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For me, my "hyperlexia" manifested itself in extremely early self-taught reading and writing as a young child. As I grew, I was definitely a reader, a good speller, and very interested in word games. I never had any diagnosed learning disabilities because I always tested extremely well, but I have realized as I have gotten older that I am *much* better with the written word, both in terms of my comprehension and in terms of expressing myself. I'm not particularly good at verbal expression because I get bogged down in the particulars of the scenario in which I'm speaking (who is in my audience, the emotional "climate" of the room, others' facial expressions and body language, etc). When giving a presentation, I basically have to write out *everything* I want to say, which allows me to organize my thoughts and commit it to memory. Without that, my thoughts are a jumbled mess and I panic at the idea of having to formulate coherent thoughts on the fly. I'm not talking outlines, either. I literally write out verbatim what I want to say. I'm also awful with names, unless I meet people wearing name tags. Then I commit the name to memory easily and actually "see" the name tag when I meet the person again in a new context. When I realized this about myself, I actually started imagining name tags with peoples' names on them when I'd meet them, so I could have that visual to fall back on in future encounters. I don't have any of the spatial reasoning skills that Linnaeus mentioned. In fact, I'm hopeless with spatial reasoning tasks, I constantly mix up my lefts and rights, and I'm pretty much constantly getting lost. :) I am quite good at math and, at least when I practiced as a younger child, I pick up music very easily. I'm good with foreign languages, but only if I learn the spoken language concurrently with seeing it written. Because, again, seeing it allows me to fully commit it to memory. I'm left-handed, if that matters. I wonder if there's a term for people like me. :)


Linnaeus: I am interested in hearing more about your hyperlexia. I remember learning that this was a term a few years back, and wondering if it applied to me. I, too, was a self-taught early reader (somewhere around 2, writing full sentences by 3) and, upon hearing of hyperlexia, figured I fit into that category. However, the description of the condition seems to point to issues with reading comprehension and other corresponding deficits, which I do not have. I do have some issues with auditory comprehension (I definitely retain it better if I've read it), and socially I am reserved and sometimes a bit awkward. :) I'm just curious to hear how well you fit the typical profile, as I'm wondering if there are others out there like me who just seemed to read ridiculously early without struggling in other areas of learning.


New baby alert(s): Two of my husband's old art school colleagues recently had the following: Wr3n Morg@n @ugust3 What's interesting is that they're both _boys_. Completely bucks that whole "girls appropriating boys' names" trend that was recently discussed!