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January 24, 2015 09:01 AM

I really like the combination of Kieran Zane.

Like peacegeek, I also wondered who "they" is.  If "they" includes friends and/or your larger family circle, I second the suggestion of saving the official name announcement until after he is born.  Since they already know Kieran Zane is an option, just let them know it's still in the running, you're keeping options open/considering other names, and have decided you want the final name choice to be a surprise.

If by "they" you mean the baby's other parent, I think you'll want to have some coversation about why they aren't certain. Perhaps together you can create a short list of possible first names that you both like with Zane and then go from there.  

January 23, 2015 09:25 AM

Patrick does seem problematic, but the issue with Myrna isn't as big a deal I don't think.  The association with your daughter would quickly become primary over a co-worker your husband doesn't care for.

I assume you want to keep the P for boys & M for girls theme, so for boys I'll suggest Peter, Percy, Piers, Percival, Paul.  For girls, Maura, Molly, Miriam, Myra, Mercy, Moira.

If the P & M aren't requirements, perhaps Henry, Warren, Walter, Miles, Amelia, Alice, Clara, Pearl.

January 21, 2015 12:41 PM

Generally, I think finding a middle name with meaning trumps flow.  How often will people say his full name anyway?  Most of the time, he will just be Keegan Lastname.

From your list of family names; I don't care for Keegan Charlie, but I do like Keegan Charles.  Keegan Ray is nice and has a spunky feel to me.  Keegan Harold is OK, but I don't care for it as much as Charles or Ray.  Since you are concerned about flow, I suggest you avoid Keegan with a surname middle.  3 surnames in a row starts to sound like a lawfirm (Keegan, Ford and Boyd or Keegan, Clower & Boyd).

You've mentioned grandmother maiden names, what are their first & middle names?  Perhaps there is a masculine version or something that could provide inspiration.  For example, a tribute to Grandma Brenda could include Brendan or Brennan.  A tribute for Grandma Christine could lead you to Christopher or Kit.

I'll also ask you to provide us with some names that you do like, even if you can't use them.  What other names did you consdier for a first name?  This will help us provide suggestions that are best suited to your style.  

January 21, 2015 08:07 AM
In Response to Roger associations?

Roger does strike me as very "dad" for my generation.  According to the SSA babyname site, it was still ranked #75 for the year I was born.  I can't recall ever meeting anyone my age named Roger, so perhaps Mr. Rogers is to blame?

First associations; Roger that, Mr. Rogers, Roger Moore, Jolly Roger, Roger Wakefield/MacKenzie, and that slang use for Roger.  I wil state that I think the slang use of Roger is rather outdated & was more of a British thing that never caught on in the U.S.

On a baby born now, I think Roger would have a bit of a hipster vibe, or I might wonder if it was a family name.  In some places, it would be a very daring choice you'd probably get a lot of negative comments about it.  In other places, it might raise a couple of eyebrows but wouldn't exactly stand out either.


January 21, 2015 07:57 AM

All of your names are lovely.

Have you considered Amelia instead of Emilia?  I share your concerns about Emilia, especially considering the popularity of the "em" names right now.  Another similiar option would be Amalia.  

Caroline is very pretty and fits well with the other names.  However, the repeated initial C does bother me (I realize not everyone shares my dislike of repeated initials in a sibset).

Elisabeth is lovely and works well in the sibset.  I really don't think Elisabeth is a huge issue.  She'll simply have to say "Elisabeth with an S" when she needs to spell her name.  People have to specify Katherine with a K or Jon without an H all the time, and I've never known it to cause problems for them.

Louisa should probably be eliminated since your husband isn't on board.  Perhaps he'd like Eloise better?

Cleo feels a bit off to me with the sibset.  It repeats the initial & visually, Cecily & Cleo seem too similiar to me.

Laurel is lovely!  It was a name I loved but had to eliminate because husband wasn't on board.  It does repeat the initial though.

I'll suggest Molly, Eleanor, Helen, Sylvia/Sylvie, Adele, Anabel, Elise, Viola & (inspired from another post) Willa.


January 21, 2015 07:42 AM

I see now that there are 2 threads for this topic (I was wondering where my comment had gone).  I've copied and pasted what I had typed on the other thread.  Perhaps a mod can go ahead & delete the other thread?

I love your name style!   Willa & Pearl are lovely and you've got a lot of really great options for this baby.  

