromeda, Penelope, Alexandria, Luciana, Marabella, Celestina, etc.   

You know, my head is spinning here -- there are just so many possibilities for a 'surprise' nickname.  I am wondering if you can give some more information on what names you do or don't like?

Any interest in Charmaine, nickname Charms?  Great alternative to Charlotte (you love but think is too popular), and Charms is just so delightful especially paired with Poppy.  But it's also a gorgeous, classy name when she grows up and gets a serious professional job, you know?  ;)

November 8, 2017 02:04 AM
In Response to Irene or Irena?

I love Irene!  Definitely granny chic, but with an emphasis on chic with whole lotta spunk thrown in.  My brother never had a girl, but Irene was a top middle name contender for him (albeit because Hurricane Irene hit the day after their wedding, stranding most guests on-site for up to a week.)  Irene remains a "potential cat name" contender for him and his wife.  ;)

Irena has a lot of potential pronounciations, and you can expect to do a lot of corrections.  My daughter's name is like that too, and I don't mind one whit.  But do be prepared to repeat and correct others over and over.  If that would irritate you, well there's your deal-breaker right there.

November 8, 2017 01:01 AM
In Response to Impossible Boy's Name

If your partner tends to veto everything without coming up with positive alternatives, maybe try one of the following:

1. He assembles a longish shortlist of HIS favorite names, and you get to pick from that list.

2. You both devise a list of 10 names each.  Swap lists, and you EACH get to veto 5 names from the other's list.  You can then each add five more names.  Keep going until you hit on a name that appears on both your lists!  If you don't strike gold within a few rounds, however, try pairwise ranking.  (Yes, I facilitate a lot of meetings).  What I mean by that is write down all the surviving names on separate flashcards, and compare only two names at a time.  For example: Paul and Charles.  Must choose to keep ONE of those and discard the other.  Let's say Charles wins.  Now it's up against one more name (e.g., Zev).  Choosing between Charles vs. Zev, which wins?  Etc.  Keep going through the whole pile of flashcards to see which one wins.