A non-excerpt from Baby Name Wizard 2

Jul 17th 2009

As the revised and expanded Baby Name Wizard slowly trickles in to bookstores, I thought I'd share one name spotlight that was cut from the manuscript at the last minute:


Gax (GAKS)
Popularity: Rare
Style: Fanciful and Fantastical
Nicknames: FatMan
Sisters: Moo, Spamela, Beer, Soup, John
Brothers: Flax, Vilx, Clax, Eleanor, Xax
Gax is a name you should not give to your child at all.
It's only in the book because my kids are beside me as
I'm writing and they absolutely insisted.  Keep this in mind,
prospective parents, if you're planning to work from home.



By Anna (not verified)
July 18, 2009 4:17 PM

One last thing:

The original research paper quoted in the MSNBC-articles does not name any names as bad names. What they say is:

" ... we construct a popularity-name index (PNI) for each name. The PNI is then matched and assigned to each respective name in the juvenile delinquent data set. [...] The PNI for Michael is 100, the most frequently given name during the period. The PNI for David is 50, a name given half as frequently as Michael. The PNI is approximately 1 for names such as Alec, Ernest, Ivan, Kareem, Malcolm, Preston, and Tyrell, indicating that Michael is 100 times more popular than these names. [reference to footnote] "

" [footnote] The following is a list of select names and their respective PNI: Matthew, 76; Christopher, 64; Ryan, 49; Brian, 30; Richard, 20; Charles, 16; Luke, 5; Walter, 2; and Garland, 0.06. "

Reference to the research paper, see post #49.

July 18, 2009 4:28 PM

Thanks Anna for the clarification. I wonder if it was Pennsylvania itself because it is a large state. It also brings me to wonder if some parents name their children in order to fit in and NOT be different so as to propel their opportunities. I think there was a Jennifer posting recently that alluded to her siblings as having popular names as well. Better to grow up one of 8 in a class then be the only Susquehannah in the state.

By Valentine (not verified)
July 18, 2009 8:22 PM

New baby name alerts:

Paxtyn Jane
Macyn Marie
Kayden Rose
Payten Jolie "PJ"

As we all know, the -n's are in! These are all boy names whose spellings have been altered to appear more feminine on a girl. Not my speed, but to each his own.

By Valentine (not verified)
July 18, 2009 8:25 PM

Oh, and I've noticed a couple friends' children on Facebook whose names I'm not sure how to pronounce and I don't want to be rude by asking.

Coeli (a girl)
Liala (Also a girl. At first I thought it was a typo but her name was spelled this way consistently).

Does anyone know anything about these names?

By Valentine (not verified)
July 18, 2009 8:29 PM

Oops forgot to say that Coeli has a brother named Canaan, as in, "The land of Canaan."

July 18, 2009 8:38 PM

Yes, Valentine- Coeli is Latin for 'heavens' and is pronounced in Ecclesiastical Latin as CHAY-lee. I could see that harmonizing with Canaan.

July 18, 2009 9:22 PM

Hmmm Paxtyn, Macyn, Kayden on girls? I kind of get Kayden as it can be shortened to Kay anyway, in fact this is probably more girly than most of the 'aden/aiden' names. Paxtyn is just weird and looks like typos. Macyn, is also strange as Macy/Macey is a perfectly normal girls name. I don't see the need to put the 'n' on the end. Peyten/Peyton/Payten etc are a girls name to me, I've never come across a male one, although I know it is becoming more popular as a boys name in the US.

Valentine - Coeli reminds me of E.Coli too much. The pronunciation is quite interesting, I would never have guessed Chay-lee.

July 18, 2009 9:28 PM

So Coeli, which I would pronounce as rhyming with hoe, is really another way of spelling Kayleigh or Kylie? Ugg if it is.

I guess that means that Liala is really Layla misspelled.

By Jan (not verified)
July 18, 2009 10:51 PM

Definitely appreciate the details from the original source, Anna! It's amazing how much the media can distort research.

