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November 20, 2017 07:52 PM

As a Kathryn, I really like my name. No matter which spelling you go with, your daughter will likely have to spell out her name every time someone has to write it. I’ve started going by Kate at Starbucks just because it’s easier. 

My second favorite spelling after my own is Catherine, but even with the traditional spelling, the others are common enough that your daughter would have to denote which spelling she uses. I say pick the one you like the best. 

November 20, 2017 04:07 PM

I love Rowan. Ronan could be an easy alternative, if you don’t want to match the girls in the neighborhood. 

November 20, 2017 03:22 PM

I really love Georgina and Archie from your lists, but I’m not sure if they make the best sibset. Would you have a long form of Archie? I’d also be hesitant to use Georgina with Georgie as a nickname in a boy/girl twinset. Without the nickname, I think it’s perfect. 

Other girl names you might like: Josephine, Wilhemina, Mina

Boys: Arthur, August, Archer

November 19, 2017 09:39 AM

Noel could seem a tad Christmasy, but I don’t think that’s a negative. Pronounced one-syllable Nole, I think the association is pretty minimal. 

Walden had a similar vibe to Wilder to me, which is another reason I suggested it. 

November 17, 2017 04:06 PM

Of the original names you're still considering, Winston is my favorite. 

I really like the suggestions of Noel, Caspian, and Cassian that have been made already. 

I wanted to toss in Walden. It has the W you all seem to like and a literary connection to boot. 

Good luck!

November 5, 2017 09:10 PM

Kate gets my vote, but I like Molly too. 

November 5, 2017 09:09 PM

Casting another vote for Leon nicknamed Leo! It seems like the best compromise. 

November 5, 2017 08:36 PM

I love Augustine, both the saint and the town. It has strong Catholic/religious vibes and I definitely think boy when I hear it.  That said, I think with the right nn a girl could pull it off. 

November 3, 2017 05:20 AM
In Response to Quads! Name help

On the note of Alice and Claire repeating too many letters, would something like Alissa or Alicia fit the bill? Alice is my favorite of the given choices. 

November 1, 2017 06:03 PM
In Response to Alphabet Drop - Girls

Bell - not complete without the e 

Bailey, Bailie, Barbara, Baylee, Beatrice, Beatriz, Beatrix, Becca, Becky, Belina, Belinda, Bella, Belladonna, Belle, Bellina, Bergen, Berkleigh, Bernadetta, Bernadette, Bernita, Bess, Bessie, Beth, Bethan, Bethany, Betsey, Betsy, Bette, Bettie, Betty, Beverlee, Beverlie, Beverly, Bianca, Billie, Blake, Blakely, Blakelyn, Blair, Blanca, Blanche, Bonita, Bonnie, Bonny, Braelynn, Brandi, Brandie, Brandilyn, Brandy, Brea, Breckyn, Bree, Breena, Brenda, Brenna, Brett, Bria, Brianna, Brianne, Bridget, Bridgette, Brielle, Brigid, Brigitta, Brigitte, Brinlee, Brionna, Bristol, Britney, Britt, Brittany, Brittney, Bronwen, Bronwyn, Brook, Brooke, Brookelle, Brooklee, Brooklyn, Brooklynne, Bryana, Brynn


November 1, 2017 05:56 PM
In Response to Alphabet Drop - Boys

Clancy - not ready to come back

Cabot, Cade, Caden, Cagney, Cai, Calder, Caldwell, Cale, Caleb, Callahan, Callan, Callum, Calvin, Camden, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Carl, Carleton, Carlisle, Carlos, Carmine, Carson, Carsten, Carter, Carver, Cary, Casen, Casey, Casper, Caspian, Cassius, Cayden, Cecil, Cedric, Cesar, Chad, Chadrick, Chadwick, Chance, Chandler, Channing, Charles, Charleston, Chase, Chester, Christian, Christopher, Ciaran, Clark, Claude, Clay, Clayton, Clement, Clifford, Clifton, Clive, Coby, Cody, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Colin, Collin, Colm, Colter, Colton, Conan, Connor, Conor, Conrad, Conroy, Constantin, Cooper, Corbin, Cordell, Corey, Cormac, Cornelius, Cortez, Cortland, Cory, Craig, Creed, Crew, Cullen, Curtis, Cyrus