For girls, my favorite with Willa and Pearl is Flora.  Willa & Pearl have a subtle nature-y feel for me (willow & pearl) and Flora fits really well with this without making the connection seem too over the top (think Rose, Daisy & Hyacinth).  Cora's similarity to Coral works the same way Willa does with Willow, so it also works well in this respect.  Edith would round out my top 3 for you, but the only one I'm not crazy about is Lorien.

Walden is very nice and it helps with the very subtle nature-y vibe I get from Willa & Pearl.  Jasper would also work well in this regard.  I also quite like Dashiel.  I love Bram.  It gets some talk on these boards now & again and I'd love to see someone actually use it.  Twain sounds rather harsh next to your daugthers' names.  For a nod to the author, I think Samuel works better with Willa & Pearl.

I suspect Evander is going to read as a boxing name to most people because of Evander Holyfield. So I can see your hesitation about this one.  Your daughters' names are so soft & almost nature-y, but Evander could strike some as overly macho/aggressive because of the boxing association.

January 20, 2015 12:37 PM

Tess is lovely & I'm not sure why it would make you stuck if you were to have a 4th.  Perhaps I'm missing something?

Cora is very pretty.  If what you really want is the nickname Coco, I'll suggest you brance out into some other "co" names. Colette, Constance, Courtney & Coral could all give you Coco, they work with your daughters' names, and no repeat endings.

Rose is pretty & again I think I must be missing something as I don't see why it would be better for a 4th child.  If you like it, go ahead & use it.  There is no guarantee a 4th will happen, or that the 4th will even be a girl.

Cecily is very pretty & I find it to be a nice balance of length.  It sounds longer like Vivienne but is visually more short & sweet like Lilla.  I'll also point out that the girls will not be part of a set their entire lives.  Trust me, none of their friends are going to care or even notice the length of their names.  The girls might notice, but I wouldn't expect them to think too much about it unless you go pointing it out. The important thing is that you have a good name story for each of them.  "Cecily was our favorite name" is a much better story than "We really loved another name more, but picked your name because we thought the number of letters/syllables matched your sisters' names better."

Rosalie is also very pretty & goes will with Lilla & Vivienne.  I wouldn't worry about what the 4th name might be (see my comments under Rose).

Felcity is pretty, but if your husband isn't on board I think you'll have to take it out of the running.

Eloise is pretty, but you don't sound sold.  Like Felicity, I'd say eliminate it.  FWIW, Lulu and Lilla also seem too close to work as call names for sisters.  They seem very tongue twisterish together.  I'd honestly notice this more than any of the concerns you have about the length of the names.

 I don't particularly care for Rufus, but your other boy names are lovely.  Again, I wouldn't worry about picking length of name for this baby with a potential boy name in mind for later.  You could change your mind about boy names, not have a 4th or never have a boy.  Pick the name you love best right now and plan to name any possible future babies the same way.  

January 20, 2015 12:20 PM

I like Graham and don't find it dull at all.  

I prefer not to use the middle name as the call name.  If Graham just isn't it, I would prefer Enzo Michael instead of Michael Enzo called Enzo.

January 19, 2015 11:57 AM

My favorite of your girl names is Cate.  I also like Liv, though I would prefer it as a nickname for something else and not as the given name.  It strikes as very nicknamish/incomplete on its own.  Never been a fan of boy names on girls.  I also prefer not to repeat initials, so that rules Dylan out for me.  Tatum is just a name I've never liked for some reason.

Of your boy names, my favorites are Cole & Reid.  I think they work well with the sibling names and sound fine with "hydrangea." Luke isn't bad, I just don't like quite as much as Cole or Reid.  Dylan has the initial problem for me still.

For girls I'll suggest Eve, Tess/Tessa, Paige, Maeve.

For boys I'll suggest Rhys/Reese, Ethan, Evan, Miles, Tate.

January 19, 2015 11:38 AM

Isaias Brooks is nice.

I don't care for the flow of Isaias Asher.  

Isaias Theodore is my favorite.  I don't think it runs together at all.  I'm guessing your concern is the repeated D sound of Theodore & Dillon?  Perhaps you'd like the flow of Isaias Theo better?

Isaias Ezekiel is better than Isaias Asher, but I still don't think the flow is ideal.  

Isaias Finnian is fine and I really like that it has a family connection.  Do the other kids name's have a family connection?  If they do, I lean more towards using Finnian.  If they don't, then I'd go with Theodore/Theo.