By MelissaBKB (not verified)
July 18, 2009 11:36 PM

Thanks, Anna, for digging deeper into that and posting for all to read. I especially find interesting the idea that they could study effects on juries or teachers. We all have name biases (No! Not Sierra! I knew a Sierra in high school and.....), but are they stronger for certain names?

Re: Coeli. I know a 2-year-old Coleigh, pronounced with the long o, to rhyme with low/doe. I would think Coeli would be pronounced the same.

By MelissaBKB (not verified)
July 18, 2009 11:44 PM

Sorry for not reading! Coeli, pronounced Chay-lee, sounds cute. Must be rough on teachers, though :)

By Tirzah, not logged in (not verified)
July 19, 2009 12:27 AM

Amy3, this is a great list!

Some names that stood out to me: Dream (a girl?), Elvira (I wonder what she'll be for Halloween), Elvis (Hispanic?), Fabio (also Hispanic?), Hegel (after the German philosopher I presume) and Wolfey (appropriate per our previous conversation).

Also, I can't believe there is only one Jennifer and one Madison. Of course there are still 9(?) boys named Josh.

July 19, 2009 1:41 AM

"rhymes with Talia, not Malia" - funny, I pronounce Talia and Malia exactly the same, except for the first letter!

July 19, 2009 2:27 AM

KNP - I know a guy in New Zealand called Rodin and everyone mistakes it for Rodent. Seriously! I guess that's because he pronounces it as it looks in English - "ro-din" - rather than the original French way. I would be extremely hesitant to use this name in a non-French speaking country due to this problem, LOL!

Re: "Urgh, I really hate the -son names on girls. I forgive all who use McKenna or Mackenzie as possibly not knowing that "Mac" means "son of," but when "son" is right there?"
I often ponder whether it really matters what a name means. Hardly anyone ever seems to know name meanings, except people who are really into names and do their research. That's a tiny minority. (Of course, most people seem to know what their own name means, and maybe a few other names, but that's the extent of most people's etymological knowledge.)
I often cringe at people calling their child "Kai" because it means "food" in Maori, but the reality is "so what?" I often have to remind myself that if the parents really like the name, then it doesn't matter. For them, it may mean "ocean", as it does in Hawaiian, or maybe they don't know any of the meanings, but just like the sound of the name. Is that so bad? The name's sound is the only thing that most people who meet the child will be aware of.
Personally I'd prefer to use a name with a lovely, or at least appropriate, meaning, but I'm not sure many meanings would be deal-breakers for me. I am not keen on Jackson and Jameson on girls, although it's not due to the "son" endings - it's just an instinctive sense that they don't sound appealing on girls. I do like McKenzie on girls, although I wouldn't use it myself. I did know an Indian guy who was about to name his son Aryan (because he liked the sound of it) until someone told him the meaning. That certainly was a deal-breaker for him.
To me, the issue of "how could people name their daughter "-son" or "Mc-" when it means "son of", shock! horror!" is along similar lines to "how could people name their daughter Isabelle Elizabeth when they mean the same thing, shock! horror!" - both just seem like etymological snobbery to me, sorry. It may be technically right, but who cares? Only a very few. I think we need to be less judgmental about other people's name choices. It's one thing to observe the etymological implications, another thing to conclude that the parents are in some way deficient.

July 19, 2009 2:35 AM

I know a Coeli pronounced CHAY-lee. Her parents are both professors at the university, older and very religious. I think they would be horrified to think that some people thought their daughter's name was another way of spelling Kayleigh or Kylie, LOL!

By Amy3
July 19, 2009 8:18 AM

Tirzah, you're right Dream is a girl. Not sure if Elvis is Hispanic, though (they only include lns with 5th graders and you can't always link the kid's photo and the name on the class page in the yearbook). Fabio is definitely not Hispanic. His ln is Pr3ka.

Leafy, interesting that you'd mention Aryan as there is an Aryan at my daughter's school. I didn't include it in my list. My guess, based on the school population, is that he's probably Indian.

By Claire (not verified)
July 19, 2009 10:18 AM

New name to me: Prairie (girl) just had a baby naming at our synagogue.

