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Hello, I'm Veronica and I like to play different games here

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February 28, 2019 07:38 AM

Hello everyone, I don't have a baby and not pregnant but in the near future, I will. I want my husband to think about the girl name and I will think about the boy. But he is a gambler and it's just annoying me because of all the housework I do and even fixing some gadgets, I hate it and we always were arguing about this problem. He said that doesn't understand me and I said the same thing. And now we are trying to do all things together, Have a shower together, go to work, go shopping, tidying room, and even playing his games. *I can surely say that I love these games because they just relax me. As for my husband, the name for a boy is David, the name for a girl is Sara. Understand each other is really cool. Have a nice day and don't be afraid to change your minds about some things!!!

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