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November 26, 2015 10:02 AM
In Response to Weekend name sightings

You must be in more daring naming country than I am.  It's been ages since I've come across an interesting name.  

A couple of weeks ago my son came home with an invitation from a boy named Stryd3r which I did not really care for.  He didn't bring home a class list this year, so I still haven't pieced together all the names from his class.  Based on who he talks about, there are only 4 other kid in his class (Jayla, Nora, Stephen & Julio).  He didn't find the song Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard as entertaining as I had hoped.  ;-)

November 26, 2015 09:47 AM

Unfortnately, the middle names in your previous post aren't giving me much in the way of mash-ups.

However, I did think of Jenner for Rollin (based on the Catalan pronunciation + R)  and Jensen (based on the Catalan pronunciation + S'en for Stephen).

November 26, 2015 09:38 AM
In Response to Please help me choose

1.  Lais Raquel is nice and I think the nickname Lily solves any issues with the first name in an English speaking context.  Lais and Lily seem similar enough that I don't see a problem with possible confusion.  

2. I go back and forth on the idea of having her use her middle name when you travel.  If you primarly live in a Portuguese speaking country, only using Raquel when she travels may not feel natural to her.  If you primarly live in an English speaking country, switching to Lais when you are in Brazil may feel off to her.  I think this option would only work if you can ensure that the names will be used with a pretty 50/50 split.

3. Raquel Valentina is very pretty and I agree that both names travel well.  Only using Raquel as the call name would avoid any issues with one name feeling less than the other name.  The only drawback I see is that you'd be giving up Lais, which seems to be the name you really want to use.  

So, my first choice would probably be #3, but only if you are OK giving up Lais.  #2 would actually be my 2nd choice if both names will be used equally.  Otherwise, I prefer option #1.

Have you considered Raquel Lais?  She could use Raquel everywhere and you would not have to totally give up Lais.


November 26, 2015 09:25 AM
In Response to Me again. Girl name.

Well, I must admit I'm a bit confused.  You said there was a personal reason, but now you are saying there is no meaning to Elizabeth.  Wouldn't the personal reason be the same as a meaning?  Or perhaps you just mean that Elizabeth is not a family honor name?  

I understand you may not want to go into details that are private on the internet.  But I think a deep consideration of why you picked Elizabeth in the first place could help you determine if you want to use it or not.  Names with meaning don't always necassarily mean a personal or family connection.  Only you can decide if the personal reason you initally picked Elizabeth is enough to want to use it.  If you decide it is enough of a reason, the middle name is a fantastic way to incorporate it, while still using a first name/call name that is more your style.

If you decide the personal reason isn't enough of a reason to use Elizabeth, I think Marlowe Felicity is a lovely choice.

November 26, 2015 08:00 AM
In Response to Me again. Girl name.

I will second the suggestion of using Elizabeth as the middle name.  The middle position is a great place to use important names that aren't really your style.  

If you don't go with Marlowe Elizabeth, I prefer Marlowe Felicity over Marlowe Marilla.

November 25, 2015 08:33 AM

I find their religion rather terrifying really.  They have ties to the Quiverfull movement, which you can read about at the link below (remove the spaces).


They are also followers of Bill Gothard.  You can learn about his teachings online at Recovering Grace.  No Longer Quivering also has articles about Bill Gothard.

November 25, 2015 08:27 AM

I also wondered about Quincy as the call name.  The best I could come up with is that Quincy is actually the name that they prefered, but it didn't send the type of religious and/or political message of Spurgeon.  I also believe that Elliot was chosen becasue it was the name of some minister or missionary or something.  I agree Spurgeon does make me think of fish, spurge & surgeons.  As well as the really unfortunate spooge.



November 25, 2015 08:20 AM

Paige, Maeve, Kate, Claire, Pearl, Tess, Ruth, Sage, 

November 24, 2015 08:42 PM

I agree, the Palins do seem to like non-name names, so Sailor seems more consistent with her (and the family's) style.

It's not my taste, but I do prefer Sailor over Saylor.  Those random y's just look wrong/misspelled to me.

November 24, 2015 06:24 PM
In Response to A sister for Josiah

Oakley is OK, but I'm honestly not a fan of Pacey.  It makes me think of pacemaker and racey.  Similar names that you might like include Paisley & Maisie.  Maisie has a bit of Western/cowgirl vibe for me.

I do like how Pace & Even have a connection.  It's a nice, subtle theme to tie the 2 names together.  Do you think you might have a 3rd?  If so, you may want to consider if you would feel obligated to continue the theme.  If you would want to continue it, could you find another name that would work?

