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I just found you and your research (Thanks to NPR) and am reading past entries now. My husband and I [Disclosure: We are white, raised Catholic, Americans (that's USA)] named our daughter Nirmala and call her Nirmal for short. We love her name. My MIL refuses to call her anything but "the baby". She says that we have doomed her for a life of ridicule and that Nirmal will run away from us and hate us for naming her a name that "no one [my MIL] knows" has. Well... two years have passed, I have calmed down to the point that I am now passive-aggressively writing on your blog and looking to you to learn the current trends. But it seems that maybe my MIL's generation had it differently than the one my daughter will grow up in. I would love to read more about this issue. Is this really happening to only me? Can one person be such a bigot to ostracize her one grandchild over a name? Are people still like this in these times? My husband and I were completely shocked when we found out how my MIL feels and after speaking with her about have made no progress. She recently said to my husband that she is looking forward to the day Nirmal comes to her crying about her name and then my MIL can say she tried to tell warn us. Umm? Really!?