About Me

My passion for words includes a love of names - how they sound, how they look, how they can evoke emotional reactions. I am fascinated by how a name can both shape a person and be shaped in return by its bearer. I can remember going into my mother's night stand, soon after I learned to read, to look at her book of baby names, and how magical that book felt. So full of possibilities. So many potential people were gathered in those pages. I don't yet have children, but sometimes when I can't sleep at night, I think about what I can imagine actually naming future children. Like with everything else, when it comes to names I am highly opinionated and strive for a balance between the desire for individuality and not wanting to attract attention. For this reason, very few names feel *right*, despite the fact that there are many names that I like. I have a short list in my head (well, truth be told, it's in an excel file, too) and we'll see how much changes between now and when this list is actually called into action.

My Favorite Names

No favorite names yet.