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February 8, 2018 11:01 PM
In Response to Sibling Name Help!!

I didn't notice the pattern right away either, but now that you've seen it, why not continue it? It will narrow down your search of names. Eden is lovely. That being said, I think that Zoe or Emma would go with the other names a bit more. 

February 8, 2018 10:56 PM
In Response to Baby name ... Snow?

Wow - thanks for all the comments! A lot more positive replies than expected! I feel a lot better about using the name now, however I am still cautious over putting it in the first name position. I think it works as a middle name, and also as a nickname. (That's a thing, right? Using middle names as a nickname?)

February 7, 2018 11:04 AM
In Response to Charlotte vs Natalie

My name is Charlotte and I would vote for Natalie. It's suprising how often Charlotte gets mispronounced. Plus all the Natalies I've ever met have been pretty amazing people (maybe something to do with the name?).