Eliza has a Western vibe and is technicallly Biblical as a variant of Elizabeth.  Sadie is also a Western name that is Biblical as it's a traditional nickname for Sarah.  Susannah is another Western & Biblical name.  Other Biblical girl names that I think would work with Josiah include Adah, Anna/Annie, Keziah & Naomi.  Perhaps some of the Marian names like Mamie, May, Molly or Polly? 

November 24, 2015 04:37 PM

Sheridan, Shelby, Sienna, Sloane, Santana, Shiloh, Saylor

November 24, 2015 04:27 PM
In Response to Greta for baby girl??

I think Greta is pretty and would fit in well with other vintage revival names.  Like others, I would probably use Margaret or Margreta on the birth certificate, but I just prefer lots of options.  I think of Greta in the same group as Eliza, nicknames that can also work as stand alone names.

November 24, 2015 04:24 PM

I would hesitate about using Jinx.  Perhaps it'd be cute as a family nickname but I'm not sure it's something I would want to be called by everyone on an everday basis.

Gigi is what we called my son George as a baby.  But beyond babyhood, it is a very feminine nickname.  I don't imagine many boys would appreciate it when they got older.

The Notorious G, not so much.  But my Gigi eventually morphed into just the occassional G.  Again, I don't think it's the best everyone/everyday nickname, but it seems to work for the family.

Pip is fine.  My initial guess would be his full name is Phillip, but I wouldn't exactly be shocked or confused to find out otherwise.

I like the suggestion of trying to incorporate his middle name into a nickname somehow.  Do you already have a middle name in mind?  Or maybe even an inital based nickname like E.J. or somesuch.

November 24, 2015 04:14 PM

I like Miranda and the nickname Mira.

I also like Guinevere and don't think it is too out there.  I agree it has nice nickname potential and the nicknames can be a nice alternative that keep the name from straying into too fantasy.  If your husband just can't get on board, I think Guinevere also has nice middle name potential.  The middle position is a great place to use a more daring choice, especially if there isn't an honor name or something you want to use.  I'll also suggest Geneva & Ginevra as alternatives to Genevieve/Guinevere.  

If I had to rank your first name list, I think Miranda & Vivian would be tied for 1st place.  #2. Elizabeth/Eliza  #3. Iris  #4 Caroline tied with Isabel  #5 Diana & #6 Zelda (which to me is far more "fantasy" sounding than Guinevere).  If Guinevere is truly in the running as a first name, I'd rank it at #2 with Elizabeth/Eliza.


November 24, 2015 04:07 PM

William Wallen reminds me of William Wallace.  I don't think this is a reason to eliminate the name, but it may be something to consider.

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of aliteration, so I really don't care for William or Wesley with your last name.  Of the 2, I think Wesley works better with Wallen.

I like both Bennett & Benjamin and will 2nd Miriam's suggestion of Benedict as another way to get to Ben.  You could perhaps also do something like Tobin.  I also thought of Reuben, but that may be too Biblical for you.

You specifically mention no Matthew, but you have Lucas on the list.  This makes me wonder if a Matthew variant could work.  Matteo or Mattias perhaps?  Or perhaps Marcus?

Alexander, Henry, Owen, Andrew, Liam, Elliott, Leo, Nathaniel?



November 22, 2015 04:59 PM

I'll suggest Ada instead of Ayda, unless Ayda is a spelling your native language that happens to resemble the English name Ada.  I think you could also get a twofer if you used Adelaide with Ada as the nickname.

Lena, Briar, Amalia, Mila, Malia, Aria


November 22, 2015 04:49 PM
In Response to S names for baby #2

I know a sibling set that includes a Brooks & a Samuel, so I'll suggest Samuel.

I'll also suggest (or 2nd) Sawyer, Sullivan, Sean, Seth, Sterling, Solomon & Sage

November 22, 2015 04:44 PM
In Response to Which Name?

I second the suggest of Carys.  I also agree that many of your names strike me as very nick-namey, especially next to Celeste.  

I'll suggest Iris, Aurora, Estrella, Veronica, Kyra, Cora, Remy & Rhiannon

November 21, 2015 05:09 PM

I also wondered what countries in particular.  

Other names that I think would generally travel well and seem to fit the OP's style include Adele, Ada, Sabine/Sabina, Ella, Pauline, Elise, Natalie, Talia.

November 21, 2015 05:04 PM

I really like Naomi Maeve for you.  Francesca Claire would be my runner up.  If you don't mind mixing things up a bit, I think Clare Francesca is also pretty.