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For what it's worth, I think part of the whole diversity/modification over generations also comes from modifiers in both social positions and how they're perceived. I've heard a baby's name being 'Justice' and thought 'Damn, what kind of egotist names their baby that?' I can say to myself 'It's just a name!' but it really does define how people see you when you grow up with one (certainly by the time you and your peers' emotional and psychological boundaries are being tested, say by mid to late adolescence). What about the kid whose last name is 'Power'? Or even one like 'Wainwright' or 'Pennysworth'? The latter two I might think, were it a body in an Obituary: 'Oh, great, another rich snob bites the dust.', whether or not the person is actually wealthy or particularly unpleasant in the attitude department. I've heard last names like 'Metropolis', and I think, 'What kind of person is going to start that?' The point I'm making with all this is that such names, or such emotional, social, and personal associations with them and the people they've been given to, are going to change over the years, even if we discount the generational overlap that's caused by the 'blending' of the boundaries between groups of living humans because of the increased lifespans available to the bulk of humanity (even compared to a hundred years ago). Who was alive a hundred years ago, and still are today? Quite likely more than a few great-grandparents, maybe even some lucky grandparents. How about an elder relative, teacher or friend you knew in your youth, if they're no longer amongst the corporeal living? If we assume that change in that way sticks with someone, how are we not to assume that someone born steps of, let's say, 30 years on and on along the way do the same. We also know in hindsight how history and perceptions of groups of people, either racially, culturally, in religion or wealth- even royalty is fair game for the subject of conjecture, perhaps for the reason the 'god-king/queen' system died in the last century, for the most part- have modified and been modified by the passage of time or events of history. The names came with them, as is to be expected more often than not, but the perceptions and allusions attributed to them were almost all changed, at least in some small way. Do we have a lot of people with the surname of Hitler in the public eye now? Or were many newborns given the first name of Adolf after the end of World War II? That's just the tip of the iceberg. So much has changed, and so much will continue to change!