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April 23, 2017 11:20 PM

I was wondering how this little girl was doing - and you, too!

While I love the sound of Chatelaine - yeah, it's way too Canadian women's magazine!  But it evokes one of my very favortie names: Charmaine.

While I agree that bending your rules (e.g., 3 syllables) makes perfect sense, and I still think that Adelaine and Rosalaine work perfectly....  I'm also wondering if you can somehow elongate some a 2-syllalbe name into three?  Specifically: Charmaine is the the tradtitional name, but I think you could get away with Charamaine if you wanted to. You might play around with that strategy, see what you come up with.

April 18, 2017 06:12 AM

I think Melody is absolutely gorgeous.  It's unusual, but familiar -- and of course has that lovely musical vibe to it.  With an upsurge in music names like Aria, Cadence, etc I think it fits in beautifully with current trends, without being trendy per se because it's also been around for awhile.  Well done!

April 18, 2017 12:16 AM

Why is Elliott on your girl list but not your boy list? 


Zeke?  Short for Ezekiel - which imho is a bit much!  But I do like Zeke.

Zack, short for Zachary or Zachariah?  I agree that there is so much potential for 4-letter nicknames from longer biblical names.

Agree that Owen is an excellent alternative to Ewan.  And I agree that "ew" could lead to some unpleasant teasing.  Other alternatives: Eamon (pronounced AY-mon), Rowan, even Raymond....

March 30, 2017 10:50 PM
In Response to Theodore

My cousin's childhood pet dog was named Taran (after the hero in his favorite book at that age).  As an adult, he has a daughter named.... Taran.  He didn't name his daughter after his childhood dog per se - nor after the kid book hero for that matter, but he and his wife both love the name!  And Taran was the finest pet dog a boy could ever dream of, so nothing but warm fuzzy associations all-around.  So they went with it, and as others have said - just own it with a big smile. 




March 30, 2017 10:25 PM
In Response to Nickname Help

I think you should spell it the way it is pronounced.  If it's a-like-apple, then Annie totally works.  On the other hand, if you're pronouncing the a like in ah-ha, then Ani.


March 29, 2017 11:05 AM
In Response to Nolynn for a girl

Another NO vote.  In addition to the excellent reasons stated above, I think it can be negative for a little kid to have 'no' in or close to their names.  I'm reminded of my cousin's son Bo, who at age three was "NO BO NOOOOOO OH NO NO BO!!!!" more or less non-stop. I swear the kid thought his name was No-bo-no.  (This has put me off to names like Nola etc as well.)

I also agree that twins sometimes struggle to establish their own sense of self if they are constantly lumped together as a pair, although this is lessened with b/g twins.  I would avoid names with same first letter, although agree that Nash and Fiona (or Anita, or other n-containing girl name) is fine.  Still, if you want something that somehow 'goes with' Nash in a twinsie kinda way, it doesn't have to be sounds.  What is it you like so much about Nash?  I looked up the meaning, it's English from ash tree.  What about another tree-inspired girl name?  Do you like Rowan or Sylvia, even Elma?  Nash evokes Nashville to me.  Savannah is another Southern city, as is Charlotte.  Louisa, drawn from Louisville in next-door Kentucky?  Obviously these mostly work if Nashville is WHY you like Nash.

My next suggestion is definitely a slippery slope -- I would definitely avoid something like Nash and Shana as too matchy-matchy.  But Nash and Shannon maybe?  Sharon? Shoshanna or Roshanna?  A lot of the same sounds, but more distinct than sing-songy.


How about Elowyn as an alternative to Nolynn?  Elowyn is GORGEOUS.  I love it!

March 29, 2017 01:53 AM
In Response to Suggestions please!

If you like Noa for a girl, why not Noah for a boy?  It is much more commonly a boy name.  Maisa also evokes the boy name Mason to me - do you like that one?

This post is a bit hard to answer, because beyond Lane and Gage, you haven't really said much about what you (and your husband) LIKE in boy names.  So there's not much to go on other than, well, what I like.  But it's not my baby!  Spinning off of Lane and Gage.... what about Cael, Calen, Kyle, George, James, Jay, Llaron....

I think you should settle on a first name before going through your middle name options.  I too like honor names in the middle spot - after all, they are hardly used and shouldn't be in the driver's seat on name selection.  Find the first name you both love, and then an honor middle name that follows that.



March 28, 2017 12:56 AM
In Response to Third Boy?

How about Luke?  One syllable, goes nicely with Clark and George, although a lot of the same sounds as Clark it's not too matchy-matchy either.  The Biblical Christmas story is in the Book of Luke, so there's a nice subtle nod to Chrismas. 



I love Sam, and I think it works great with your other names, too.


March 16, 2017 01:19 AM

A strong vote for Molly here!  Especially Molly Sullivan - what a gorgeous name.  Molly is one of my favorites - a timeless classic, but fresh and sunny and friendly all at the same time, and ther's not many of them.  And while Katherine per se may not be trendy per se the moment, a whole bunch of variants on it are quite common.  I think Molly is much more of a stand-out name.


March 16, 2017 01:13 AM
In Response to Milana ?

I agree that Milana is really.... trump-loaded right now, and this administration seems more crazy-town every day.  And yeah - I know a girl named Isis, and yeah it's awkward.

That said: I hear you when you say that you absolutely love the name Milana.  Moreover, the association with the first lady may blow over sooner or later (although I suspect later).  A couple of questions to make it work:

1. Do you like Mimi and/or Lana as nicknames?   If you actually called her that on an everyday basis, it would diffuse some problematic associations.