July 19, 2009 11:35 AM

Between the Gecko and Gax (Gax the Gecko?), your girls sound like a riot, Laura!

In other news, I FOUND THE ELUSIVE 2ND edition!! At my local Chapters!! I had a gift card I'd been saving since my birthday, so I bought BNW2 and the new one from Satran and Rosenkrantz, "Beyond Ava and Aiden". Clearly, BNW2 is superior, and I'm having lots of fun going through it. Comparing the two, BNW2 is just so much more collaborative, openminded and well-researched.

one thing...both books suffer a bit from budget cuts in the editorial and design departments of their respective publishing houses. "Beyond Ava and Aiden" has a bunch of typos (and I'm only 1/2 way through), and insists that there's an English St Dustan (Dunstan, presumably). BNW2...well, some of the graphs got a wee bit messed up (Parker to Percy especially), and the designer in me thinks that the small teeny tiny font used in the BNW2 snapshots isn't entirely justified given all the white space at the bottom of each page (but I appreciate the massive challenge that must have been- I guess keeping the font type consistent with BNW1 won out during the design process?).

now i sound awfully negative where i meant to be positive...congratulations, Laura! What's the next project?!

July 19, 2009 12:56 PM

Leafy, so sorry, I didn't mean to be offensive. I had missed that this was a religious name until I went back up today to scroll through the posts. As I've said before, I am not very religious, and did not have any experience with this name. I guess it's a bit like those Irish names with the unfamiliar spellings and pronunciations that you just have to get used to. However, I do much like the look of many of THOSE.

July 19, 2009 12:58 PM

Two babies baptized in church this morning: Madeline Rose and Samantha Rose. It reminded me of the discussion we had last week on the prevalence of Rose as a middle name.

July 19, 2009 1:00 PM

And count me one who thinks it's a tiny bit weird to name a girl with the word "son" in it (except for Alison, which I'm so used to I don't think about it). I know an adorable little (girl) Carson, and have met several cute Madisons, but it still strikes me as a bit odd.

July 19, 2009 1:01 PM

i noticed the graphs from parker to percy as well. : / the font doesn't bother me though and i absolutely love everything else. hooray :]

By Amy3
July 19, 2009 1:07 PM

Name overheard at the park: Miller, an almost-3-yr-old girl.

July 19, 2009 2:03 PM

hyz- Love the chicken update story, that's so funny about your little neighbor!

Chimu- Thanks for the Graham information. I definitely say Gram, but I can make Gray-am work I just feel like I'm using a southern drawl (US) so I can't quite hear it with an Aussie accent (it's fun to try though:).

Re: Ireland/ Irelynn, I like Ireland better just because I don't like the spelling of Irelynn. I hear the appeal, but can't get a spelling I like actually. They all look too kre8tive, which since I am trying to create it shouldn't bother me as much... but it does!

Amy3- Thanks for the list:
Dalilah throws me, it took me a minute to figure out what it was, I think I slide through the vowels and 'L's too fast, anyone else have this problem? I had a similar problem with Iliriana, which in theory I like the sound of.

Surprises- Dream, Elvira, Howard, Hegel, 2 just Coco's? Jayson rather than Jason, 4 Kenneths? It's funny Kenneth is a family name that I like a lot. My bf and I have talked about Connor before which I also like, but I wouldn't use both and I thought Connor was more popular in most places, but maybe not! I believe Kenneth is also popular with Asian families isn't it?

How do you say Zoia? Zoy-ah?

Claire- Prairie is interesting, I certainly see the appeal and there was the Sesame Street character Prairie Dawn so it makes a lot of sense!

By Question (not verified)
July 19, 2009 3:29 PM

Quick, off topic question: How would one pronounce the name "Sharith"? Is it Sha-REETH, or SHARE-ith? Or something else?

This is the name of a child I am sponsoring and her info didn't include a pronunciation guide - and I can't find any info online about this name.


