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Lorelei was my childhood nickname. It always made me wonder how people would have responded to me if it had been my given name instead. I have one kiddo, $tell@n Th0rv@ld

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May 23, 2018 05:09 AM

Thank you! I really like Rainier but don’t know if we could pull the trigger on it. Also love Nikolai but vetoed by husband. This got me thinking about popularity vs familiarity. We may have to slide upward on the popularity scale to find something that feels similiarly familiar to Stellan.


I do find it intriguing that Linnea has appeared in nearly every comment so far.

May 23, 2018 05:08 AM

A lot of these have been on my favorites list at one time or another! I was trying to sell Mr. the_lorelei on Niels but he was less than enthusiastic. I fear he will feel similarly about Emrys, which I have really loved lately.

May 20, 2018 10:04 AM
In Response to "Stealing" a name?

I agree this is not a hard stop. I’d just say it’s something where, depending on how close you are, is worth a conversation so she’s not surprised. It could even be a positive, but since you’ve known for awhile it’s her very favorite, just let her know. Also, obviously things might change, for her or for you. My favorite names felt old by the time we were actually expecting.

May 20, 2018 09:15 AM
In Response to Eastern European names

According to behind the, Alina has Romanian and Polish origins, both of which are Eastern European countries. Similarly, Daria is also Polish and Romanian, as well as Croatian, which is Slavic/Balkan.

May 20, 2018 08:55 AM

This list managed to include both my name and my husband’s name (at least a variant spelling), so well done, lol!

ALSO, Delphine, which has been my newest name crush over the past year or so. I also adore Tatiana but husband vetoed it because he wouldn’t want her to sound like a czarina with his Slavic last name.

I quite like Kai, even though it’s ranked #127, and Henrik, which I hadn‘t really considered previously. Isabeau is beautiful but I don’t know if I could deal with people thinking her name was Isabelle all. The. Time.

May 20, 2018 08:51 AM

And as a clarification, I think I used “phoneme“ incorrectly, or at least should have said, penultimate phoneme, as from my belated googling, “n” itself is a phoneme, and I’d be ok with Stell@n and Delphine but less so with, say, Declan.

May 20, 2018 07:27 AM

Absolutely love Linnea, as I always liked the books about the little girl Linnea in Monet’s garden. Rosalind is also in consideration, as it ticks off both Shakespearean and honoring a deceased family member boxes. Love the boldness of Isolde, which I hadn’t considered before. The husband has vetoed Tamsin, and Petra (and Phoebe, suggested above) are names already used by close family.

And yeah, boys are way harder. We had a heck of a time finding one we liked for S, and I’m dreading going through that again if it’s a boy. Of those you listed, I do like Bram. Orin is just inescapably April Ludgate’s goth friend from Parks and Rc :). Lorcan is a great name And I’d be delighted to meet a little boy with that name. But probably not for us.

May 20, 2018 07:15 AM

Yes, I have always been surprised it’s so rare.  A few months ago we overeard another parent at the park calling their son Stellan, and my sister has run into a family out where she lives who used the name, as well. So it’s out there, but I think a lot of families who might have used it went for Soren instead.

Anyway, love Dashiell, Magnus, Daphne, Linnea, and Ingrid. Husband vetoed Magnus last time, alas. My parents just named their cat Freya :)

May 18, 2018 04:56 PM
In Response to Seen in the wild

Oh darn it, I forgot the g in Magd@lena.

May 17, 2018 09:47 AM
In Response to Male Avery

Agreed! That was on our shortlist for our son but we didn’t quite pull the trigger on it. It’s so great for boys, and such a bummer to see anything with a y get classified as a feminine thing. It makes me feel like we are losing name diversity, you know?

May 17, 2018 09:45 AM
In Response to I'm back!

Huh. I’ve met a little female Remington before and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it Just because it seems SO masculine to me. I wonder if they go by Remy.

May 17, 2018 09:42 AM
In Response to May the 4th twins

This is awesome. Nothing more deep to offer, I’m just a fan girl.

May 17, 2018 07:51 AM
In Response to Baby Sister

Definitely Cate, not that there is anything wrong with Brynn, but it definitely feels more like a sibling with your other two.

April 2, 2017 08:04 PM
In Response to Mads. Yea or nay?

Yes, he does seem to be prolific in American film these days, doesn't he?  Hannibal on TV, Star Wars, Dr. Strange...a ton of stuff from before all that...

Considering our firstborn's name plus our cat, Viggo, I think I am heavily influenced by representation on the screen when it comes to European names. It does help it permeate the culture, doesn't it?  (That being said, very few people know of Mr. Skarsgard when I bring him up as an example of our son's name in use)

April 2, 2017 08:00 PM
In Response to Mads. Yea or nay?

Yes, my mother is 100% American-Danish (2nd generation from her father's side, 3rd from her mothers).  I was thinking MADZ.  From my cousins who live in Denmark I've heard it pronounced MAdS with a sort of hint of a d in there.  It's not exactly the same but if it were way different (like the Polish name Jerzy which looks to us like a comfortable shirt but is pronounced something like Yair-tzee) I'd probably not be considering it.

With respect to the husband, his not caring for Maddox/Madoc is more about them feeling somwhat twee and the clunky second syllable.  

And of course you're right.  We might have a girl, for whom there are MOUNTAINS of names we both like. A whole different kind of problem. :) 

April 2, 2017 07:53 PM
In Response to Mads. Yea or nay?

I appreciate you sharing this perspective.  It's what does give me pause, although I was thinking that it would lean more towards the "mad = crazy" angle, as pop culture seems to lean more heavily on that definition.  But yes, people can be awful and I suppose that's something to think about.  

That being said I know plenty of women who go by Maddie, and to my knowledge they don't get that sort of comment.  But perhaps familiarity is a lubricant there,

April 2, 2017 10:33 AM
In Response to Mads. Yea or nay?

I know, right??  I do like Madoc/Maddox (literally due to Madeleine L'Engle) but happen to already know that my husband doesn't care for those.  I'd maaaybe consider Mats, but I'd have to sit with it for a while. That one kind of makes me think of "matted," as in hair/fur. Either that or it's so close to just "Matt" that it'd almost be more confusing.  

Le sigh.

February 18, 2017 11:52 AM

Beautiful choice! Congratulations!

February 4, 2017 02:39 PM

LOVE Nicodemus. Tragically it was vetoed by my husband.  Ah, well.

August 22, 2016 06:56 AM

Aha! I knew someone would stop by who knew where to look for those stats. And I guess my perception of those names must have had a lot to do with them being about to fall off a cliff. The anecdata I was working from includes having aunts named Nancy and Barb, and a grandmother named Barb as well. My cousins who are in that age group include Lori, Jenny, and Kristi. That tail end is so easy to see in hindsight!