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February 24, 2017 10:04 AM

I agree that both Luke and Leia totally count as "normal" names that are not necessarily stamped as Star Wars names.  You could also consider Luka or Lucas, as in George Lucas.  Which brings us to George.  ;)  Or, for that matter Lucia, Luciana, or one of the other feminine names which evoke Luke.

On the girl front, what about Yolanda?   Nice mash-up of Yoda and Lando Calrissian.  I love the name, but don't hear it much.  You might also play with finding a name which derives from a place in STar Wars.  Alderaan could get you, hmmm, Dera? Alder?  Tyler lends itself to fun Star Wars nickname ty-fighter.  Rogan could be a nod to Rogue One.

There are also some fun outer space names like Stella, Andromeda, etc.

This is fun.  :)  May the Force be with you...


(ps my one and only tattoo is from star wars)

February 24, 2017 09:36 AM

My daughter's name is Mairéad so you know where I stand on this!  The world needs more Mairéad's!  You made a comment re: accents are annoying.  My understanding - and I'm an American so this could be off - is that the Irish form of the name has the accent, but not the Scottish.  When I named my daughter, I went with accent because I thought it helped with the pronounciation (i.e., rhymes with parade) plus I thought it looked kinda cool.  Let's face it: Irish spellings are tricky for English speakers.  Most people leave the accent out, however.  In my case my daughter has flaming red hair, so everyone just calls her "Red" in writing which is a totally fun nickname for a little ginger girl named Mairéad.  But I digress.....

This is really going to make you laugh: do you by any chance know of the Hash House Harriers?  You know, the international running club?  There are "kennels" all over the world.  One of the hashing hallmarks is to get a nickname, usually a bit inapproriate.  My daughter's is: Baby Jesus!  And on top of that, her birthday is when your next is due!!!

So I'm taking this as some sort of crazy sign.  Go with Mairéad, somehow.  This is destiny.  ;)



February 22, 2017 09:58 PM

This is kind of a wide-open post!  But I'm gonna zero in on Ava which is your tentative pick but have some cold feet about, including that it's too popular.  What about Eve or Eva instead?  A bit less popular, but certainly familar.  Also opens up to the cute nickname Evie.  As would something longer, like Evelyn.

Okay, I'm gonna put out a vote for one of my absolute favorite, under-used names: Avalon, the fairy realm from the King Arthur legends.  I think it's absolutely gorgeous, gets you out of the "Ava is too common" think you're having, but you could still use Ava as a nickname.

Savannah can also get you to Ava-as-nickname.

February 22, 2017 09:48 PM
In Response to Name for our son!

I'm thinking that if you score your favorite first name, i.e., Theodore/Theo it would be gracious to give your husband lead on the middle name.  Seriously,  middle names are rarely used.  I think they're perfect for honor or senitmental names.  Can you jazz the name up a bit to something you like better?  I wanted to middle-name my daughter after my beloved grandmother but frankly did not like her given name.  My way out was the Irish variant of her name, which I love and we are Irish so a fitting winner all around.  BUT..... not a lot to work with re: Brian and Scott.  Hmmm.  Byron?  Scotland?  Some sort of Brian-Scott mash-up? Brant, Bryant, maybe Brittan.  Not getting too far with that either.

On the other hand, if you go with your husband's vote of Oliver, I think it's more than fair to veto his preferred middle names.

Can I ask how you named your daughter?  Was it a really mutual "we both just love Alexandria Rosalie!" or did someone get their favorites or family heritage more than the other?  It might be time for the compromise to work the other way this time around.

For what it's worth, I'm seriously crushing on Theodore Scotland as a name right now.  Sooooo cool.


February 22, 2017 08:28 AM
In Response to How to pronounce Kiah

Ahem. Neither "African" nor "Aboriginal" are languages!  Let's try to be more sensitive (and accurate).

February 21, 2017 08:48 PM

Yep, if this website is correct. Breton contraction for Mari-Gwenn, which means "blessed Mary"


February 21, 2017 02:45 AM

I have an M name fetish so this thread makes me happy.  :)

I agree that May works fine as a nickname for Margaret.  But Margaret May -- well, Maggie May is a famous rock song by Rod Stewart.  This is not a bad thing, but you should be aware of it! I do think though, if you are going to call her May, then why not name her May?  It is perfectly lovely as a given name, so why Margaret at all?

All of this said, I think Maya Ursula is an absolutely beautiful name.  I always wanted a Maya, too!  But I passed over it because not Irish.  It's still one of my top favorite names though.