By Amy3
July 19, 2009 3:47 PM

Jenny L3igh, I included Dalilah because of our recent Delilah discussion. I met this girl before I saw her name printed so I assumed the latter spelling.

I was surprised by all the Kenneths too (along with Kevin and Kyle--they sound like boys I would have gone to school with).

Question, I would say sha-REETH.

July 19, 2009 3:57 PM

Yeah, it's funny how just one letter threw me off so much, maybe it's because Dalilah looks almost like a palindrome?:)

By Valentine (not verified)
July 19, 2009 4:51 PM

Name overheard on playground: Debonair

By Anna (not verified)
July 19, 2009 6:36 PM

Article by C.K. Evans about Harry Potter names - thought I'd share:


July 19, 2009 9:30 PM

Re: Dalilah.
The French opera by Saint-Saens is named "Samson et Dalila" so I just presumed it's a French variant.

By Amy3
July 19, 2009 9:55 PM

Jenny L3igh, I forgot to answer your question about Zoia. I don't know her, but I've heard it said ZOY-uh.

By EVie
July 19, 2009 10:00 PM

I know this has been said here before, but Alison doesn't have the same etymology as the other -son names... the French suffix -on is a diminutive, so Alison would be something like "little Alice." The other names I could think of following this pattern would be Manon and Marion, both of which I think are derived from Marie.

Re: Coeli - I actually kind of like this. I wouldn't use it because of all the pronunciation issues, but I definitely don't see it as a kre8tive spelling of Kaylee. It's a correctly-spelled Latin word with a really nice meaning (maybe Nevaeh for the hyper-educated?) A more intuitive version could be the Spanish name Araceli ("altar of heaven").

By knp (not verified)
July 19, 2009 10:28 PM

Anna, thanks for the HP article- I liked it a lot. I knew a lot of them, but the Merope one was new.

July 19, 2009 11:13 PM

i don't speak french, but suspect you are correct in assuming "dalila" is a french varient of delilah. i am, however, an opera buff, and in this opera, when samson sings his temptress's name, the pronunciation is

July 19, 2009 11:36 PM

Wow, just came across the name Judyl!z (a Hispanic woman). That's a new one to me!

July 20, 2009 12:05 AM

Evie-Thanks linking Coeli to Araceli makes much more since for me and now can see that it has nothing to do with Kaylee at all.

July 20, 2009 12:43 AM

Thought I'd share my local anaylsis of combined spellings with all of you. I will post in 2 posts-boy + girl-since they are VERY LONG! I took the local announcements (central PA) and matched up kre8tiv spellings from the beginning of the yr till end of June. I came up with a top 104 list(boys) and 94 (girls). I did take a few liberties with this and of course the pronunciations may also be my interpretation and not the ACTUAL parental desires. That said, the results were interesting to me. Here then are the boys:
Combined spellings of similar names (# of actual children with these names)

