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August 14, 2018 04:51 AM


Ann, Beth, Joy, Faith, Grace, Rose, Mae, Maeve, Hope, Paige, Sue

Susannah, Bethany, Eliza, Elise, Elsie, Annabelle, Annalise, Alexa, Elizabeth, Isabel, Juliet, Lily, Gabriel, Amy, Vanessa, Natalie

August 14, 2018 04:44 AM
In Response to Ambrose?

I grew up with a boy Am - brose  as in the rose sound in the 2nd syllable

August 10, 2018 04:08 PM
In Response to Haneke?

I dont think its weird to name your child after your cousins old housemate.  Its the name your like more than the person.  Not sure about continuing to write it in poetry though,  may be a little strange

other names with the same feel Hannah, Rebekah, Anika, Anna, Susannah, Dakota, Erika, Makayla, Kezia, Savannah, Havana, Shekinah, Keturah, Helena, Hadassah, Jessica, Makenna, Monika, Saskia, Zakiah, Shakira, Bianca, Danika, Cassandra, Tamika, Veronika, Katerina, Nikita, Nikola, Natasha, Victoria


August 10, 2018 03:03 PM
In Response to Ambrose?

Sorry I dont like it,  especially the rose part for a boy

August 9, 2018 08:00 AM
In Response to Alicia? Wdyt?

Both are nice,  I know an Alicia and she hates that she has to spell and pronounce it.  Emma is a classic,  easy to spell and pronounce

August 9, 2018 07:59 AM

I think Emma is perfect             

other names  Emily, Amy, Amelia, Alice, Alexandra, Bethany, Eliza, Evelyn, Vivienne, Fiona, Felicity, Hazel, Heidi, Isabel, Katherine, Laura, Lillian, Lucy, Ruby, Natalie, Sophie, Penelope, Rosa, Rosalie, Beatrix, Katelyn

Aaron, Andrew, Asher, Benjamin, Dean, Eli, Heath, Todd, Leo, Liam, Luke, Elliott, Levi, Nathan, Lucas, Noah, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Nolan, Patrick, Peter, Philip, Reuben, Zachary, Thomas, Timothy, Seth, Sebastian, Saul, Theodore, Silas, Rohan, Ryan, Samuel, Sean, Simon, Stephen, Rory, William

I wouldnt double up on initials eg Jonathan or Calvin

August 8, 2018 05:50 PM
In Response to Baby #7

I wouldnt use Ella and Elizabeth,  all the other names go well with you other children.  I like Amelia best then Sophia then Olivia



August 8, 2018 05:47 PM
In Response to Different Last Name

Usually it is difficult with schools and flying to have a different name to the parents and I'm not sure if the law allows it,  could you use your wife's surname.  Its easier if the child and the parents have the same surname,  Maybe you could change your name by deed poll.  All the best

August 8, 2018 05:44 PM

Congratulations and so lovely to see an update.  Wishing you all the best

August 8, 2018 05:42 PM
In Response to Koen for a boy?

I think Coen or Koen is fine - I dont see it as disrepectful - its Dutch and unrelated to Cohen

others similar Corbin, Cody, Cole, Corbin, Kian, Owen, Loen, Bowen, Corin, Rowen

August 8, 2018 01:23 AM

I like Genevieve and Felicity - Vivienne and Chelsea would be nice too


for boys I wouldnt do another s name - what about one ending in i - if you want 3 syllables like the others - Jovanni, Nikolai, Dimitri, Jacobi, Omari, Jamari, Liugi, Jelani, Yovanni,

others - Levi, Eli, Giovanni, Bodhi, Remi, Jedi



August 8, 2018 01:09 AM

There are identical twins at work who often dress in the office uniform and no-one knows who they are talking too,  so hard - Joanne and Sue-ellen

August 7, 2018 02:30 PM
In Response to Middle Name Dilemma

Alexandra Lilia - although Alexandra Lily flows better and Alexandra Lillian goes well too.  I wouldnt use Lillien

others which include the name Lilia -  Lilias, Alilia, Analilia, Lilian, Liliana

others which include the name Lila - Delilah Dalila Kalila, Lilith, Lilibeth, Lila, Kahlila, Dalila, Galila, Jalila, Lilabet, Lilibet, Lilabeth, Palila, Talila

August 7, 2018 12:34 AM

to keep the L in the name-  here are some

Isabel (and it's another vowel name - A, E, I)

Caroline  Claire Camille Celeste Chelsea Lauren Lillian Juliet Violet Kathleen Katelyn Gabrielle Madeline Nicole Rachel Chantal Crystal Jocelyn Rosalind Lorelai Madelyn Olive Pearl Olivene Shiloh Willow Harlow

August 7, 2018 12:12 AM
In Response to Complete Our Sibset!

I started my name obsession after my mum bought the world books and the beginning had a list of names.  I was 8 and then I had a notebook which I wrote down various names

August 7, 2018 12:10 AM

yes I dont know,  even as 20 something year old they still dress the same, same hair cut etc

August 6, 2018 02:53 PM

Andrew, Peter, James, Aaron, Alexander, Nicholas, Nathaniel, Christopher, Edward, William, Henry, Daniel, David, Bennett, Eli, Felix, Jake, Josiah, Julian, Julius, Levi, Liam, Jonah, Noah, Grant, Jude,  Todd, Dean, Ethan, Ezra, Gavin, Owen, Hugo, Leo, Joshua, George, Luke, Mark, Martin, Max, Reuben, Thomas, Silas, Seth, Quinn, Michael, Malachi, Oliver, Oscar, Robert, Samuel, Saul, Sebastian, Simon, Theodore, Craig, Callum, Corbin, Leon, Lewis, Heath, Hugh, Malcolm, Rhys, Tobias, Tobiah, Roland, Nolan, Rhett, Graham

August 5, 2018 02:52 PM
In Response to What do you think?

1. Briar Renee - dont really like Briar or the combo with Renee - r r

2. Arie Kay Grace  - sorry dont like Arie for a girl,  or the mn combo

3. Violet Marie - ok

4. Maisie Lunette  - ok

5. McKinley Ruby -  ok

6. Ember Margie  - ok

7. Navy Alyssa - sorry no to Navy,  Alyssa is lovely

8. Elle Quinn - prefer Ella but Elle/Ella not with Quinn

9. Ava Stacey - nice

10. Haven Leah - ok, not sure on the combo

11. Rory Dawn - not keen on Rory for a girl or the combo

12. Penelope 'Penny' Winter - Penelope is lovely,  sorry I dont like it with Winter though

13. Scout Isabella - sorry dont like Scout,  what about Scarlett Isabella

14. Anniston Charolette - sorry dont like either name - Charlotte is nice though, Annalise/Annabelle Charlotte

15. Braelynn Ken - Braelynn is ok,  but definely not Ken,  what about Kendall, Kendra, Kenzie, Mackenzie

16. Sienna Alice - lovely

17. Annora Callie - sorry dont like Annora

18. Harper Elisabeth - ok

19. Atlee Hannah - sorry dont like Atlee,  Hatley is ok

20. Nora Jean - love this combo

August 5, 2018 01:23 AM

I know idential twins Janette and Janetta,  its so confusing

August 5, 2018 01:22 AM

Emily, Katelyn, Chelsea, Eden

Eliza, Emersyn, Finley, Erin

Ella, Elise, Kate, Madeleine

Riley, Miranda, Piper, Quinn

Peyton, Sierra, Sienna, Paige

Tessa, Zara, Chloe, Zoe, Stella