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March 21, 2018 02:30 PM

While I prefer the full Judith for the birth certificates, I think Judy will have many similar sounding names around: Lily, Ruby, Sophie.  I actually have a facebook friend with a young daughter of that name.

Other J names: Juliet(te), Julia, June, Juniper, Joy.


Z middle names: Zane, Zachary

March 20, 2018 10:42 AM

I'm so relieved to hear that; I too had noticed her absence.  Her presence is one of the things that keeps me coming back!  

March 19, 2018 10:54 AM

Both of your current boys have 'el' in their names.  One at the beginning, one at the end.  Felix has it in the middle, which is fun, but subtle.


For this reason, I like the 'el' names on your list: Felix, Gabriel, Samuel, (Daniel).


Maybe: Eliot, Levi (Le, not el)

March 16, 2018 03:08 PM
In Response to Rapid fire questions

1.  Alessia - I can think of too many ways to pronounce it; it is so close to so many names: Alyssa, Alexandra, Alice/a.  It's not for me.


2.  I love both Elizabeth and Eliza.  I could see Eliza getting a bump in popularity with the success of the musical Hamilton.  I prefer Eliza.

March 16, 2018 05:13 AM

I don't think you can go wrong with either one.  They are both lovely, on-trend without being too trendy.

March 15, 2018 05:41 PM

Mariella, for all the reasons HNG stated.

March 15, 2018 05:40 PM

Oliver is lovely and its popularity shouldn't shy you away from it.  (If the sound attracts you how about Oscar or Omar?).  I have a super soft spot for Edward.

I have a hard time imagining Francis James getting bullied.  FJ was the big bully in my elementary school!  I think he'll be fine!  

March 12, 2018 01:46 PM

I think Chloe is a better fit with her sisters; but if you love Joelle, I would go for it.


(I personally don't love Joelle, but for no good reason.)

March 2, 2018 03:20 PM
In Response to Good Cowboy Names

I'd add Roy or Roger, from Roy Rogers

March 2, 2018 09:34 AM

Do you have any idea what style of name you'd like?  Your girl names run from old fashioned (Edith) to modern words (Dove) to androgenous surnames (Karrington).  It's hard to give recommendations that span that variety.  What appeals to you about those names? Do you imagine having more children you'd want to name in a similar style?  Edith and Karrington as sisters would be an unusal sib-set for example as the names have very different "feelings".

February 28, 2018 02:50 PM
In Response to The name Jesus

I mistakenly thought there might be a quick, easy answer.  Instead, I'm learning a lot.  But it is fascinating!

February 27, 2018 01:56 PM

I know a young Fritz.  On him the name seems young and fresh and ends in a high-Scrabble value Z.  

February 23, 2018 05:05 PM

I love Elias Bard.  (I have had students with both the Uh-lie-us and Eh-lee-us pronuciation.)  I rather like Bard and think you could use it for a first name.  My association with Sal(vador) is entirely aging Italian men.  For me Bard, Elias and Cormac all have spunk and a young vibe that Salvador lacks.

All that said, congrats on a healthy baby!  And you can't go wrong with any of these names.  (And I really like Frost, which surprises me - it isn't my style at all.)

February 23, 2018 04:55 PM

Katherine (in any spelling) is almost a neutral name to me as it has had such a long popular history.  Sarah and Elizabeth have similar neutral opinions.


I had a student Gwenyth and she owns the name for me, Ms. Paltrow annoys me at best, but is not a name killer.  I prefer Gwen to Gwenyth, but that's neither here nor there.

February 22, 2018 10:19 AM

The boy's word name that jumps out at me is Pink.  Our cultural context for Pink has changed so much I don't think many would choose this name today for a boy, though I could see it making a comeback for girls.

February 15, 2018 07:44 PM
In Response to Sunset for baby girl?

The sounds are pretty, but to me a Sunset carries the connotation of the end, finality and even death.  I would need to be positive this were the right name for my family to use it.

February 15, 2018 10:51 AM

Some surprises for me!  I only think of V as an interal letter, same with X.  I would have though Z names would be higher, but in fact, there aren't many choices.  The fastest risers in each letter are a fascinating mish-mosh of styles and choices.

February 15, 2018 07:42 AM

If it is the sound of Ajax you like, what about Axel or Abel?

February 8, 2018 03:28 PM
In Response to Sibling Name Help!!

I noticed the municipalities, not the -n pattern.  I like the A to Z idea from Austin to Zoe.  (Though you'd better be sure!!)

February 8, 2018 04:15 AM
In Response to Baby name ... Snow?

Snow seems like a lovely word/nature name to me.  I'd go for it in the first spot if it suits your fancy.  It isn't complicated, its easy to spell.  It is similar to many other wordnames like Winter, May, June or even Amber, Joy and Faith.  I think the only challenge you will run into is that people have strong opinions about the weather.  But to  me, that's not a deal breaker.