1. Ayden/Aiden/Aaden/Aidan/Aydan(12)
2. Michael/Micheal/Mychael/Mykell(11)
3. Brayden/Braedan/Braeden/Braydon(9)
4. Elijah/Alijah/Eli(9)
5. Chase/Chace/Case(8)
6. Jacob/Jakeb/Jakob(8)
7. Lucas/Luke/Luka(8)
8. Owen(8)
9. Parker(8)
10. Alexander/Alex(7)
11. Anthony/Antione/Antonio(7)
12. Connor(7)
13. Jackson/Jack(7)
14. Landon/Landyn(7)
15. Nathan/Nathaniel(7)
16. Wyatt(7)
17. Andrew(6)
18. Kyle/Cael/Cyle/Kyler(6)
19. Mason(6)
20. Noah(6)
21. Caden/Kaidin/Kayden(5)
22. Charles/Charlie(5)
23. Kolton/Colden/Colt/Colton(5)
24. Makai/Makhi/Malakai/Malcolm(5)
25. Mathew/Matthew/Mateo(5)
26. Xavier(5)
27. Cameron/Kameron(4)
28. Ethan(4)
29. Isaac(4)
30. Jahmear/Jahmere/Jahmir/Jymiere(4)
31. Jeremiah/Jeremy(4)
32. John(4)
33. Jonathan/Johnathan(4)
34. Joseph(4)
35. Joshua(4)
36. Logan(4)
37. Nicholas/Nicolas(4)
38. Sean/Shaun(4)
39. Vincent/Vince(4)
40. Adrian/Adreon(3)
41. Armanhi/Arman/Amari(3)
42. Cody/Kody(3)
43. Cole/Kole(3)
44. David(3)
45. Dylan(3)
46. Gavin(3)
47. Isaiah/Isiah(3)
48. Jamal/Jamell/Jamaury(3)
49. Jayden(3)
50. Josiah(3)
51. Julian/Julien(3)
52. Justin(3)
53. Liam(3)
54. Robert/Bobby(3)
55. Tyler(3)
56. William(3)
57. Amiere'/Amir(2)
58. Bradley(2)
59. Camden(2)
60. Carter(2)
61. Christan/Christian(2)
62. Christopher/Kristoffer(2)
63. Colby(2)
64. Colin/Collin(2)
65. Corey(2)
66. Dakota(2)
67. Darrel/Daryle(2)
68. Declan(2)
69. Donovan(2)
70. Evan(2)
71. Francis/Frank(2)
72. Gabriel(2)
73. Gage/Gaige(2)
74. Geovany/Gian(2)
75. Hayden(2)
76. Henry/Henrry(2)
77. Ja'eon/Jaevion(2)
78. Jason(2)
79. Jerrell/Jhyrell(2)
80. Joel(2)
81. Jonah/Jonas(2)
82. Jordan/Jordon(2)
83. Jose(2)
84. Kai(2)
85. Kaleb/Caleb(2)
86. Kalvin/Calvin(2)
87. Kevin(2)
88. Maddax/Maddox(2)
89. Maxwell/Max(2)
90. Nasir(2)
91. Nolan(2)
92. Preston(2)
93. Quentin/Quintin(2)
94. Raschard/Richard(2)
95. Rhylee/Riley(2)
96. Ryan(2)
97. Samir/Syhmier(2)
98. Shane(2)
99. Steven(2)
100. Thomas(2)
101. Trentin/Trenton(2)
102. Zachery(2)
103. Zander(2)
104. Zion(2)
Out of 539 boys born during this period of time, 2.22% of them were given the top name.

July 20, 2009 3:21 AM

re: 30. Jahmear/Jahmere/Jahmir/Jymiere(4)
Wow, I've never heard any of these before. Apparently there is a Jahmir Hyka, who is an Albanian footballer. Also found some Black Jahmirs online... I guess it is maybe a Muslim name?

Raschard is also new to me. Alternate spelling/transliteration of Rashad maybe?

July 20, 2009 3:26 AM

interesting names from my local listings: CASHTON - ANJAHLINA (as middle) - ZHYRALLANE - KELLA - JHAEZIREE - J-KA - ZAYDEE - ZACKARY

Jhaeziree is interesting to me because it seems like a play on Desiree, but it's going pretty far. Like I've seen Desirae. I'm sure there are Deziraes and other spellings as well

J-Ka is also interesting to me b/c last name is Thai I think or other Southeast Asian.

By ET (not logged in) (not verified)
July 20, 2009 6:49 AM

Sorry I have been away for a few days and havn't had chance to catch up with all the posts yet but just incase nobody else answered.

Lowri is pronounced like the artist (Low-ree) low rhymes with bow like take a bow.

Mabili confused me slightly aswell. I think it is meant to be the same as Mabli, im not sure if they chose to spell it differently or it was a typo on the list, but if so it is pronounced Mab-ly.

By Amy3
July 20, 2009 9:04 AM

Interesting list, zoerhenne. Henry with 2 Rs?!? I can't wait to see the girls' names!

July 20, 2009 9:17 AM

new baby name: sylvie
i'm not sure how many of you read this blog, but i absolutely recommend it:
it isn't name related, but it is definitely children related.

