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October 9, 2015 07:04 AM
In Response to letter Z names.....

Boy names that start with Z:

Some that just contain a Z:

And here's a list of girl names with Z's too, just for fun.


October 4, 2015 05:41 PM
In Response to I've had enough

You do sound really overwhelmed.  I'll second previous comments that it really is not the end of the world if you don't have a name picked out in advance.  And that's OK.  The right name might come to you right after she's born, or it might come a few days/weeks or even months later.  And that's OK too.  

I agree that stepping back and not thinking about names for a while seems like a good idea.  Too much pressure combined with too many choices only makes things worse, not better.  

October 4, 2015 05:36 PM
In Response to Laís

It may not be ideal with the sister's middle name, but I don't think it should be a deal breaker.  In fact, it could end up being a nice connection when they are both older.

I think Lais wil cause problems in the U.S.  Many people may struggle knowing how to say it correctly & I think spelling will be an issue.  I also suspect it may read feminine to a lot of people.  Only you can decide if the name is worth the potential hassle.

October 4, 2015 05:31 PM
In Response to Too presidential?

I did notice Eleanor & Theodore Roosevelt, but I don't think it is a huge deal.  I don't most people will notice or if they do, I doubt most will say anything about it.  Do you use nicknames?  Something like Nora & Theo dimishes the connection significantly.  Though I would avoid Ted/Teddy as nicknames.

I also noticed both names have 3 syllables & in in "or."  I don't think it's a deal breaker, but if you plan to use both full names regularly it could come up or cause confusion (especially if you are easily tongue tied).

I don't think the ending letter of the first being the same as the beginning of the last is necassarily a "no no."  It's more of an issue when the first name could be misheard as another name.  For example, something like Carly Eaton could be misheard as Carl Eaton.  Since just "Charle" isn't a recognizable name, you should be fine using it.


When he was in kindergarten my son came home talking about 2 girls in his class with "the craziest names."  He said they had told him their names were Snow and Sweet.  I assumed they were pulling his leg, but then found out later they had only translated their names for him.  They were actually called Nieves & Dulce.  So I think Snow isn't a huge stretch, its just that we aren't used to it as a name in English.  

September 30, 2015 06:02 PM

You seem to like nicknames as given names, which may be why Molly Lila & Lily all seem not quite right.  All can be used as nicknames, but they also have enough use on their own to feel like stand alone names.

I 2nd the suggestion of Sadie for you.  I'll suggest Hattie, Carrie, Josie, Susie, Milly, Gracie & Tori.  

For stand alone names that might seem closer to what you are going for, perhaps Chloe, Ruby, Lucy & Ivy



Oh, I almost forgot!  I also suggest looking up the names from each list on the Social Security Baby Name website.  You mentioned the names he likes are more popular; however, many of the names on your list are currently very trendy. If popularity is a concern, you are likely to find yourself disappointed with something like Landon, Brantley or Jayce.


Since he likes a lot of nicknames, you might want to think about less common first names that could have a nickname he likes.  For example, Ronan with Ronny, Bennett/Benedict with Ben.  

Or try putting a more unique spin on some of the names.  Westley or Weston instead of Wesley or Alistair instead of Alexander.

You also seem to have a lot of surnames as firsts on your lists.  I think that's another area where the more common nickname stategy could work.  Landon with Donnie, Walker with Wally.


First, I have to say I do really like Noble.  

My first thought was that Nova & Noble were too similiar to use together.  I get tongue tied easily, & these just wouldn't work for me.  I do like the meaning behind it and think another uncommon "star" name could work.  Perhaps Astra, Astraea, Vega or Seren instead?  Evening?  Luna & Aurora seem to common for you.  I recently suggested Monday to someone else for other reasons, perhaps it could work for you too.  Or names of specific stars/constellations, etc.  Lyrae, Lyra?

I've always liked the name Sage, though I have to admit it has always struck me as more boy.  I think to a cerain degree, all word names are gender neutral, at least in English.  Playing on the wisdom angle, I think Wisdom could work as a name.  Verity, True, Honor.  Or Prudence, though that might be too Puritan-name for your taste.  For the aromatic herb/nature angle, perhaps Juniper, Cedar, or Clover.

I'm not sure what I think of Solstice.  I want to like it, but it seems so very not-name like.  I can't decide if it would grow on me or not.  I agree "soul" doesn't make for the best nickname.  Sally comes to mind, but may be a bit of a stretch.  I could also see Sis/Sissy working, though I am not exactly crazy about those either.



September 30, 2015 02:34 PM
In Response to Thoughts on Croix

The X is silent.  As a general rule of thumb the last letter of most French words are silent, however, they can modify the other letters.  In the case of Croix, I think the X modifies the "oi."  However, I shall defer to Miriam of course, seeing as my French is rusty to say the least.  My last college French class was about 20 years ago.

I always stumble over the word Croix.  Even with my very poor French ability, I know that the correct way to say it is something like "krwah".  But since most Americans say the island like "croy" I always hesitate and end up garbling the whole thing, regardless of which pronunciation I decide on.  My guess is most Americans will go with something like "crux" or "croyx" if they aren't familiar with the name of the island.  If they are familiar with the island they'll likely go with "croy." 