Augusta is very pretty.  I don't  think it would be a huge issue to keep people from using Auggie or Gus/Gussie, at leat while she is young.  However, at a certain point she could decide she likes using a nickname.  If you think that will bother you, you should probably pass on Augusta.

Vera is Ok, it's just not a name I've ever liked for some reason (and I usually like names a bit on the fusty side).  

I'm not a fan of Cosette on a person.  It works in Les Mes and my friend has a standard poodle with the name (and it's perfect on her).  I just can't see it on a real girl, especially a young girl.  I do really like Colette though. 

Cosima is nice.  Not a fan of Cosi as a nickname.

Genevieve is my favorite.  I've always reallly like it.  I don't think it matters that your son has trouble saying it, he'll figure it out.

I really like Felicia.  The fact your husband suggested it would make me more inclined to use it, even though I do like Augusta & Genevieve better.

We do not share our names with family & friends, but we also don't settle on a name for certain until after the baby is born.  With our first, when asked, we'd just throw out names that we liked but never indicated which were actually under consideration.  With our 2nd, my husband & I agreed not to talk about names with each other until after the baby was born.  We each went into the hospital with our own lists & went from there.




January 19, 2015 11:12 AM
In Response to Me...Again!!

Knowing that Callen is a girl, I think Rowan works best for baby girl R.  Regan & Raven are both used more often on girls and I think it'd increase the chances of Callen being assumed boy.  

For baby boy R, Rueben seems a little more vintage in style, while as a group the sibling names strike me as much more modern.  Between Ronan & Ryan, I slightly prefer Ronan.

For baby girl Q, I woud say Quin Ella would be out because of the horse racing thing Miriam mentioned.  I do like Quin Tessa if that's still being considered.  I think some people might assume Quenna to sound like Queen-ah because of that E (and assuming they just glance at it on a class roster or something), so I lean more towards spelling it Quinna. Regardless, I like the sound of it.  I like that Quineva offers Quinn, Eva/Evie/Eve as nicknames, but it does strike me as very made up (and I'm not a fan of creative names).  It might grow on me, but I think I'd need to play with it for a while to really decide how I feel.  I don't think most people will say Quinleigh to rhyme with Quinn May.  Leigh typically sounds like "lee" at the end of names (Ashleigh, Baleigh, Ryleigh, etc).  If she wants the "lay" sound, I think Quinlay would be a better spelling.  However, I hesitate to suggest "lay" as an element of a girl's name, especially an unusual girl's name.  I think it just has too much teasing potential.

For baby boy Q, I really, really like Quade.  It's familiar, easy to spell but not as popular as the Quinn names.  It did occur to me that Quinlen spelled Quinlynn could work for a girl's name.  

Palindromes aren't easy for me to come up with, I'll leave those suggestions to people who are better at it. :-)

January 17, 2015 08:54 PM
In Response to Me...Again!!

I'm excited to see your post, I wondered if the theme was being continued.

I think most of the Q names have already been suggested.  I think there are some decent choices if she has a boy, I like Quentin, Quincy, Quinn, Quinlan, etc.  

Girls names are a bit rougher.  I'm not normally a fan of unisex style names, but Quinn works here.  I also kind of like Quintessa, but mainly because it offers Tess & Tessa as nicknames.  I also thought of Quimby, which makes me think of Ramona Quimby.  Bea could be a nickname.  Or Quinby with Quin or Bea as nicknames.  

Miriam already listed most of the R boy names I was going to suggest.  For girls I'll add Ruby & Reese.


January 17, 2015 05:10 PM
In Response to Aurora or Cecilia

Aurora is nice, but it strikes me as very princess.  I like Cecilia better.

I've never known any Cecilia's called Ceci.  Is that a common nickname for it in your native language?  If not, or assuming you no longer live in your country of origin, I really don't think it's a huge issue.  Lia seems a bit of a stretch as a nickname, though I suppose it depends on how you are saying Cecilia.  For me, it's Si-seel-ya. I also notice you don't seem to like it, so perhaps it's just not the right name.

If you are open to suggestions, I'll offer Charlotte, Amelia, Laura & Audrey. 



January 17, 2015 04:47 PM
In Response to Thoughts on Everest?

I like Everest and it's similarity to Everett and Evan makes it feel very boy to me.  