November 1, 2017 05:49 PM

Just choosing from the options listed: 

- Julie Bianca

- Alice Cecilia 

- Mina Belle

- Esme Celeste

Reorganising the middles a bit: 

- Julie Belle

- Alice Brianna (Brianne might bring balance to the other middles though) 

- Mina Cristine (prefer Christine spelling) 

- Esme Claire

October 29, 2017 01:33 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Forum posted same thing twice. oops. 

October 29, 2017 01:32 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Mina (as short for Wilhemina), Anneliese, Lisette

Like: Hester (Prynne is the only association), Magda, Novalee (not really a fan, but)

Lose: Agatha (TTS), Caryn (what is this spelling), Tamron (just no)

New List: Mina, Anneliese, Lisette, Hester, Magda, Novalee, Bea, Dorothy, Clover 

October 28, 2017 06:19 PM
In Response to Love Like Lose Boys

Love: Garrett (It's pretty perfect), August (Yes!), Gavin

Like: Anthony, Connor, Colin (meh)

Lose: Titus (not wearable), Roland, Dustin 

New List: Garrett, August, Gavin, Anthony, Connor, Colin, Karol, Vince, Paul

October 28, 2017 03:27 PM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Agatha (I posted this one), Anneliese (a personal fave), Lisette (this is so cute, probably wouldn't use)

Like: Sienna (it's alright), Elspeth (not sure what to do with the p in the middle), Magda (Maggie as nn might make this wearable)

Lose: Rochelle (prefer Rachel), Kylene (is this a long form of Kylie?), Contessa (not a fan of this name trend - royal titles) 

New list: Agatha, Anneliese, Lisette, Sienna, Elspeth, Magda, June, Opal, Mina

October 25, 2017 03:27 AM

1. I've never really cared for Ava or any of its variants.

2. AGATHA. It's gotten a bad wrap, and I get that it sounds harsh, but I dig it. 

3. Evelyn. I didn't realize until recently how popular this one had gotten. Still planning to use it because its a family name, just wish it wasn't also trendy. 

4. I have to second disliking the -ayden family of names. I like Aiden itself, but I don't get adding letters to the beginning (Jayden, Kayden, etc.). 

5. I'm not a fan of adding x's to names for no reason. Jaxson is the main culprit of this; Jackson is perfectly fine the way it is. 

6. I was on the fence about nn's as given names, but in the age of social media I think it's almost better to just name the kid what you want them to be called. 

7. I guess I don't really care for 'big impact' letters here either: X. 

8. LIAM. I used to like Liam sooo much, but it's just sooo popular. 

9. I'm apparently a 100 year girl. All the names I feel this way about ARE coming back in a big way. 

10. I'm going with Elizabeth. I feel like it gets shoved into the middle name spot so often, but I love when I hear the full name used in the first name spot. 

October 25, 2017 03:09 AM
In Response to Sibsets

Rosa Teresa: 

Maria Immaculata

Lourdes Francisca

Paola Guadalupe

Benjamin Cruz

Mateo Alexander

Leo Emmanuel


New Name: Matthew Kit


October 25, 2017 02:56 AM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Bernadette (Makes me think of Big Bang Theory though), Mikayla (I actually like this spelling), Maya (Love despite possible pronunciation issues)

Like: Lyndi (Sounds like a nn), Nettie (Same), Darla (Finding Nemo may have tanked this one)

Lose: Graciella (Too fairytale princess?), Shelagh (Is this pronounced like Sheila?), Jessamy (Also seems nicknamey?)

New list: Bernadette, Mikayla, Maya, Lyndi, Nettie, Darla, Alma, Agatha, Ione

July 1, 2017 04:48 PM

If you're worried about it, you could always name her Katharine and use Katara as a nickname. 

Of course, a Katara could shorten to Kat if she wanted to. I like the name.