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October 3, 2014 03:53 AM
In Response to New Middle Name

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have thought of using my grandfather's name (her ex-husband) but I don't want to start world war III. 

I like....

Léa (Lay-uh) which is more or less the same name only spelled and pronounced differently (to be honest if I'm not around my family I do in fact use that pronunciation so I can distance it.Though when asked WHERE it came from I have to be honest....somewhere in history SOMEBODY didn't check their Bible before naming their child after Jacob's true love in Genesis 29. *Spoiler alert* they got the wrong sister Jacob loved Rachel.)

James- my grandfather's middle name. He was the greatest man I've ever known and both my siblings have this name. He was a hard working man but a teddy bear to the family (outside of work). Being his first and only granddaughter he reminded me of Mickey in Rocky because no matter how gruff he was to anybody he was the first person to say "...get up...'cause Mickey (Jim in his case) loves ya...."

Tennyson- I like this even hyphenated with James. I think I would possibly spell it differently....?


I would love suggestions and thoughts.