Name Enthusiasts Speak: The Top Choices for the 2009 Baby Name Pool

Apr 17th 2010

The votes are in for the annual Baby Name Pool. Hundreds of name enthusiasts trained their eagle eyes on the naming horizon to predict the top rising and falling names of 2009. As always, your votes are almost as interesting as the official name data itself -- a leading indicator of name trends to come.

What did your votes say this year? Well, let's get the big theme out of the way right now: vampires. I've written plenty about the Twilight series as a powerful up-and-coming force in American names. Clearly, many of you agree. Alice, Bella, Isabella, Edward and Esme all ranked among the top 10 most-predicted rising names.

Alice took first place overall, with an added boost from the Alice in Wonderland movie (and perhaps from this past blog post.) The non-Twilight half of the top 10 was filled by Violet, Henry, Lila, Jackson and Oliver. That's an intriguingly traditional list for our non-traditional naming era.

On the declining side, most of you went with the "bigger they are, harder they fall" theory. The top choices were popular powerhouses Emma, Aiden, Emily and Jacob. Other recurring themes were top names of the '70s-'90s (Ashley, Jennifer, Brittany) and recent out-of-nowhere naming phenoms (Miley, Nevaeh).

The most intriguing group, though, may be the names that make both lists. Five names ranked among the top 20 predictions for both rising and falling. To me, that's the ultimate sign of a name of this moment, one that will help define our naming era long into the future. Whether you think these names are still rising or have already crested, you sensed that in 2009, they were everywhere:



By knp
April 17, 2010 9:15 PM

Just in case you missed it Chimu I replied at the end of the last thread (#316) but won't repost as it is LONG!

I have to admit, I went for "bigger they are, the harder they fall" theory in my falling list-- I was pretty influenced by last years most falling name Hannah.

By Elisabeth@youcantcallitit (not verified)
April 17, 2010 9:33 PM

I chose the vampire ROSALIE, plus two celebrity babies, VIVIENNE and HARLOW for my risers (none charted in 2008).

Fallers included Lilo disaster LINDSAY, hard faller DYLAN, and boys-name-on-girls HAYDEN (predicted it would fall for boys).

This is so fascinating to me every year. Can't wait to see what everyone chose! At least this year I don't have a bun in the oven, so that takes some of the pressure off when the list comes out.

By Elisabeth@youcantcallitit (not verified)
April 17, 2010 9:38 PM

We also have to look back at what was happening in 2008: Sasha, Malia, Willow and Piper are pretty safe bets for an increase I would think. Perhaps Barack is now in the top 1000?

By Amy3
April 17, 2010 11:25 PM

I didn't cast a ballot as I don't think spotting trends is my strong suit, but I love hearing what others chose and can't wait for the list to come out! I wonder, though, if the real Alice boost will come this year, when you factor in the movie angle as a contributor to a potential rise.

By SP (not verified)
April 18, 2010 12:05 AM

Chimu - Congratulations! Our taste in girls names is very similar. (I don't know if you remember because I don't post that often...but I live in NZ and have two daughters, Kezi@ J@smine & X@nthe H@zel plus #3 baby due end of July). I love most of the girl names on your profile page and think you'll easily find a great combo from that list.

I think our taste in boy names seems to diverge more (I like lots of Old Testament names for boys) but since you're looking for suggestions I'll add some from my long list in case they take your fancy.

Drew, Diego (spoiled by Nickelodeon Jr??), Leander, Otis, Odin, Jarvis, Rory, Matteo, Matthias, Seth, Ronan/Rowan, Geordie, Owen, Vincent

By Philippa The First (not verified)
April 18, 2010 12:57 AM

I honestly can't remember what was on my ballot. I tend to pick kind of randomly. I would venture that Alice was on it as a riser, and so was Cecelia (I submitted it the night the Office baby was born!). I remember putting amongst my fallers the misspelling Micheal.

So last week I posted that I'm having a boy this summer, and we had already chosen a name for him- Alexander. Then our neighbor had a boy called Alexander and I was all thrown off. Well, I'm still thrown off. One of the hardest parts of coming up with a good name was matching it to my husband and children's unusual Dutch name. It sounds a lot like the name of the author of the 'Madeline' books- Bemelmans. So let's use that as the stand in.

