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I'm Sue, college student and nutso name nerd. Absolutely LOVE Laura's blog! No plans for kids in the near future, but that doesn't stop me from naming them. Repeatedly.

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The royal baby name countdown is exciting! My first thought was something along the lines of: Oooooooh, can't wait for the months of discussion and then to see what they actually come up with!

Second thought: Ugh oh. What if they use AUGUSTA, an option I believe I saw listed on one site or another, ( and an all-time favorite name I'm determined to use on a future daughter), catapulting this modern rarity into the public consciousness and thus onto the U.S. charts????!!!!!!! Everyone will assume I jumped on the Kate Middleton bandwagon! NOOOOOO!!!!! Dear royal baby, please have the courtesy to be male. 

Sadly, I'm a bit of a name hoarder when it comes to the ones I actually plan on using. Oh, well. Still exciting! And I believe Kate has been hospitalized for some type of accute morning sickness? I wish them the best.


November 19, 2012 10:44 PM

Hello everyone! I'm Sue, a 21-year old education student and name enthusiast who's been reading this blog for awhile now. Finally decided to jump in! I second Gabrielle, and would like to mention gold medal winning gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, the first association that comes to mind when I hear the name. 'Gabby' Douglas has been declared 'America's New Sweetheart' by numerous media outlets, even gracing the cover of People magazine. Ms. Douglas is (as stated by Wikipedia) " the first African-American gymnast  in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics."

The name has always been a personal favorite of mine, as my best friend and closest confidant for going on 10 years now is a 'Gabriell' (no 'e'). She goes almost exclusively by 'Gabi', a super-cute nickname in my opinion.

And who could forget Gabrielle Solis of Desperate Housewives? (RIP)