September 30, 2015 02:21 PM

Oh, I like the suggestion of Savannah.  It makes me think of Sierra which could perhaps also work.

It's cute that the OP's son has a preference, though I generally advise to not take younger sibling suggestions too seriously.  I wonder why he likes Scarlett.  It is for the color association?  In that case, perhaps other color names would appeal.  Azure, Indigo, Lilac, Hazel, Violet, etc.  They are still very descriptive, but at least the Scarlett Walk/walk of shame association is gone.


September 30, 2015 02:15 PM

Oh good catch about Sabrina!   Per the auto-fill, it looks like I mistyped "Sabina" when I did a search earlier.  Though, now that I think about it, Sabina seems like it could work for the OP. 

I agree that 118 is a nice place for a name, familiar but not too common.  My main concern is that the whole "Brie" class of names is really popular, which could make Brielle seem more popular than it actually is.  This may be especially true if the plan is to use Brie as a nickname.  It's certainly not a reason to not use Brielle, but I think parents should be aware of names that are more stealthy in the popularity.

September 29, 2015 02:59 PM
In Response to Last name dilemma

I don't see it as a huge issue at all.  Some people might assume the 2 last names are the result of a blended family, but I can't imagine anyone would comment about it.  Close friends and family will already know, and I'm not sure reallly matters to much for anyone else.

September 29, 2015 02:53 PM
In Response to Thoughts on Croix

I agree it comes across as very religious.  I do know how to say it, but I suspect a lot of American English speakers willl want to say the "X" so you'll need to decide if that will bother you or not.  If you are saying it to someone, I can also see it being misheard frequently-perhaps Roy or even Cory.  To be honest, I'd classify Croix as a "firmly in the middle position" kind of name.

September 28, 2015 02:27 PM
In Response to Naming A Kitten

Oh what fun!  We just named our new little rescue/found Beagle pup and I was so disappointed that his name was settled before I could post about it!  FWIW, my sons decided on Rory.

I like the idea of naming her for the eclipse.  Artemis & Selene are both nice.  Luna, Helen/Nell,etc., Monday?

I've also thought it would be fun to have a tortishell with a tortoise/turtle name.  But I'm not sure what that would be-Yertle?  LOL

September 28, 2015 02:18 PM

Maeve rhymes with Dave/cave/save.  

May-eve just sounds wrong.  I think my biggest issue with it, regardless of first or middle position, is that when using a name from another culture, it comes across as a bit uneducated to use an alternate pronunciation.  

I would lean more towards using just Mae, or perhaps May-Eve.  Or another similiar sounding name like Maisie, Mamie, Ava, Eve, etc.

September 28, 2015 02:09 PM

I think Lily & Ruby go together very nicely.  I prefer for middle names to have some signifance to the family/parents.  Is this the case with Beatrice?  If Beatrice does not have any significance other than you like, I would suggest looking for names that would "go with" Beatrice.  That would create a certain symmetry for the twin names.

Perhaps Ruby Eleanor, Ruby Estelle, Ruby Florence or Ruby Harriet.

Ruby makes me think of Rory & Reuban, so perhaps you'd like that for a boy name?  Based on Lily & Ruby, I will also suggest Henry, Hugo, Milo, Miles, Samuel, Jasper, Oliver, Noah, Harry & Owen.

I think middle names for boys would be easier to determine once you have it narrowed down to one or two top choices. You could also try mixing & matching from the list above.  Henry Owen, Jasper Milo, Harry Samuel, Reuban Oliver, Rory Miles, etc.

September 28, 2015 01:59 PM

I believe you are asking about family names, or surnames?  In the name you provided, I would assume Wong was the family name of one of your parents, and Hillyard is the family name of your other parent.

You'll likely want to decide which name you want to carry on and then determine how to combine that with the family name(s) of your significant other.  Unless your signifant other does not want to use their family name(s).  In that case, you'll just need to decide if you want to use both Wong and Hillyard for your children.

September 26, 2015 04:56 PM

I agree with previous comments that Gabrielle seems too similiar to Gabriel.  Gabriella is a bit more distinct.  Gabriella also offers more nickname options, which is another way to help distinguish the names.

I also love cross gender namesakes!

September 26, 2015 03:55 PM
In Response to Twins!!!

For girls I remember you liked Mabel and it has significance because it incorporates the uncles' names.  With Mabel my favorite girl name is Winifred. 

For a g/b twinset, I really like Mabel with all of your subtle honor names.  My favorite is probably Arthur, but you can't really go wrong with any of them.

If you end up with a b/b set, I think I lean towards using the uncle names in the middle position.  Both Benjamin & Matthew are nice, but they don't have that fusty-vintage vibe you seem to prefer.  It also eliminates having to decide if you should alter the names at all & avoids confusion from having 2 Bens, etc.  So, I might do something like Arthur Benjamin & Frederick Matthew.  

It also occured to me that you could do Arthur and Benjamin for baby A & baby B.  However, that would mean moving Matthew to the middle for one of the babies, and you may not want to do that.  

If the only thing keeping you from using Bennett/Benjamin & Matthew is the fear of nicknames, I don't think you should necassarily be concerned.  A lot of kids these days don't use nicknames, and teachers/friends/etc. don't automatically assume nicknames they way they used to.  I know a few Bennetts & Benjamins who are never called Ben.