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August 30, 2014 08:58 AM

DH- Edmund Darryl Finley
DW- Anna-Mae Caroll Finley 
DD1- Marilyn Caroll Finley
DS1- Darryl  Peyton Finley
DS2- William Edmund Finley
DD2- Jacqueline Annette Finley "Jackie"
DD1s family:
--DH- Gregory Ryan King (divorced)
DH- Matthew Mitchell Newman
DD- Emerald Mae Newman
DD- Jolie Annette Newman
DD- Nirvana Caroll Newman
DS1s family:
DW- Charity Diane Huxtable Finley
DD- Eliza Gianna Finley
DS- Alexander Heath Finley
DD- Tara Anne Finley
DD- Alicia Joanne Finley
DS2s family:
DW- Quinn Alice Franks Finley
DD2s family:
DH- Manuel Martine Cabero
DD- Caitlin Haley Cabero 
DD- Cora Marie Cabero
DH- Anton Elijah Campbell

August 30, 2014 08:49 AM
In Response to Dice Name Game

DS: Draven Matthew

DD: Larkin Reese
DS: Jasper William
DD: Nixie Lucretia
DD: Macen Jinx


Willam or Jackson. William is my dads name and I think Will is a cute nicknamliked like Jackson it has a nice sound, jack is a cute nickname. Charlotte for a girl. It's beautiful. And Charlie is a cute nickname.