February 21, 2017 12:45 AM

I see that your husband likes one-syllable names, but you think those are too short since your last name is also only one syllable. I'm wondering if there is some in-between room here?  There are some one syllable names that pack a lot of sounds in them, that I think are weighty enough to carry a short last name just fine. There are also two-syllable names that flow into each other so that there is a short-and-sweet feel.  So here's my list:

Lowell, Joel, Owen, Kyle, Lyle, Lorne, Flynn, Flint, Clint, Rowan, Leo, Karl, Charles, Ian, Noel, Rourke, Blaise, Blake, Drake, Frank, Scout, Bram, Noah, Sloan, Ryan....

February 21, 2017 12:38 AM

Woo hoo!  You could also edit Leila Cecilia / Ava to Leila Cecile (or Celeste) or Leila Eve.

My parents had a similar dilemma about my middle name.  Solution: I have two middle names!  They each got their  favorite.  Just putting that option out there....



February 21, 2017 12:28 AM
In Response to Renaming Myself

You've asked this question before -- I remember writing a long post on the name Laure; I have two American friends named that.  It's possible that reply was eaten by the evil arbitrarary spam filter, but the question was definitely posed.  I think it would be helpful to add on to the threads you've already introduced, rather than start all over again with more or less the same question.



January 17, 2017 07:40 PM

If you're entering a name with unknown birthdate, I can see why people entering dates might just plug in a holiday that falls in that month.  "July what-day?  Not written, hmm, how about July 4." It's the first thing that would pop into someone's name for July no-day-listed. 

Now I've got Yankee Doodle Dandee going through my head "born on the fourth of Julyyyyyyy"





January 17, 2017 02:25 AM
In Response to Name Anna

I think a lot depends on whether or not your husband's Russian relatives live in the US, and how well they speak English.  If they are in Russia and/or speak with thick accents - yeah, I don't think your pronounciation is going to work.  The a-like-apple sound is very hard to pronounce and is absent from most languages.  On the other hand, if you're talking about his sister who's lived in New Jersey since she was 3, that's another story.

This is hard.  My mom unilaterally bestowed a nickname on my daughter that I absolutely hated and she kept on with it, knowing that I hated it.  I tried to be nice but clear that I hated it, but she carried on anyway until I had to get, well, very blunt and assertive.  It was hard to deal with, very hard.

January 12, 2017 09:53 PM

In defense of Molly: I absolutely love it!  It was on my top-four list for my daughter's name.  And I know a bunch of women and girls named Molly (including three cousins - yep we're Irish) and none of them have had any awkward implications of their name.

Other long names you could use to get to nickname Molly are Melody and Melanie.  Melanie covers your fondness for French-flavored names.  As does Marietta - gorgeous, but you don't hear it much.

January 12, 2017 09:44 PM

I also prefer the Dalton spelling (unless family or other sentimental reason for the u), and think it sounds fine with Quick.  Alternatives, hmmm.  Duncan?  Walton?



January 12, 2017 02:59 AM

That sounds like quite the dilemma!  When are you going to find out the genders?  That should at least reduce some of the guesswork / options.  Rather than each of you pinpointing complete combos and pairings that you're attached to as THE FAVORITE, maybe stepping back a bit?  Like each of you make a list of 10 girl and 10 boy names and compare.  Each of you gets to veto half of the others' list.  See what's left, if there's any common ground.  Possibly repeat a few times, adding five more names to your lists at every round.  Something like that.  But if it's a point of tension right now, better step back for a little while, if you're not too far along in the pregnancy.

I do think it will be much easier to think about names individually, rather than as twin pairings (so long as you're avoiding matchy-matchy scenarios like Romy and Roman).

January 12, 2017 02:01 AM
In Response to I need help smh

Can you clarify how you want pronounce this name?  I agree it's fun and jazzy.  I pronounce Isaac like eye-zuck, but some of your +J spellings imply another pronounciation. 

January 10, 2017 11:11 PM

There was a thread a year or so ago by someone who loved the nickname Hattie but hated the long/formal names that it was normally tied to.  The mad genius solution was to name the girl Manhattan.


January 10, 2017 11:09 PM


January 10, 2017 11:00 PM
In Response to Twins!!!


Congratulations!  My inclination is that for a family of five you probably want to make sure each child's name has distinct sounds.  My family is from a family of five kids who mostly had J names; my father ended up always called "Jick" by accident (rather than Rick) because, well, J. That would cut out Noah and Ezra, as you already have two boys with names ending in A.  I also agree with the above poster that Liberty and Freedom is too much for a pair of sisters.  And while I love both Roman and Romy, I would NOT name a pair of twins that no no no.  They need to have their own personal spaces. 

Do you like the European spelling Kasper or Kaspar?  Less friendly ghost-y.

Of your list, my favorites are Remy and Roman, but like I said not together! 


January 10, 2017 03:11 AM
In Response to Kalea

Kaleeya.  Does that solve your problems?  And it's very pretty, both written and spoken.