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March 17, 2018 06:52 PM
In Response to Rapid fire questions

1. Alessia reminds me primarily of Alessia Cara. I think because of that it's uncommon but familiar to most people. Alessia definitely fits in with current trends, but I personally don't like it.

2. I love both Elizabeth and Eliza. I like the idea of Elizabeth because there are so many nickname options - Eliza, Betty, Beth, Liz, even Eli! However, if you know you're going to call her Eliza, I would go with that alone. It's beautiful and she'll definitely be taken seriously. Elisa can be pronounced differently from Eliza and it's almost an entirely different name, as well as being much less familiar to most people, so I think Eliza is probably the best option in this situation.

March 6, 2018 05:14 PM
In Response to Rank the Names!

11. Ahsoka - She's always been my least favourite Star Wars character and I have no idea why. It's just too strong of an association. I feel like it just sounds... weird. Not meant for earthlings.

10. Aayla - This looks like someone trying to be cool by messing up the spelling of Isla.

9. Asaaj - This sounds kind of cool but I think it looks far too strange for me to ever actually use.

8. Beru - I feel like this rings very middle-aged-lady, like Linda or Karen.

7. Shmi - Interesting.

6. Jen - It's so used. I know lots of Jens and Jennifers, so I feel like It can't translate very well for a modern kid.

5. Maz - Sounds and looks cool, but I think people would say it to rhyme with "jazz" or "moss" instead of "mozz"

4. Padme - Sounds kind of cool but is undeniably Star Wars

3. Leia - I like the sound and look of it, and the connection, but I think it's too close to Leah and its variants.

2. Rey - Means "king" in Spanish! I like the meaning, sound, and look of it, and I don't think it's too tied into Star Wars.

1. Rose - Lovely, sophisticated, yet fairly uncommon. Cute nickname Rosie.


New List: Male Star Wars Names- Finn, Poe, Luke, Anakin, Han, Obi, Kylo, Lando, Mace, Rex, Cassian

March 4, 2018 08:21 PM
In Response to Middle name help

Morris: Old-fashioned but cute! Definitely in line with current trends.

Maurice: My favourite of the list. It's French but still recognisable, vintage, and easy to pronounce. "Rhys" is a cute nickname option if you're looking for one.

Marcel: This reminds me of this video and kid's book that was very popular a few years ago called "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On," so it's kind of hard for me to think of anything other than a shoe-wearing shell.

I think Maurice goes well with both Bernard and Bertrand, and Morris Bertrand sounds nice as a combination of names. Marcel Bernard also sounds good. However, I do agree that the combination of them all is a little much! You could always use two middle names if you want to use either Bernard or Bertrand and something to diffuse the two, ex, Morris Jackson Bernard. Some middle name ideas, depending on the name you choose:

MORRIS: William, Oscar, Gervaise, Traugott, Vincent, Robert, Colin, Ray, Laramie, Jacque, Josephe, Felicien, Harmon, Silvestre, Archibald, Duncan, Gil, Wilbur, Nigel, Roland, Ernie/Ernest, Denis, Albert, Hugh, James, Piers, Winston, Stanley, Reggie/Reginald, Len/Lenny, Rufus, Calvin, Cornelius, Wilf, Cheney, Corvin, Cyrano, Dion, Luc, Marceau, Noel, Percival/Percy, Talbot

MAURICE: Abraham, Benedict, Alban, Tyler, Jacquez, Royal, Raymond, Sage, Victor, Adam, Quentin, Francois, Lenard, Donald, Lamar, Herbert, Grant, Arthur, Frederick, Orlando/Orland, Basil, Victorien, Benjamin, Herbert, Rodney, Hugo, Thomas, Sacha, Noe/Noah, Clement Dominic/Dominique, Fred, Edwin, Chaney, Colin, Danton, Durant, Lucien, Marmion, Norris, Philippe, Sorel

MARCEL: Augustus/Auguste/August/Augustin, Arthur, Alexandre/Alexander, Jules, Joseph, Antoine, Gaspard, Maxime/Max, Ethan, Leo/Leon, George, Xenophon, Rush, Quincy, Serge, Rene, Telford, Gaillard, Jean, Hugues, Felix, Julien, Guy, Antoni/Anthony, Natan/Nathan, Jules, Gustav, Conan, Simon, Christian, Chance, Delano, Eloi/Elijah, Madeville, Neville, Ourson, Paris, Varik

I hope this helps!

March 4, 2018 04:26 PM
In Response to Good Cowboy Names

Riley, Parker, Walker, Robin, Paxton, Ryder, Wesley, and Ryker all come to mind.

