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January 24, 2017 08:01 AM

I saw it opening night, and was mildly shocked by their using such a religious name as Bodhi. I mean, they did use Luke as, like, the main character, and that's a pretty Christian name, so maybe they wanted to balance it out?

I really like Cassian. Sure, it's not very sci-fi in my opinion, but it's a very cool name.

I don't really get Jyn (unless they just wanted something familiar, but then why did they create a new spelling of it?).

January 24, 2017 07:46 AM
In Response to Which flows the best?

I think Brodie Miles Adler sounds best. I like William Miles Adler nn Will as well. I also think Miles MiddleName Adler would flow well, if you're open to that.

January 24, 2017 07:40 AM

Hello and congrats!

I really love the idea of two sisters named Summer and Ocean! Unfortunately, I do think that would lock you into a pattern, if that matters. I think some of the middle names listed above would be pretty with Ocean. I also like Violet.

For boys, my favorite is Xander. Xander Jude is very handsome.


January 24, 2017 07:31 AM

Congratulations! My suggestions for you are Akira (bright/clear), Aya (beautiful/design/brilliant fabric/kimono design), Hana (flower), Haruna (clear weather/distant/remote/spring/vegetables/greens), Kaede (maple), Mai (dance/linen robe/real/genuine/love/affection), Noa (love/affection), Rei (bell/beautiful/lovely/the tinkling of Jade), Ren (lotus/love), Rio (white jasmine/village/center/thread/cherry blossom), Sayuri (small/lily), and Sora (sky). All of these are Japanese in origin.

January 19, 2017 02:47 PM
In Response to Spam Filter Woes

The only time it's ever stopped me is when I had been listing name suggestions (hitting enter in between each) on a reply to someone. I guess there was 'too much space' or something. Crazy cause I do that all the time, and it's only happened once.


#1 Omar: I like Omar best because I feel it meets all of your criteria while looking very stylish.

#2 Adam: I really like Adam as a name, and I think it is the most professional-looking and easy to pronounce name on your list. If it matters to you, Adam is a very prominent character in the Old Testament, known as the first man created by God. Is this the same person, or different?

#3: Youssef: It isn't as easy to pronounce as some of the others, but I like the way it sounds with your last name.

January 15, 2017 05:20 PM


Honestly, I think I like Nora(h) Marie best (I personally prefer the spelling Nora). I think it fits well with your other kids, and it is very beautiful by itself. I like Maren Louise better than Rowan Marie, though both are lovely.

January 14, 2017 02:23 PM
In Response to Savannah

According to Behind The Name, Savannah is an English word taken into use as a name in the 19th century. It came from the Native American word 'zabana' meaning large, grassy plain.

January 14, 2017 07:08 AM
In Response to Our baby boy is here!

Congratulations! A sweet name for a sweet baby boy! :)

January 14, 2017 06:57 AM
In Response to Miles or Remy?

Definitely Miles! Remy is fine as well, I just prefer Miles.

January 13, 2017 03:16 PM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Adele, Skye, Leonie

Like: Nora, Maisie, Charlotte

Lose: Helene, Matilda, Lillian

New List: Adele, Skye, Leonie, Nora, Maisie, Charlotte, Haylie, Carter, Seraphina

January 12, 2017 03:40 PM

I like Daulton Campbell, especially if that's the one that feels right.Second would be Daulton Matthew, then Daulton Isaac.

January 11, 2017 08:07 AM


I knew a little Haddie whose full name was Hadassah.

My suggestions for you are Greyson, Eli, Ronan, Jacob, Drew, Branson, Bennett, Austin/Austin, Isaac, Reid and Eliza, Elise/Elisa, Grace/Gracie, Evelyn, Violet/Viola, Jessa, Marie, Lindy, Adeline, Addie

January 10, 2017 07:09 PM

I agree that Colette Evangeline sounds better with Tess Magnolia than Colette Marie. For Everett, I'll suggest Drew, Anthony, Brennan, Eli, Adam, Andrew, Elias, and Tobias even though I really like Everett James.

January 10, 2017 06:59 PM

I actually really like Daulton. The only name I would avoid is Jack (a la be nimble).

January 10, 2017 06:56 PM
In Response to Brainstorming baby #2

I definitely have it. Most people do where I live.

January 10, 2017 06:49 PM
In Response to Twins!!!

Congrats!! Twins are so fun!

Personally, I would take Liberty off the list on account of it's being so close to Freedom. I think Ezra and Roman are my favorites off your list for b/b because they fit in so well with your other boys' names while making a good pair together. For b/g, my favorites would have to be Everly and Caspar because they are like (Mt) Everest and Caspian (like the sea) with different endings. Clever, but subtle. For girls, I would choose Winter and Everly because, like Caspar, Winter is a natural term.

My middle name suggestions are (for girls) Margaret, Elisa, Samantha, Amelia, Charlotte and Ocean, Wren, Dove, Violet, Brooke. For boys, Brennan/Brendan, Ethan, Matthew, Samuel, Aydan, and Stone, Merit, Gray, Reed, Arrow


January 8, 2017 04:26 PM

Congrats! Maybe Lila, Sofie, Nora, Elise/Elisa, or Vera? Also, there was a famous Celtic pirate woman whose traditional Celtic name was Grainne O'Mailley. You could do another heavily Celtic name like Clodagh (Klo-duh) or Ainsley.

January 8, 2017 04:19 PM

I have a friend who goes by her (extremely popular) first name and her (pretty rare) middle name, and most of us don't think of her as just one of a million people with that name, but a very unique person with her double-barreled name. This may be an option for you guys. I love Camille off your list, and I also really like Raleigh. I like Emerson Grace, especially spelled Emersyn.

January 7, 2017 03:31 PM


Eli, James, Will, Steven, Chase, Gray

Britta, Sophia, Leah, Elise/Elisa, Jane/Jana/Janna, Rose (or it's variants)

Sorry for any repeats; Congratulations!