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September 22, 2017 05:50 PM

My first reaction was "if you want it like Maya, maybe spell it Zaia?" which I think tells you that B is the pronunciation I'd reach for naturally. 

September 17, 2017 10:11 PM

I think you'll get a lot of Lell-uh with Lela, and probably some Lay-la, too. 

September 17, 2017 10:09 PM

Same. I would straight-up name a child Leela after Turanga Leela. (I also think a Leela & Nibbler parent-infant costume is HILARIOUS, though, so.) 

September 17, 2017 10:04 PM

Waylon made me think of Wayland, which is a name AND a history that I love -- but since it's the name of a fellow from Old Norse sagas & Old English texts, "Wayland" might not be...a 100% positive namesake.

Wayland/Weland/Völundr the Smith shows up in Beowulf and in the Poetic Edda, among other sources. *I* would use his name for a child, but I wouldn't let a child read his parts in his origin story until they were older and we'd be having a talk about some of it. (I'm trying to avoid getting caught by the spam filter or I'd be more clear, but any basic article about Wayland the Smith will hit the highlights.) 

September 17, 2017 09:44 PM

awesome job with the skating, Elliott!

also, the rack story is great. One of the things I like about Etsy is that you do get little personal touches a lot of the time, but having Your Thing become the example of how well someone does their work seems really special.

September 17, 2017 11:08 AM

My kids LOVE personalized stuff, and their names are rarely on preprinted items. 

But the thing about stuff like etching machines and 3D printing and cheap customizable online ordering and Etsy means that it's easy for me to get them something with their names on it, if I want to. (I don't often want to, but for example they have wooden puzzle stools with their names.) 

September 17, 2017 10:52 AM

The feel of your kids' names reminds me of the names a friend of mine loved for her boys. Maybe one of them will strike a chord with you: Nevin, Rory

Girls names are a little harder for me to think of, because Tessa and the other girl names you like are stylistically a bit different (to me) than the boy names you like. Maybe Georgia, Lucie, Jaya? 

September 17, 2017 10:46 AM

As did a very famous fictional Wilhelmina -- Mina Murray Harker.

September 17, 2017 10:42 AM

One of my sisters has a double middle name, and hates it. The biggest problem, for her, is that middle names often get reduced to initials on forms -- with only one slot for an initial. So she has had to choose, her whole life, to leave out one of her initials. It drives her up a wall, esp. since she likes her full set. 

Her intense dislike of the situation is why we went with my surname as our kids' first surname, rather than giving it to them as a second middle. (I would have happily given it as a single middle to both kids, but my husband had a family surname he wanted in the middle slot for the firstborn, so.)

September 17, 2017 10:38 AM

I know this is rather old, but I've been out of the country. :) 

My kids have double surnames, no hyphen. let's call it Halloween Singer, where my surname is Halloween and their dad's is Singer.

It is not a hassle-free choice. My father, for instance, refuses to use Halloween and only calls them Firstname Singer. One of my son's teachers did give us a hassle when I asked why all her communication referred to him as Firstname Halloween (her excuse was that she'd had students write down their names for her on the first day of class, and he'd turned in "Firstname Hallowe" so she took that as him using Halloween instead of taking that as _him not finishing_). 

We do run out of room on forms now and then. I've had to correct things a few places. We get a lot of stuff for Firstname Halloween, and Firstname Singer, etc. Sometimes I have to ask people to look up records multiple times ("Check under Halloween Singer. No? Ok, what about just Halloween? No? Just Singer?")

Right now both kids like their surnames and use them both. This might change. 

The important thing is that we knew about and expected exactly these kinds of problems and decided we were OK with it. We also know that they might decide to stop using half the surname at some point. We had to be OK with that, too. 

September 16, 2017 04:16 PM

I've always liked Will & Jada Smith's approach to honor-naming, personally -- Willow and Jaden are lovely names, the inspirations are clear, and they're gender-flipped.

July 6, 2017 11:26 AM

As much as I love the name Kai, I think it might be too close to Koa in this instance. 

Max is much more common (in the US) than Koa; I might be tempted to find something to bridge the distance between "super rare" and "top 150" in a third name.

Dex, Finn, Jude? 

July 6, 2017 11:21 AM
In Response to First baby...

I might be the only one here for whom "Auden" leans boy -- every Auden I know is male, and named for W.H. Auden, to boot. 

July 6, 2017 11:17 AM

Do you prefer to match with three syllables, as you've done with Ferelith and Altalune, or do you want something short and punchy? 

My first thought was Sevdalinka June, but you might not like the rhythm of that. 

June 23, 2017 07:28 AM

I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned the current prominent Rex -- Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State.


Huh. Brooks, to me, has nothing to do with Brooks Brothers, and EVERYTHING to do with Herb Brooks, the head coach of the "Miracle on Ice" hockey team. If you look at NameVoyager, there's a distinct bump the year of their victory. He remained a prominent hockey coach the rest of his life, and literally everyone I know, or know of, with this name is named after him. This includes well-known NHL players Brooks Orpik and Brooks Laich.

June 22, 2017 08:31 PM

We haven't told her grandparents yet, in case it doesn't stick, but she is quite firm about it so far. We'll see! 

June 22, 2017 08:30 PM

She's always been Da1sy, since birth (though she has family pet names as well, like Dizzy and Da1sy-boo). My sense is that she is trying some things out before changing to a new school, so that she can go in there confident and in charge of her image. 

June 17, 2017 02:56 PM

I'm glad that at least the LW hasn't inflicted her weirdness on her daughter. I mean, instead she's talking about it in a widely-read newspaper, but at least it's anonymous.

June 17, 2017 02:45 PM

When I first moved in and met my new neighbors two doors down, I had to remind myself, STRICTLY, that Mike was the DOG, not the husband. 

It didn't help that the one-door-down neighbor's husband WAS Mike......