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May 18, 2018 04:07 AM
In Response to Elizabeth vs Elisabeth

Elizabeth is the typical spelling, but Elisabeth has been in use here and there for a long time.  She will have to say "Elisabeth with an S" all the time indeed, but neither is this a goofy kre8iv spelling.

If I were you, I would decide on nickname Elisa OR Eliza and let the long version flow from there.  The nicknames are pronounced very differently (eh-lee-sa versus ee-lie-zah) so these are not at all interchangeable names by a long shot.  If you want to have lots of nickname options, that's also a plus for Elizabeth.  The S version, to me, implies you are going for something with an S sound specifically6.

Daria is fantastic.  I like it much better, actually.

May 17, 2018 11:19 PM

I love it!  Congratulations on your baby boy.  The first name is usually spelled with one A, Ivan.  Any reason why to double the A?  Or is that a typo?

May 17, 2018 01:46 AM

If your daughters are Elena and Rosalie, Cornelia does include sounds from both of their names while also being distinctive rather than too matchy. Lyra?  Celia? Nellie?  Nellie could derive from Cornelia too.

And I see that you like Leo and Eleanor (but latter too close to daughter Elena).  In that context.... Leora?  That goes beautifully with Elena and Rosalie.



May 16, 2018 11:53 PM
In Response to Naming my daughter

a-HA you were not intending to name your daughter AlexanderSophie.  Good!

One quick point to consider: Alexander is usually a first name.  My friend also has surname that is usually a first (a la Alexander), and she gave her son a first name that is more commonly a surname (along the lines of Larson).  People constantly reverse his name, calling him Alexander Larson instead of Larson Alexander.  If that would annoy you, I would avoid a surname-as-first for your daughter, espeically if it is gender-ambiguous.  A little girl might not be at all happy being called "Alexander Hayden" all the time.  I would go with a name that is clearly feminine and a given name.  Maya is my favorite on your list.



May 16, 2018 02:11 AM

For the record, I intentionally paired a rare, tricky-to-spell (Gaelic) first name with a top-20 middle name (which was also a family name) precisely so that if my daughter didn't like having a 'wierd' name, she had a 'normal' backup.  First and middle names do NOT have to match stylistically although in my case I think they do (unusual Irish first name + familiar Irish middle name).  So I think your logic is spot-on.

Secondly, you cannot predict whether or not your child will or will not like their name, nor what their profession will be.  And I would really focus on what is beautiful and meaningful to you about their name, and share it with your child.  It's not a marketing branding excercise!

All that said... I remember brainstorming names with my best friend while pregnant, and we had polar opposite naming styles!  It was kind of hilarious.  He liked traditional classics (whcih make me yawn) and I like you have more funky tastes.  With this in mind, I think you can mind some common ground and perhaps make a game out of finding it.  For example: you list your top 10 traditional classic names (I DO have a few although it's not my preferred genre) and husband can list his top 10 'out there' names.

There is also a lot of room for classics which don't sound ho-hum to you.  A couple of ways to do this includes:

- Look through history, literature, mythology.  This may lead to names like Judith, Vanessa, Calliope.

- 'Antique' names that are now rare and a bit funky.  Example: Idella, Zelda

- Names that are traditional in other languages but not common in English.  Examples: Solveig, Ingrid, Monique, Anaïs, Bianca, Renata, Siobhan

- Unusual (or at least less usual) feminine variants on common boy names.  Simone, Petra, Willa, Raymonda, Philippa

- Normal formal name with funky nickname or vice versa.  Example: Scarlett nickname Red, Desdemona nickname Mona

- Nature names that don't sound too out-there hippie: Sage, Laurel, Celeste, Stella, Marina, Ruby

- 'Ethnic' variants on names that are common in English.  Loretta, Josefina, Filipa, Catriona, Victoire, Svetlana


May 15, 2018 11:48 PM

Rosalie and Coralie is indeed too much!  If you're going to call her Cora, then why not just name her Cora?  It is perfectly valid as a stand-alone name.  Another alternative that I don't see yet is Cordelia.