July 20, 2009 10:11 AM

I went to my local Barnes and Noble last night and was delighted to find the new BNW2 there! Huzzah! I spent all evening poring over it--it's a real pleasure to read. Thanks, Laura.

When I took the BNW2 up to the counter to buy it, the cashier took one look at it as she was ringing it up and said, "Well, just don't name your baby Galaxy." "Galaxy?!" I said. Apparently her best friend's brother just named a daughter Galaxy, and all of his friends and family are kind of appalled. (He's a big Star Wars fan and saw it as something of a tribute.) Even better: the last name is Wolf. So not only did I find the BNW2 at Barnes and Noble, I also found another great name story! It seemed wonderfully appropriate, but oh poor little Galaxy Wolf out there. (Her name sounds like one of those air-brushy t-shirts with dreamcatchers and howling wolves on it, am I right?)

July 20, 2009 10:28 AM

Here is the girls list for those that are interested. As said before, some liberties were taken with these groupings. The ethnicities btw are quite varied among Caucasian, African/American, Asian, and other.
1. Emma(9)
2. Lauren/Lorren/Lora(9)
3. Olivia/Alivia/Lyvia(9)
5. Ava(6)
6. Elaina/Alana/Alayna(6)
7. Hailey/Haileigh/Haley/Haylee(6)
8. Isabella/Izabella/Bella(6)
9. Lillian/Liliana/Lily(6)
10. Madison(6)
11. Maya/Maia(6)
12. Riley/Rylie/Rileigh/Reily(6)
13. Sophia(6)
14. Abigail(5)
15. Addison/Addisyn/Addyson(5)
17. Brianna/Brianah/Bryanna/Breyana(5)
18. Brooke(5)
19. Emily(5)
20. Isabelle/Isabel(5)
21. Kylee/Kylea/Kylie/Kyliah(5)
22. Lila/Lyla/Lilah(5)
23. Taylor(5)
24. Amaya/Amiya/Amiyah/A'miyah(4)
25. Jaelyn/Jaelynn/Jaylin(4)
26. Kassidy/Cassidy(4)
27. Kenna/Kennedy/McKenna(4)
28. Kyana/Kaniya/Kayani/Kiaune(4)
29. Leanna/Leauna/Layonna/Liyanna(4)
30. Madeline/Madelyn(4)
31. Paige(4)
32. Sara/Sarah(4)
33. Addy/Adelaide/Adelina(3)
34. Allison/Alison(3)
35. Alyssa/Alissa(3)
36. Asha/Ashanie/Ashlyn(3)
37. Aubrey(3)
38. Avery/Averie(3)
39. Brooklyn/Brooklynn(3)
40. Chloe(3)
41. Delilah(3)
42. Eliana/Elliana/Ella(3)
43. Eva/Evelena/Eveanne(3)
44. Gabriella/Gabrielle(3)
45. Gia/Giggi/Giovanna(3)
46. Jade/Jada(3)
47. Jayden/Jaidyn/Aidyn(3)
48. Jennifer/Jenna(3)
49. Jocelyn/Jossalin/Josalyn(3)
50. Johnna/Joh'nae/Janiyah(3)
51. Julia/Julissa(3)
52. Kamryn/Cameo/Campbell(3)
53. Karleigh/Karlie/Carla(3)
54. Katherine/Kathryn/Catherine(3)
55. Laela/Laila/Layla(3)
56. Lyna/Lena/Alina(3)
57. Marley/Marlee/Marlie(3)
58. Natalie/Nathalia(3)
59. Nikiah/Nekiyah/Nikira(3)
60. Samantha(3)
61. Sanai/Sanaiya/Sanaia-Jenea(3)
62. Savanna(3)
63. Sophie(3)
64. Adriana(2)
65. Aliyana/Iliana(2)
66. Amari/Camari(2)
67. Audrey/Audriana(2)
68. Bre'elle/Brielle(2)
69. Brynne/Brinleigh(2)
70. Ci'Anna/Cianni(2)
71. Claire(2)
72. Grace(2)
73. Hannah(2)
74. Jayla/Jaliyah(2)
75. Jorja/Georgia(2)
76. Kate(2)
77. Kaydence/Kadence(2)
78. Kaylynn/Kalynn(2)
79. Keira/Kiera(2)
80. Kelli/Kellen(2)
81. Lexi/Lexie(2)
82. Lydia(2)
83. Ma'Dyiana/My'annah(2)
84. Matilda(2)
85. Molly(2)
86. Nevaeh(2)
87. Penelope(2)
88. Peyton(2)
89. Rebecca(2)
90. Rowan(2)
91. Samaya/Sa'Mya(2)
92. Sienna(2)
93. Sierra(2)
94.Cherrish/Faith/Honesty/Hope/Serenity/Unique (6)
So as you can see, there is a lot more diversity in girls names than boys names. This list is also slighty off because it is only from beginning of yr till end of June. I took a quick look at July's list and there are several Paytin's and other such names that appear in the list around #90 so the list will skew differently by the end of the yr I'm sure. Still, out of 508 girls recorded the top name only represents 1.7% of all girls.