We have a daughter Rose 'Bemelmans', who would have been a William if she was a girl. Since she was born, my sister in law has had a boy with the middle name William so we crossed that off the list. Then last week, my husband's cousin had a baby girl, and called her... Rose 'Bemelmans'. Am I crazy in thinking that it's weird to give a new baby the exact same name as a relative? Especially if the last name is really rare? And the first name is not really popular? And if you didn't notify the other parents? They may have really understandable reasons, but we have no idea what they are.

Lastly, am I crazy to think that if my husband is determined for our baby not to have the same first name as the baby's cousin's middle name (William) and he's so upset about his cousin naming his daughter Rose, the same as ours, that he should be more wary of naming our son Alexander- the same name as our neighbour's baby? And, ok, really lastly, if we can't do Alexander, what else should we use?

Please help! Thank you!

By Air
April 18, 2010 1:34 AM

Philippa the First - Although I completely understand you being wary over the two neighborhood Alexanders, I think neighbors are MUCH different than cousins. (I am SHOCKED at the notion of the cousin using Rose!) Plus, am I remembering correctly that you anticipate not being neighbors for too much longer? If that's the case it seals the deal for me - use the name you love.

April 18, 2010 3:14 AM

Phillippa the First:

I understand feeling wary after what's happened within your family, but I agree with alr that the situation with your neighbor and your cousin are completely different. There might be some awkwardness if you're worried temporarily that your neighbor thinks you're copying their choice (which can be dispelled with one simple conversation), but it is odd to have more than one baby with a certain name within a family. It seems very insensitive of them. I'd definitely be a "keeper" for now on if I were you. I say go ahead with Alexander if it's the name you love!

I have a couple of questions...

So, I think Sylvia Pilar is tentatively on our list. The thing is, Pilar was a favorite name of an ex of mine. He now has two little girls NOT named Pilar, and I doubt they'd have any other kids. I wouldn't be taking the name away from him (especially as I'd only use it as a middle name), but is it odd to use a name that an ex was fond of? It probably wouldn't have been on my radar if it weren't for him.

Also, what do you think of the nickname Lula for Ursula? Too much of a stretch? Again, I'm not a big nickname person (at least not for outside the family or at school). DH really likes Uli, which I don't love. I'm trying to think of alternatives.

Sorry about switching log-in identities. There was a mix-up and I didn't catch it in time.

April 18, 2010 3:58 AM

Phillipa the first,

i would use William without hesitancy. Middle names, which are rarely used, are not at all the same as FNs in my book. (I agree that the Rose thing is a pretty big party foul. Are they in your life much) I would go for your first love, William,

IMO it is a much stronger name than Alexander which for me is kinda date stamped in the 70s and 80s unless you are using the nn Xander.



By Amy3
April 18, 2010 10:26 AM

@Philippa the First, I think you could safely use William OR Alexander for this baby. I agree with Jenny also that cousins sharing what is a fn for one and a mn for the other is not such a big deal. (I do think it's odd that your husband's cousin chose the identical name as your daughter, though.)

And I agree with everyone else who said the situation is *much* different when the name you're contemplating sharing is with a neighbor, esp one you don't anticipate being neighbors of for much longer.

I do think a quick heads up to the parents of William or Alexander would be in good taste and could do a lot to forestall a misunderstanding.

@Mirnada, hmmmm, since your ex didn't use Pilar (and you suspect he won't), I think it's fair game. After all, naming inspiration can come from a variety of sources. However, if you and he still interact socially, I suppose it could seem a little strange. I'm not sure I've been much help!

By Philippa The First (not verified)
April 18, 2010 11:11 AM

Mirnada: I do like Sylvia Pilar. Or Pilar as a first name. When I was at university, one of the dorms at our school was Ursula Hall, and was always known as 'Ursie'. Does that help, or hinder your nn choices?

@everyone. Thanks for your input on my dilemma. I realise that agonizing over name choices when you're talking about Rose, William and Alexander is a little absurd. Names with such a long, deep history are always going to be shared. And conversations like 'OMG the baby will have the same name as her second cousin!' are pretty insane and date-stamped themselves!

By Eo (not verified)
April 18, 2010 11:49 AM

Philippa the First-- I don't find your concern about it insane at all-- I'd feel much the same, but I think you're handling it well and with good humor. I agree with what's been said, and I love all the names, Rose, William, or Alexander...

Mirnada-- Pilar is great, and I'd have no worries about an ex liking it too, or liking it "first". Just go with it if you love it!

"Lula" is fine and plausible as an Ursula nickname. Let's see, since you asked for other possibilities, I also like "Suley" (pronounced SOO-lee) and "Sudie" (SOO-dee)...