2. Can you get another name with a lot of the same sounds, that's a bit more distant from the world's most miserable First Lady?  Nilana is TOTALLY do-able, and I agree that Melody is gorgeous.  What about Amelie Ana?  Emilana? Amelia? Molly Anne is darling - different feel definitely, but a lot of the same sounds.  Amala, Amalia, Mila, Mina, Alana, Amelina....



February 28, 2017 02:55 AM

But Adelaine is so lovely!

February 24, 2017 10:04 AM

I agree that both Luke and Leia totally count as "normal" names that are not necessarily stamped as Star Wars names.  You could also consider Luka or Lucas, as in George Lucas.  Which brings us to George.  ;)  Or, for that matter Lucia, Luciana, or one of the other feminine names which evoke Luke.

On the girl front, what about Yolanda?   Nice mash-up of Yoda and Lando Calrissian.  I love the name, but don't hear it much.  You might also play with finding a name which derives from a place in STar Wars.  Alderaan could get you, hmmm, Dera? Alder?  Tyler lends itself to fun Star Wars nickname ty-fighter.  Rogan could be a nod to Rogue One.

There are also some fun outer space names like Stella, Andromeda, etc.

This is fun.  :)  May the Force be with you...


(ps my one and only tattoo is from star wars)

February 24, 2017 09:36 AM

My daughter's name is Mairéad so you know where I stand on this!  The world needs more Mairéad's!  You made a comment re: accents are annoying.  My understanding - and I'm an American so this could be off - is that the Irish form of the name has the accent, but not the Scottish.  When I named my daughter, I went with accent because I thought it helped with the pronounciation (i.e., rhymes with parade) plus I thought it looked kinda cool.  Let's face it: Irish spellings are tricky for English speakers.  Most people leave the accent out, however.  In my case my daughter has flaming red hair, so everyone just calls her "Red" in writing which is a totally fun nickname for a little ginger girl named Mairéad.  But I digress.....

This is really going to make you laugh: do you by any chance know of the Hash House Harriers?  You know, the international running club?  There are "kennels" all over the world.  One of the hashing hallmarks is to get a nickname, usually a bit inapproriate.  My daughter's is: Baby Jesus!  And on top of that, her birthday is when your next is due!!!

So I'm taking this as some sort of crazy sign.  Go with Mairéad, somehow.  This is destiny.  ;)



February 22, 2017 09:58 PM

This is kind of a wide-open post!  But I'm gonna zero in on Ava which is your tentative pick but have some cold feet about, including that it's too popular.  What about Eve or Eva instead?  A bit less popular, but certainly familar.  Also opens up to the cute nickname Evie.  As would something longer, like Evelyn.

Okay, I'm gonna put out a vote for one of my absolute favorite, under-used names: Avalon, the fairy realm from the King Arthur legends.  I think it's absolutely gorgeous, gets you out of the "Ava is too common" think you're having, but you could still use Ava as a nickname.

Savannah can also get you to Ava-as-nickname.

February 22, 2017 09:48 PM
In Response to Name for our son!

I'm thinking that if you score your favorite first name, i.e., Theodore/Theo it would be gracious to give your husband lead on the middle name.  Seriously,  middle names are rarely used.  I think they're perfect for honor or senitmental names.  Can you jazz the name up a bit to something you like better?  I wanted to middle-name my daughter after my beloved grandmother but frankly did not like her given name.  My way out was the Irish variant of her name, which I love and we are Irish so a fitting winner all around.  BUT..... not a lot to work with re: Brian and Scott.  Hmmm.  Byron?  Scotland?  Some sort of Brian-Scott mash-up? Brant, Bryant, maybe Brittan.  Not getting too far with that either.

On the other hand, if you go with your husband's vote of Oliver, I think it's more than fair to veto his preferred middle names.

Can I ask how you named your daughter?  Was it a really mutual "we both just love Alexandria Rosalie!" or did someone get their favorites or family heritage more than the other?  It might be time for the compromise to work the other way this time around.

For what it's worth, I'm seriously crushing on Theodore Scotland as a name right now.  Sooooo cool.


February 22, 2017 08:28 AM
In Response to How to pronounce Kiah

Ahem. Neither "African" nor "Aboriginal" are languages!  Let's try to be more sensitive (and accurate).

February 21, 2017 08:48 PM

Yep, if this website is correct. Breton contraction for Mari-Gwenn, which means "blessed Mary"


February 21, 2017 02:45 AM

I have an M name fetish so this thread makes me happy.  :)

I agree that May works fine as a nickname for Margaret.  But Margaret May -- well, Maggie May is a famous rock song by Rod Stewart.  This is not a bad thing, but you should be aware of it! I do think though, if you are going to call her May, then why not name her May?  It is perfectly lovely as a given name, so why Margaret at all?

All of this said, I think Maya Ursula is an absolutely beautiful name.  I always wanted a Maya, too!  But I passed over it because not Irish.  It's still one of my top favorite names though.



February 21, 2017 12:45 AM

I see that your husband likes one-syllable names, but you think those are too short since your last name is also only one syllable. I'm wondering if there is some in-between room here?  There are some one syllable names that pack a lot of sounds in them, that I think are weighty enough to carry a short last name just fine. There are also two-syllable names that flow into each other so that there is a short-and-sweet feel.  So here's my list:

Lowell, Joel, Owen, Kyle, Lyle, Lorne, Flynn, Flint, Clint, Rowan, Leo, Karl, Charles, Ian, Noel, Rourke, Blaise, Blake, Drake, Frank, Scout, Bram, Noah, Sloan, Ryan....

February 21, 2017 12:38 AM

Woo hoo!  You could also edit Leila Cecilia / Ava to Leila Cecile (or Celeste) or Leila Eve.

My parents had a similar dilemma about my middle name.  Solution: I have two middle names!  They each got their  favorite.  Just putting that option out there....