By Betsy (not verified)
July 20, 2009 10:32 AM

zoerhenne -- AWESOME LIST. Thanks for compiling all of that. I was definitely surprised by a couple that I thought would be more popular but only have 2 and some that I'd obviously never even know there would be Any duplicates of ever.

Is Benjamin not on the boys' list? Or maybe I'm blind.

July 20, 2009 10:57 AM

zoerhenne- It's so neat to see these lists! I'm surprised by the 2 girl Rowans, I definitely still see it as a boys name, but maybe I'm out of the loop. Which would be sad because I think it's a nice strong name on a boy, but sounds like it would work well for a nature-loving kid too.

And Cherrish? NMS...

July 20, 2009 11:09 AM

First time poster! I've been reading this for a couple of months and have been so interested, although no kids of my own yet. I was looking at a local hospital's nursery website and saw some really interesting names. Sorry if this is a long post...

Olive Marguerite
Hollis Steven
Griffin Ainsley (boy)
Kalan Jay
Violet Barbara Ann --- Beach Boys fans? :)
Abraham Halil
Oscar Eduardo
Seamus Padraic Pearse
Waylon Wesley
Kamdyn Mychael
Emmersyn Lucille
Remington Wesson
Helen John Elizabeth --- masculine middle name
Jerrica Leigh
Brosh --- new name to me!
Tempest Janel
Farrah Jillian --- (born before Farrah Fawcett passed away)
Hadley Renee
Otto Joseph
Crosby James
Penelope Marie
Addalyn Kay
Kruz Michael
Palyn --- baby girl; maybe fan of Sarah Palin?
Laken Boyd
Durham Jukes
Blythe Lavonne
Moses Alan
Olyve Angeline
Brystal Morgan
Rocco Chase
Kearington Lee
Kennady Reese
Eliza Sue
Euan Edward
Jaxon James
Boden Mark
Sincere Sin City --- baby boy; no comment...born in the Midwest, not Las Vegas
Addalyn Elizabeth
Piper Sky
Truitt James
Arian Sincere Love Andre --- again, no comment
Sage Josiemay
Hoyt William
Jax Martin
Abigayle Rae

All of those babies have been born in the past 7 months. I think what shocked me most was to see how many people used alternate spellings of each name...especially when 99% of the parents had very typical, common names...such as John and Christine. Thoughts?

July 20, 2009 11:15 AM

Susie, woah I can't even believe that some of those are real, they're so out there! Sincere Sin City?? Also not really loving Emmersyn and I really hope little Remington Wesson likes to shoot...

July 20, 2009 11:16 AM

holy mackeral. where in heavens name do you live?? (rhetorical question of course) who on earth would give their child the middle name "sin city"? noooot a fan.
and i also really do not like things like "mychael."

July 20, 2009 11:19 AM

Sincere Sin City????
What the....?
Talk about giving a child an ambivalent message... let alone everyone who meets him. Yikes!