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November 5, 2014 11:08 PM
In Response to Dilemma: pseudonym?

BTW a "friend of mine" publishes under the pseudonym Wang May Ming

she wrote a book based on her grandmother and great Uncle about the WWII Chinese sex slaves.

she had to flee China and she and her mother ended up as real life sex slaves to a Japanese Yakuza and his British wife,who loved stories, taught her English.

she escaped and wrote this book, but is actually still being hunted by some powerful people in China, so lives in hiding.

her book is call Snap of the Drangon's Tail

and it is a roller coaster ride with one of the coolest ending to a book I've ever read.

this is a serious book. She and I write through retailers. She is playing around with sort of weird themes, voices, latest is a California girl, she has three in a trilogy, but thinks they will never be published because her heroines are under age When they first have sex, though one is married. All end up cuckolding their higher ranking husbands and taking control, which strikes me as something maybe the church and government would hate.

her main character in Snap is female. Stunning writer. I do not know how she grasps different cultures, but she told me she read all the time while she was a sex slave.


sorry if this was a hijack. Just got an email from her this morning and ran across you guys so...

November 5, 2014 10:59 PM
In Response to Dilemma: pseudonym?

To both of you, pseudonym. You stand up as that pseudonym. When you go on Ophra and Ellen you are that pseudonym.

you never share with the shows it is a pseudonym

it is a Real Fake Person!

think of how many people used fake names

Cary Grant whose real name I forget.

And Jerry Dorsey who went under the name Englebert Humperdink (Eddie Izzard and I both want the YouTube of that meeting!)

pseudo- fake

nym- name

this is your brand just like Coca Cola

and give your husband and the kids their own pseudonyms in fact make it a family discussion, what name, why remember this will follow you forever!

hope that helps

November 5, 2014 10:47 PM
In Response to A cautionary tale

Someone putting a lien on your son's house might be an error, but under the law, it is fraud and maybe extortion.

the leinholder is the primary guilty party

the bank maybe a correspondent co-conspirator.

who holds the lien? This is public record.

who created the lien? Who accepted the lien?

was it sold or transferred?

these are all in the public record of the town.

if there is a way to link the bank in, they will do their best to sort it out, especially if they can be made a co-conspirator in fraud.

November 5, 2014 10:28 PM
In Response to Unisex names

I totally agree that Ryan is a boys name.

i have known a few Mackenzie's in my life, but question is what is her nickname?

Every Mackenzie I have know dumped her name with a different nickname.

i like Jaden but prefer Jade for a girl

November 5, 2014 03:11 AM

Emmaline (I would look at the name and say "Em a lie n" sorry don't know the official how to type sounds)

Emily (had one at my house, well until she ran away from home telling me I was a total jerk and went to college, dashing all my hopes for a stripper porn star daughter. Getting her Psych degree focused on childhood development. I suspect in hoping the wrench me out of MY childhood.)

she plans to get a Master's degree. Anyone here think it is time we had a Mistress Degree?

actor, actress, waiter waitress, God Goddess?

in any event Emily in US Em eh lee. Japan Eh mi lee

and god only knows what the British or the French will do with it, but the French will look like they are kissing you when they say it.

November 4, 2014 09:24 PM

I do not think I have ever had more fun reading a site. I went through the page of Heaven spelled backwards and the stripper pornstar comments. Probably in 15-20 years pornstars  will be so mainstream they will have their own segment on the Oscars. Tommy Lee and Pamela will have to be given a lifetime achievement award. The porn stars can get on cribs which will have been renamed something much less babyish like Cellblock and tell us the next new name. I hope it will be something totally unpronounceable. The parents, the kid will not know how to say the name, like the weird guy in the Superman comic (yeah don't ask me and yeah I'm on the internet right now, I am busy wasting my time reading this fabulous site!)


"So what's your name?" 

"I don't know. Here's my card. You take a shot at it."

No one would dare give the kid grief, because she could just pull the, "you can't say it either, Numbnuts!" And even though his name is Robert and everyone called him Bob or Bobbie, if he were British, he'd be known as Numbnuts from that day on.

Creative names? Salvatore as in Dali, nice and dramatic. Names that make me think of a cape thrown rakishly back over a shoulder with a cane that turns into a sword.

For a woman Veska, but she would need wild hair that still looked windswept and elegant at the same time, like she'd rode in and was still riding a horse. She would need lush lips with dramatic eyebrows.

Perhaps Bonkala, but this name should be restricted to parents with bloodlines proven to make tall daughters. At 5' (155 cm thereabouts for you Euro-trash) a girl named Bonkala might be unable to carry off the name, though if she rode on the shoulders of a pair of matched 6'5" tall males slaves whose upper arms were encased in a single stainless steel cuff and she had a 12' bullwhip (I don't know it is two times 183, you do the math cm).

i adore this site.