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August 16, 2018 04:45 PM
In Response to 3rd Boy Name!

Boyd, Denver, Dylan, Garland, Martin, Warren, Weston


Or, you could use Emerson for a boy, too.

February 15, 2018 11:32 AM

I do like Henry James Ajax alot....

We are considering Axel as our runner up to Max. Either of those would be similar. Edit: Adding Atlas  (something about the 'L" along with your last name sounds really nice).

Any significant hobbies/loved books/shared interests you and hubbie share that you would choose a second middle name from? 

January 13, 2018 06:59 PM

What about Haven? It doesn't really scream "girl name"...

January 6, 2018 07:39 AM
In Response to Ideas please

As one of the "just Kate"s out there,  I love having a simple straight foward name rather than any of the long versions that no one goes by. I get asked occasionally if it is short for something, but it doesn't bother me and it's not a very frequent question.