However, it does have a nature connection because of Mt. Everest and a lot of the more modern nature names are pretty unisex in use so it's possible there are a few girl Everests out there.  But seeing as it doesn't rank for either gender, I really don't think that's a huge issue.  Unless you are in some weird Everest pocket it's unlikely he'll encounter very many people with the same name.


January 17, 2015 04:41 PM

I think Ashton fits in so well with names like Ashley that parents who like Ashley but want something a little different are probably drawn to it.  I've also come across a couple of girls named Asher and I suspect it's the same thing.  You might want to check the stats, but I don't think Ashton is getting a lot of use for girls.  At least, it hasn't yet reached the tipping point where it is totally girl.  But if your husband is strongly against unisex names he might not be thrilled when/if he starts running across the occassional girl Ashton.

Lincoln is the name Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell gave their oldest daughter.  I doubt this one goes totally girl, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some parents who are inspired by the celebrity baby.  FWIW, their 2nd daughter was named Delta.  I recently read that a friend had joked that the older one had such a masculine name they'd have to name the new baby something like Navy Seal or Delta Force.  Apparently Delta stuck (thankfully they dropped the Force).  

January 17, 2015 04:33 PM

Sextuplets, wow!

Connor Jack is a nice name

I prefer Lila Samantha.  I don't care for creative spellings, so the Drewsilla instead of Drusilla just doesn't work for me.  It also comes across as pretty strongly vampire to me (Buffy fan).  I could get behind Drew as a unisex middle name, but it doesn't flow quite right with Lila.

Arabella Beatrice is great.  I really love this name!

Evangeline is also nice.  Of the combinations you listed, I like Evangeline Scarlett the best.  I do think this is a place where Drew could work.  Evangeline Drew has a nice flow.

Since you call Evangeline Eva, I think that rules out using Eve as a middle name for Alexandra.  Eve could also be a nickname for Evangeline, which makes it start to feel a bit recycled.  My vote is for Alexandra Elle, though this is another place where Drew could work as a middle name.  Between Evangeline and Alexandra, I like Drew better with Alexandra.

I've saved baby B for last because it seems she's the one whose name is the least settled.  You already have 2 girls with A names, another A names strikes me as a bit unbalanced.   With this in mind, I would rule out both Ashley & Audrey (of the 2, I like Audrey better).  Your other girls have first names that are very feminine, so I'm inclined to pick something of a similar style.  Kendall leans unisex, so I'd rule it out.  That leaves Maya, Madeleine & Hannah.  Evangeline, Alexandra & Arabella are all long/flowery and Lila is short and sweet.  This makes me want another short/sweet name for balance, so my vote is for Maya.  My 2nd choice would be for Madeleine but you seem to have so many reservations about it that I suspect that's just not her name.


January 17, 2015 09:16 AM

Ashton does get some use on girls, so it may not pass your husbands ban on unisex names.

I do like Ronan, Graham & Griffin-you really can't go wrong with any of these.  Some random thoughts I'll throw out, these may or not even apply to your situation.  

Ronan seems like it would be easily shortened to just Ron, so you may want to consider if you'd be OK with Ron as a nickname. 

Griffin is quite nice, but the "Finn" names are rising in popularity.  It could also be easily shortened to just Finn, though that may not be an issue if you don't come from a family of chronic nicknamers (like I do).  Griff is also an option if you like nicknames but don't want to do Finn.

I'm guessing for you Graham is grey-am, so I'm assuming you aren't in the U.S.  If you are in the U.S., you should be aware that most people here will say Graham with only 1 syllable-like the cracker or the first syllable of gramophone.

January 16, 2015 08:02 PM
In Response to Lydia

I like the idea of Bethany as a kind of smash up of Beverly Ann

January 16, 2015 02:34 PM
In Response to Lydia

Would you consider Wise or perhaps Wisdom?

You could also use a variant of Ann such as Annika so you don't repeat the ending in "N" thing.  FWIW, Annika is a dimunitive of Ann, so it would be along the lines of "little Ann."  

Honestly, I think the sentimental value of Ann trumps the flow issue.  You should also consider how often will her full name actually be used?  She'll mosty be known as Lydia Lastname, so most people won't notice that her full name doesn't have an ideal flow.

January 15, 2015 08:08 PM

Yes, Rohan sounds like Rowan.  Rohan is a Sanskrit name and Rowan is the English version of an Irish name.  The Indian derivation seemed more consistent with your taste (at least, it seemed more consistent with Amir).  Either spelling would be fine with Nico I think.