A few more ideas:

Grayson/Gray, Reid/Reed, Max, Lee, Ace, Flint, Fletcher/Fletch, Fischer/Fisher, Boone, Axel/Axl, Jax, Otto, Otis, Asher/Ash/Ashby/Ashton, Jasper, Miles, Brooks, Bear, Willis/Billy/Bill, Winston, Waylon, Wilder, Silas, Max, Murphy, Milo, Rhett, Holden, Beckett/Becker/Beck, Colt/Colton, Jake, Hudson, Hunter, Sawyer, Gunner, Declan, Blue, Rocco/Rocky, Romeo, Ben/Bennett/Benny/Benno, Brody, Bruno, Owen, Tyson/Ty, Beau/Bo, Emmett, Monty/Mo/Moe, Joey, Boomer, Roscoe, Rowdie, Cody, Brody, Rylan, Cash, Cooper, Gage, Ranger, Raiden, Tank, Oakley/Oak/Oaks, Birch, Liam, Levi, Teddy/Ted/Theo/Theodore, Mason, Luca, Austin, Houston, Jack, Noah, Luke, Ollie, Tex/Texas, James, Leon, Brady, Red, Sam/Sammy/Samuel, Rover, Isaac, Harris, Lake/Laken, Bud, Bandit, Coda/Koda, Apollo, Baxter, Charlie, Dexter, George, Hunter, Jackson, Marley, Oscar, Rex, Tucker, Winston/Winn, Russell, Toby, Barnes, Buster, Maverick, Chance

Sorry for the long list. I hope this helps!

February 19, 2018 03:36 PM

I think it depends on what kind of names you like.

Old-Fashioned or Antique Names: Blake Ambrose, Blake Augustus, Blake Cassander, Blake Clifford, Blake Ferdinand, Blake Harold, Blake Hasten, Blake Humphrey, Blake Melvin, Blake Percival, Blake Randolph, Blake Reginald, Blake Silas, Blake Sylvester, Blake Theophilus, Blake Winston, Blake Wolstan

Retro Names: Blake Colin, Blake Dennis, Blake Desmond, Blake Gerald, Blake Leslie, Blake Morris, Blake Raymond, Blake Lenny, Blake Leo, Blake Leon, Blake Otis, Blake Roger, Blake Royston, Blake Terence, Blake Trevor

Classically British and Energetic Names: Blake Arran, Blake Asher, Blake Ashton, Blake Carter, Blake Cian, Blake Corey, Blake Grayson, Blake Jenson, Blake Layton, Blake Ollie, Blake Rio, Blake Ronnie, Blake Ryan, Blake Rylan, Blake Wyatt

Names that are Multi-Syllabic or Very Long: Blake Anastasio, Blake Aurelianus, Blake Constantine, Blake Desiderius, Blake Espiridion, Blake Ottaviano, Blake Sebastian, Blake Theodosius, Blake Valerianus

Common Names: Blake Alexander, Blake Elijah, Blake Emmanuel, Blake Isaiah, Blake Jason, Blake Jeremiah, Blake Jonah, Blake Malachi, Blake Michael, Blake Noah, Blake Philip, Blake Timothy, Blake Zachariah

Currently Popular Names: Blake Elliot, Blake Levi, Blake Maxwell, Blake Milo, Blake Oliver, Blake Oscar, Blake Rufus

International Names: Blake Anders, Blake Andreas, Blake Casper, Blake Cosmo, Blake Enzo, Blake Ezio, Blake Jonas, Blake Leonardo,  Blake Magnus, Blake Mathis, Blake Matthias, Blake Nikolai, Blake Rasmus, Blake Romeo, Blake Santiago

I hope this helps!

February 19, 2018 03:10 PM


Boys: Peter, James, Benjamin, Simon, Evan, Matthew, Patrick, Jonas, Bradley, Nathaniel, Alexander, Zachary, Kyle, Joshua, Henry, George, Edward, Isaac, John, Miles, Richard, Robert, Samuel, Thomas, William, Mason, Jacob, Elijah, Ethan, David, Joseph, Jackson/Jack, Grayson, Julian, Levi, Caleb, Aaron, Charles, Connor, Josiah, Jeremiah, Aidan

Henry Joseph

Jackson George

Benjamin Edward

Julian Isaac

Levi John

Matthew Caleb

Aaron Richard

Robert Charles

Alexander Jeremiah

Samuel Connor

Thomas Nathaniel

Aidan Zachary

Alexander Jacob

Elijah Logan

Joshua Dylan

Ethan Riley

David Jordan

Alexander Parker

Samuel Avery


Girls: Victoria, Elizabeth, Alice, Ann/Anne/Anna, Dorothy, Eleanor, Ellen, Katherine/Catherine/etc, Mary, Priscilla, Sarah/Sara, Nora, Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Charlotte, Abigail, Adeline, Madison, Emily, Amelia, Evelyn, Ella, Chloe, Lily/Lillian, Penelope, Natalie, Martha

