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September 8, 2016 07:22 AM
In Response to Wesley- for a GIRL!

Hi Danielle- 

I am also a girl (woman rather) in my early 30s named Weslie. Im also named after my father. 

I think you should ignore all of the people who think it is 'a step too far' - though I got unusual looks and a few comments growing up, my name has helped to make me much more individual and as an adult is always commented on in a flattering way by people. If people ask about it, any negative attitude is immediately dispelled by telling them I am named after my dad which people find endearing and unique. 

Unique names are in my opinion much better than run of the mill standard names. As someone pointed out, 'Lesley' was a boys name until the late 70s. Also in the UK 'Ashley' is exclusively a boys name as is 'Rowan'. 

For women, to have a unique and strong name is important as we are moving toward a much more empowered generation. I hope we can all agree that regardless of what name you choose- make it a strong one that your daughter can grow into. 

All the best,