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Off topic, but I had to share. Just got a birth announcement from an old coworker - a boy named Grady Dax. I think that's cute for a baby, but just can't see it on a teenager or adult. If that isn't an older generation name, I don't know what is!

April 14, 2010 02:53 PM

@Kalmia, A geological name list! How fun! I'll have to think about that a bit more. But as a geologist, I do have a name question for you. My father's family has a name tradition where the first born male is named Peter, (which makes for some very confusing family functions!) and do you think Petra (meaning: rock) for a girl would be trite? I think it's a lovely name, but given my and my husband's line of work I worry it might come across as too "geological". And I should have mentioned the name of my current kitty (how terrible of me to forget) her name is Pingo, which is a mound of permafrost that swells up into a strange little hollow mound in the arctic. I heard it one day in class many moons ago and knew it had to be a name for a spunky kitty. With that, I'll end the geology hijacking of the thread :) @ErinW, I love, love the name Cadence. The sound and meanig of the word are so lovely, and I really don't think it's getting overly popular. Most of the -aden names are male and the -aden sound is at the end, so the -ce at the end of Cadence makes it separate. I just love that name!

April 14, 2010 07:36 AM

@Kalmia, I'm a geologist too, and as interesting as the name Lahar is, I probably wouldn't use it myself, because I know that colleagues would think it ridiculous. But, to the non-geological public, I'm sure that most people wouldn't pick up on the scientific meaning, but I still wouldn't personally be able to get past naming a child after a violent, deadly mudflow. I did have a cat named Tephra though :)

March 26, 2010 02:27 PM
In Response to The Name Not Taken

When I was born, the doctor was 100% sure that I was to be a boy, so my parents didn't have any girl names picked out, and I was to be named either Charles Joseph or Joseph Charles after my grandfathers, that was the big decision to be made depending on what I looked like. Low and behold, I turned up as a girl and completely surprised everyone. The two names my mother could think of was Tanya (a popular name Russian neighborhood I grew up in) and Cherise because it mimicked the sounds in her name. My dad vetoed Cherise and so I got my name, Tanyalee, with Lee being after my grandmother. I have to say I'm happy to not be a Cherise, it really isn't my style.

March 1, 2010 02:52 PM

@Jenny L3igh, When I first saw the name of your car, I thought of the british television show "Are you Being Served" - one of the characters, played by John Inman, was named Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries. Was that the silly family connection? Because if it is, it's a perfect for a sassy little car. And if we're still on the grandparents names, my mother's parents were Lea Celeste and George Charles, and fathers parents were Rita and Joseph, no mn's. I love the name Celeste, and seems to be off the radar at the moment, and I'm hoping it stays that way :). When I was born, my parents were told they were having a boy so they planned on naming me Charles Joseph, but were really surprised when I turned out to be a girl, so they named me after the delivery nurse and my grandmother.