May 15, 2018 11:46 PM
In Response to Naming my daughter

I'm a bit confused.  Are you proposing to name your daughter a long boy name (Alexander) that runs together with a girl name without a space in between?  If so, honestly, I don't think it's a good idea.  It looks like a mistake, and Alexander is a boy name.  A run-on with a girl name just compounds the confusion.  How about naming your daughter Alexandra and leave it at that?  Or Alexandria, Alexa, Alessandra, Lexi, etc.



March 16, 2018 12:50 AM

Definitely Mariella.



March 15, 2018 02:48 AM

The ultrasound techs can actually tell WAY earlier than the 20-week checkup, it's just that there is room for error and so in USA etc they simply WON'T say anything because of the potential fallout of crazy-pregnant-parent-wrath.  One of the nice things about being pregnant in Southeast Asia is that they are more relaxed and will tell you exactly what they see and think.  So I got right from the beginning "65% it's a girl..."  "85% it's a girl...."  "yes, definitely a girl."

Fun fact!  In first trimester both boys and girls have a... protruding organ which ultimately turns into respective parts, but girls' are parallel to body and boys' are perpendicular.


March 15, 2018 01:37 AM
In Response to Need Names for Baby??

I don't doubt that Parcel is a French name, but yes it is too silly in English like a mail package!  I say this with sympathy, as my own name is a random French word which made studying abroad in Nice very awkward until I hit on a French nickname.  Is Parcel a variant of Percival?  That would work well, or Percy.  You could also just do Marcel, ha!  If there is an M in your family say it's a mashup of Grandpa Parcel and Uncle Mike (or whatever).  And while I'm not a fan of Kre8tiv names, Celpar or something?  I just reversed the syllables for Parcel.

Salmonella is definitely a no-no.  You could simply go with Solomon, Salvatore, etc.  Sal is also perfectly fine as a standalone man's name.


March 15, 2018 12:43 AM

Rosalie is not too obscure at all!  In fact it seems to be perfect for what you are looking for.  And while you didn't say you were looking for other "rose" names, I'd like to flag that Ambrosia is a lovely stealth pathway to Rosie etc.

All that said, I rise in defense of Scarlett as a nickname-friendly name.  Red is an absolutely charming and adorable nickname for Scarlett.  My own daughter - who is NOT Scarlett, by the way  - occasionally goes by Red which also happens to be a family name (yes we are a clan flaming redheads).  It is great fun as a nickname especially when it comes to organized sports.  "GO RED!!!!" on the soccer field etc.  For awhile she had a friend named Scarlett and they loved to be Red & Red together, it was so cute.



March 13, 2018 11:11 PM

They are both fine names, and you are definitely over-thinking it! You love one but it's "too popular," you love the other but it "doesn't fit".... okay, so which one do you love most?  They are both lovely names and I think they all fit.  Personally, I think Joelle fits better (and confession: I like it much better) but obviously there are diverse opinions on this forum.  Heres'one thing I think is charming: your 3 girls would all have L in their names, but beginning, middle, and end of their names.  This is even more fun if Lucy is first girl (L @ beginning), Molly is middle (L in middle slot), and Joelle is youngest (L at end).  That's cute without being cutesy.  Then again, if you prefer Chloe it is a fine name too.



March 6, 2018 01:53 AM
In Response to Good Cowboy Names

This is a fun thread!  I think my ideas are already in here, other than maybe Levi, Oakley, Westley, and Stetson.... 

Do you also like cowGIRL names?  Jessie, Josie, Janey, Susannah, Annie, Sierra, Polly, Cassidy, Ruby, Sterling, Silver, Goldie....