Victoria Natalie

Elizabeth Sophia

Isabella Logan

Mia Avery

Charlotte Abigail

Adeline Dylan

Madison Eleanor

Rylie Ellen

Catherine Amelia

Ella Cameron

Chloe Jordan

Lillian Aubrey

Sarah Penelope

Adrian Parker


Unisex: Logan, Avery, Dylan, Ryan, Riley, Cameron, Jordan, Aubrey, Adrian, Parker


Hope this helps!

February 19, 2018 02:47 PM
In Response to My triplets

Congratulations! What a lovely selection of names! I love Cora, Aria, Evangeline, and Lucia from your list of first names, and my favourite names from the second list are Martha, Hallie, Luna, and Annelise. I think Cora and Evangeline sound the best with the sibling's names.

Cora Martha Elle McArthur

Aria Luna Hallie McArthur

Evangeline Felicity Elle McArthur

Lucia Martha Hallie McArthur

Cora Teagan Hallie McArthur

Evangeline Cynthia Felicity McArthur

Hope this helps!

February 19, 2018 01:58 PM

I love the name Ophelia! Evangeline is nice and you have the opportunity to use Evie or Evan as a nickname. Arthur also has Artie and Art. Frederick has Freddie, Fred, and Rick. Ulysses is unusual, but I think it is due for a comeback and it's probably not too crazy - at least it's familiar to everyone!

GIRLS: Adelaide, Sylvie/Sylvia, Cressida, Josephine, Perdita, Theodora, Vera, Dulcie, Penelope, Octavia, Lina, Theresa, Willow, Evadne, Florence/Flora, Irena, Viola/Violet/Violetta, Amelia, Melody, Alethea, Adeline, Cora, Everly, Delilah, Vivienne/Vivian, Wilhelmina/Willa, Aurelia, Piper, Aurea, Emmeline, Aurora, Delphine, Angelica, Evelina, Rosaline, Alexandria, Valentina, Marceline, Tabitha, Seraphina, Winifred, Beatrix/Beatrice, Thalia, Ottilie, Oriana, Sylvia, Odessa, Helena, Marguerite/Margarita, Felicity, Genevieve, Evangelina/Evangelia, Henrietta, Sabina, Clementine, Madeline, Antonia, Mariana, Rosalind, Cordelia, Maialen/Mayalen, Clara, Evelyn, Abigail, Scarlett, Victoria, Phoebe, Celeste, Elizabeth (I don't think it's too close to Elinora, particularly not with the nicknames Betty, Beth, Liza, etc.)

BOYS: Freidrich, Horace, Edmund, Rupert, Hugo, Maxim/Maxmilian, Xavier, Angus, Lysander, Virgil, Theodore, George, Stamford, Octavian, Phineas, Leonard, James, Sebastian, Thomas, Marcel, Fyers, Clarence, Laurence, Atticus, Dominic/Dominick, Tobias, Artair, Maxwell, Benedict, Garton, Oliver, John, Scott, Ewan/Euan, Basil, Barnabas, Huxley, Matthias/Mattias, Wilfred, Asher, Wilbur, Orion, Nathaniel, Robert, Ernest, Hugh, Nicholas, Benjamin, Julian/Julius, Isaiah, Jasper, Ferdinand, Vincent, Micah, Henry, Judah, Edward, Leander, Finn/Finnegan/Fintan/Fionn, Francis, William, Harold, Charles, Augustus, Oscar, Odysseus, Alexander, Walter, Duncan

Here's a great link with a bunch of middle name options for Ophelia (from the 1911 British census!), which you might like as stand-alone names or as middle names: 

Hope this helps!

February 18, 2018 03:33 PM

1. Emma

2. Alexei

3. Harper, for girls

4. The "ayden" family. Aidan, Jayden, Hayden, Caden...

5. Royal names. Royalty, Majesty, Princess, Reign, and so forth.

6. Using boy's names for girls. I am still not 100% for this, but I am starting to like a few of them, including Emerson, Emmett, Ari, and Aspen.

7. H or Q

8. Lucas

9. There are lots of these! Augustus, Ansel, Oswald, and Seymour, to name a few.

10. Sebastian

February 18, 2018 03:14 PM
In Response to Drop 2 Add 1 - Girls

I'm dropping Morgan & Peyton both because I think they are way overused and I know so many of them in the 10-30-year-old age range.

