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August 4, 2019 08:17 AM

Isla isn’t uncommon at all it’s acfually one of the most popular names. And so it should be, it’s beautiful and will grow into adulthood. Isla Ficsher is an example, I don’t think it’s a trendy name in a bad way either. Beautiful name and much more character than grace 

December 16, 2018 02:18 AM

Getting rid of tacky, redneck or hick like sounding names. Bowden, Chauncey, Garrick, Slate, Teague and Viggo. Some one these are really great though! 

December 16, 2018 02:14 AM
In Response to Brother for Nolan


I know you don’t like C names but Cole is a great name which is growing in popularity but won’t take off too much 

strong O sounds so names like Oliver, Holden or Hugo

Sullivan, Harrison, Levi and Micah are also great names that pair well

December 16, 2018 01:55 AM
In Response to Twin Girls Names!!!

If you like Claire, Clara is more trendy over in France and in my opinion sounds nicer. Since you like Isabelle and Adeline, another name you hear a little but not too much over there is Arabelle. Clara and Arabelle go nicely bc of the R and A sounds. Pheobe is a great middle name and I don’t think you need to change the spelling at all! All the best with choosing and update me if you’ve chosen xx 

December 16, 2018 01:19 AM

With the old style classic cool feel I’m thinking the name Atticus fits quite well, beautiful literart refernece aswell. Caspar could be too common for you but I think the name fits with the girls. Ernest and Sullivan are also classic cool names which suite well