March 1, 2018 12:37 AM

I am going to go out on a limb here.  Gemma is the only name on BOTH you and your husband's shortlists.  It is a fine and lovely name.  If you are worried about spelling, I have also seen Jemma although Gemma is certainly more standard.  It may not make your heart sing, but it is clearly working for both you and your husband.  Congratulations on your little Gemma Harriet!  What a lovely name! 



February 27, 2018 12:07 AM
In Response to Middle name help

I love and adore the name Marcel and wanted to lend another voice in it's favor!  Classy, with character!  Well done.  I also like Maurice very much.  (Morris, not so much, I admit).  I would NOT advice Maurice-pronounced-Morris.  If you go with the English pronounciation, stick with English spelling. There is just no reason to confuse everyone who does not read EM Forster novels.

Both Bernard and Bertrand are fine middle names and I totally disagree that pairing them is "too much" in any way.  I prefer Bertrand myself, and I think that it scores way higher "rhythm points" following any of your three choices for given names.

February 22, 2018 09:48 PM

You have a terrific shortlist, I love 3/4 of them!  ;)  I wouldn't worry about "another C" as Celeste is a different sound altogether.  Do you like Ceciliy or Cecilia?  Fits right in with the sounds Celeste and Felicity, plus Cecilia has the -a ending of your other two choices (Fiona and Gemma).

So you have a fine shortlist of four.  What are your feelings on each of them beyond that none is perfect?  If you have a partner, does s/he have opinions that are same/different?  Knowing the background dynamics may help navigate this decision.





February 21, 2018 11:24 PM

They are both beautiful names.  Another marvelous Indian crossover name is Anjuli, because it lends itself to English nicknames like Annie, Angie, and Julie.  And Anjuli standalone is so similar to Angela that the name is just distinctive enough to harmonize but not disappear in an an English-speaking environment.  However you would be constantly reminding "not Angela." A name which gives similar opotions is Anandi, which can be nicknamed into Annie, Ana, or Andi.

Ava is another cross-over possibility but then you're constantly going "rhymes with lava, it's a Parsi name actually."  But one or two reminders will be enough for others to catch on.  I have no idea if the Parsi community welcome its use on a non-Parsi girl.

As for Layla - that is my preferred spelling.  Leila makes the name seem more Muslim to me, not sure if that's a plus or minus to you.  Laila can be confused with the differently-pronounced name Lila.



February 19, 2018 01:51 AM
In Response to My triplets

Wow, yet another poster is pregnant with multiple girls! 

February 19, 2018 01:22 AM
In Response to A brother for Liam

I think Callum is NOT too matchy with Liam.  Similar ending sure, but very different names.  No problem!  Other alternatives I haven't see mentioned yet are Cameron and Callahan.



February 19, 2018 01:08 AM

I love both Heidi and Johanna and do not think it's a problem pairing them together - just sounds like you like German names, or you have German heritage.  I recommend AGAINST matchy twin names unless the tie is subtle - but ethnic heritage is a lovely tie.

I agree re: your point on the long names.  If you don't want nicknames, then I would strike anything that is 4 syllables from your shortlist.  And if you don't want the younger set to be "the twins" you might consider names that are short.  "Catalina and Phineas" are great names, but that's a long shout/email that begs shortening to Cat and Phin.  On the other hand "Pierce and Carmen" you can get out in one breath, as in "Pierce and Carmen, shoes on NOW!!!"

Pierce is your only 1-syllable name, how do you feel about that plus the 2-syllable ones on your list?

I have also noted that many of your names (especially for boys) are ones that might get auto-nicknamed.  If that's NOT what you want, avoid Vincent, Clayton, Edmund, Christian, etc.

Zapping long names, beg-for-nickname names, and Linus (too close to son Lewis), you have:

Amy, Carmen, Carla, Heidi

Kieran, Pierce.

Going on pure style and no-repeat first letters....

B/B = obvious

B/G = Pierce and Carmen (both stately traditional names which go well with your first two)

G/G = ONe C name plus either Amy or Heidi.  (avoid paring Amy + Heidi or Carmen + Carla)