Add: Isla

Chloe, Savannah, Anna, Melissa, Lacey, Ella, Irene, Lena, Faith, Teagan, Celeste, Jana, Adira, Luna, Quinn, Damaris, Isla

February 18, 2018 03:08 PM

Girl - Isla Louise

Boy & Boy Twins - Holden Riley and James Romeo

Boy - Elias George

Girl & Boy Twins - Harper Gabriela and Ansel Kai

Boy - Henry Oliver

Girl & Girl Twins - Brigid Sofia and Rosalie Adelaide

Girl - Ophelia Monet

February 18, 2018 02:32 PM
In Response to Love, Like, Lose girls

Love: Lina (it's cute and easy to say, and classically Eastern European), Esperanza (I like how it's uncommon and means "hope"), Rowan (I prefer it for a boy, but it would be cute on a girl too)

Like: Luna (reminds me of Harry Potter), Lorena (a little too old-sounding but rolls nicely), Seraphina (don't like it but not as much as the ones on the "lose" list)

Lose: Bibiana (I have never heard this name before and it sounds kind of weird), Lennon (I don't think this should be for a girl), True (I don't like virtue names in English, so can't like this one)

New list: Lina, Esperanza, Rowan, Luna, Lorena, Seraphina, Miah, Ana, Isla

February 18, 2018 02:14 PM

I think Nimbus & Bluebell really fit with what we know about their personalities. Lightning & Buttercup are both pretty hard to take seriously. Bramble is okay for the king, but Whirl sounds more like a boy's name to me. Comet sounds slightly odd because it has an outer-space connotation and fairies are normally associated with nature, however, Nature as a name is a little too broad. Pyro reminds me of the term pyromaniac, but I like Snowdrop. Newt has been used in lots of pop culture before (the Maze Runner, Harry Potter franchises) so I think it's best to avoid that, but I like Mulberry and think it could work for both the King or the Princess. Timber is cool but Starfish is a little to oceanlike and for the same reasons as Comet isn't really associated with fairies. I like Cedar too, but Dragonfly is again a bit hard to take seriously.

Overall, I think my favourite combination is King Nimbus and Princess Bluebell. What about King Bramble and Princess Snowdrop? King Mulberry and Princess Bluebell?

You could look into flower names further for the princess as well, like Hyacinth, Lilac, Rose/Rosalind, Daisy, etc. Aspen or Maple could work.

For the king, you have a few tree names and could also consider Oak/Oakley, Pine, Adler, Ash, Linden, Birch, and so on.

Hope this helps!

February 18, 2018 02:01 PM
In Response to Spanish Virtue Names?

For girls: Fe, Luz/Lucia, Angela/Angelia/Angelina/Angelita, Amor, Esperanza, Alma, Gloria, Graciela, Patricia, Pia, Sancia, Caridad, Justicia, Confianza, Tolerancia, Decencia


For boys: Angel/Angelo, Salvador, Amor, Sinceridad, Santos/Sancho, Santiago, Lucero/Luciano, Placido, Felix, Emanuel/Emmanuel, Purificacion, Caridad, Verdad, Cortes/Cortez, Fiel, Honesto, Valiente, Serenidad, Gratitud


Names that could work: Linda (beautiful or pretty), Paloma (dove), Alegria (happiness or joy), Manuel/Manny/Manolito, Rosario/Charo (Rosary), Prospero (Prosperous), Argenta (silver), Cruz (cross), Gabriel, Ignacio, Jesus, Manuela, Margarita (pearl), Naiara (of the Virgin Mary), Nieves (means snows, but given in honor of Our Lady of the Snows), Paz (Peace), Victoriana (victor, conquering), Vidal, Valentia, Sacrificio (sacrifice)

I apologise - some of the names have accents, but I can't type those. Hope this helps!

February 17, 2018 10:10 PM

What a great idea for a game!

Isla - It has a beautiful sound and a beautiful spelling. Isla sounds both cute and professional, and transcends the ages well.

Abby, Adina, Aggie, Alice, Alicia, Alix, Alma, Amal, Amber, America, Amira, Amy, Ana, Anaka, Anastasia, Angelina, Anja, Annie, Aphrodite, April, Arabella, Aria, Ariel, Arielle, Arizona, Ash, Asia, Astra, Audrina, Aurora, Austine, Avril, Azalea, Belinda, Beth, Bethany, Bevin, Bijou, Blake, Brigitte, Britta, Brittany, Brooklyn, Caitlin, Carey, Carmen, Carter, Casey, Cassedy, Cathy, Cecilia,  Channing, Chantal, Charla, Chloe, Christinna, Cindy, Cinnamon, Claire, Claudine, Constance, Cora, Courtney, Cynthia, Dahlia, Daisy, Dakota, Danielle, Debbie, Delaney, Delilah, Demetria, Desiree, Diana, Dillon, Eden, Elaine, Electra, Elisa, Elodie, Emilia, Erika, Erin, Estelle, Eva, Eve, Evvie, Faith, Fallon, Fawne, Faye, Freja, Gabrielle, Gal, Gemma, Genevieve, Giada, Gilda, Gina, Ginger, Giovanna, Glimmer, Gloria, Godiva, Gretchen, Gweneth, Haley, Hannah, Harley, Harper, Haven, Hayden, Hazel, Heather, Heidi, Hera, Honor, Hope, Hunter, India, Irene, Iris, Isadora, Jacqueline, Jasmine, Jem, Jill, Jo, Joni, Jordan, Josie, Journey, Joy, Juno, Kate, Katherine, Kelly, Kelsey, Kiki, Kimber, Kristen, Laurel, Lauren, Layla, Leah, Leia, Leslie, Liberty, Lidia, Lillian, Lily, Lisa, Lois, Lola, Loretta, Lorna, Louise, Madeline, Madison, Mae, Mandy, Margo, Marion, Marjorie, Marnie, Mary, Mckenna, Megan, Mercedes, Millie, Mimi, Ming, Mira, Miranda, Misty, Monet, Monica, Noel, Normani, Opal, Padma, Paloma, Payton, Penny, Portia, Priscilla, Rebel, Reece, Renee, Rikki, Rina, River, Robyn, Roxy, Rue, Sabrina, Sage, Sailor, Sarah, Selene, Seraphina, Sheri, Shimmer, Sia, Sofia, Solange, Solstice, Song, Sonja, Stacy, Starla, Stevie, Storm, Sue, Sunny, Tabitha, Talia, Tallulah, Tammy, Tawny, Taylor, Teigen, Temperance,Tia, Tiana, Tilly, Tina, Tinsley, Toni, Trixie, Twila, Vanessa, Venus, Veronica, Violet, Waverly, Wendy, Whitney, Willa, Winnie, Yvette, Yvonne, Zanna, Zara

February 17, 2018 10:07 PM
In Response to Love Like Lose Boys

Love: August (Old-fashioned in a cute way, nn Gus or Auggie), Callum (Adorably Scottish and perfect for a little boy, nn Cal), Archer (A much cooler "profession" name that sounds sharp, nn Archie or Arch)

Like: Dylan (common name, but I love the meaning "son of the sea"), Zen (sounds cool with the Z sound but also peaceful and soft, which is a great combination, but a little hard to take seriously), Edgar (a little too old-fashioned but still pleasant)

Lose: Oak (Prefer Oakley or Oakland, but Oak by itself sounds too much like a tree), Ky (Where does this come from? It's like a misspelling of Ty), Aceson (This sounds pretty made-up to me. Is it pronounced like Jason (ay-sun) or like ase-sun?)

New List: August, Callum, Archer, Dylan, Zen, Edgar, Matthias, Zachary, Maverick

February 17, 2018 09:58 PM
In Response to Rank the Names!

16. Lottie

15. Nikki

14. Bree

13. Izzy

12. Carly

11. Gigi

10. Polly

9. Cassie

8. Penny

7. Coco

6. Lulu

5. Josie

4. Libby

3. Millie

2. Ellie

1. Evie


New list - Boys names: Alden, Fitch, Oliver, Stanley, Arlo, Harper, Waldo, Avery, Hayes, Romeo, Birch, Ivor, Damon, Jago, Jon, Ethan, Robin

February 17, 2018 09:26 PM
In Response to Alphabet Drop - Boys

Emerick - too weird.


Edison, Edmund, Eduardo, Edward, Edwin, Elias, Elijah, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Emerson, Emil, Emilio, Emmanuel, Emmet, Emmett, Enrique, Eric, Erik, Ernesto, Ethan, Evan, Evander, Everett, Ezra

October 12, 2017 08:51 PM

Keep: Emma June

Switch: Charlotte Hope

Change First: Georgina Addison

Change Middle: Ivy Jane

Initials: Emerson Dorothy

October 12, 2017 08:47 PM

Ayanna - sounds kind of made up to me. Aiana would be prettier, I think. Also, is it eye-ANNA or eye-ANAH?

Amalia, Audrey, Beatrix, Calista, Camila, Charlotte, Gabriella, Imogen, Isobel, Jade, Joanna, Lola, Maisie, Margo, Sybil, Talia, Tina, Valentina, Victoria