There were three little dedications and presentations of new babies in church this morning. Two of the infants wore fairly expected names-- "Lily" and "Alexander", but the third was "Craig"! I was thrown for a loop by that. zoerhenne, would you consider Craig a sort of good-guy, Seventies kind of name?

By Eo (not verified)
April 18, 2010 11:58 AM

Oh, I just thought of another possible nickname for Ursula besides Suley or Sudie. My sister-in-law is named "Suth3rl@nd", but is called "Suds" for short. I think that would work nicely on any other name that contains the "su" letters in it, like Susannah or Ursula...

April 18, 2010 12:29 PM

Philippa the First,

William was just used as a MIDDLE name? I'm sorry, I missed that. Definitely use William if you love it more than Alexander. Personally, I like sound of Alexander a little better with the last name (which I know is an approximation of yours), because it has a lot of M sounds in it. It's kind of nice having the crispness of the X and D to balance it out, I think.

I am occasionally in touch with the ex, mostly by e-mail. I guess I could shoot him a friendly e-mail saying that his old fave just ended up being perfect - that is, if we end up using it. Maybe that would make it ok. I guess I could even thank him for putting it in my head.

I know a Suli, actually. I wonder if she's originally an Ursula. I do like the sound of Lula, though...for a really informal nickname on a small girl.

By Joni
April 18, 2010 12:51 PM

Philippa, are you close with your husband's cousin? Do you see them often? Because if not I would just shrug if not I would just shrug it off. I mean, it's not like it was your brother/sister-in-law who used the same name - making the Roses cousins. It was your HUSBAND'S cousin's child. If it was me, I'd feel affronted (they took my name!) but then again what can you do? Unless you are willing to name your child Xyfertabel chances are she will meet another Rose or two in her life.

William is a classy name. Unless the William in your family gets called by both names, Then I would go for it.

April 18, 2010 12:52 PM

I didn't enter but reckon alternative spellings of the most popular names have got to be the big jumpers, Izabella for Isabella anyone?

By Jane, Mother of Five (not verified)
April 18, 2010 3:35 PM

Philippa: I agree with the others. William and Alexander should both be on your list.

After all the fun debate about Beatrix and Rosabel, I have some news. Despite an earlier test result of “80% sure it’s a girl” and very strong intuition that we were having a girl, the recent ultrasound showed with absolute clarity that we are, in fact, having a boy! (For those keeping track, this will be our fifth boy in a row:)

So… the ultrasound also showed a big, healthy baby, so dh and I are very happy. But I have not really thought about boy names up to now, especially since we’ve used most of what I consider the obvious choices.

Our children are Anne Juliet (Juliet), John Stewart (Jack, recently), Charles Wallace (Charlie), James Michael (Jamie), and Patrick Eugene (Patrick).

The other obvious classics (William, Thomas, Edward) are leaving me feeling a little flat this time around. I don’t want this name to clash with the others, but I do feel ready to go a little further afield for this name. (Plus, it’s not as though they will always be part of a set.)

So, here are the names I like (due to a complicated agreement, I get to pick this one myself with one veto from dh, which he has already used on Graeme, my first choice):


Also on the table are Henry, which dh loves but I don’t at all and Joshua, which is dh’s name. Joshua is my favorite name because it belongs to the person who makes me happiest in the world, but neither of us is sure about how we feel about juniors.

Casper is probably my first choice, but our last name is P@lmer, and I don’t usually care for the repeated “-er” sounds at the end. Dh thinks this isn’t as big of a deal but worries that it is too dorky. The same exact concerns apply to Walter.

Baby Name Wizard says Cedric is an African American name. It doesn’t read that way to me, but I’m not sure how it reads to others. Also it is not a favorite of dh.

Since I’m not Irish, I should probably not use Cormac, I just like it.

Colt is trendy and totally out-of-step with our other names, but again, I just like it.

I don’t like Ed, so I’m extremely hesitant to pull the trigger for Edmond.

Isaac doesn’t match the other kids’ names, but it does ring “happy” for me. And I guess I am looking for a cheerful name, like Charlie (but of course, we already have a Charlie).

Kai is a name I like, but I fear it is trendy. I also don’t know much about it.

I don’t have much to say about Miles, Milo, and Nicholas. They are names with history and which I like, but I’m not totally sold.

I like the sound of Peter and the Peter Pan association, but every Peter I’ve known in real life has been a bit dorky… so I’m not sure I could get over that.

Ok, thoughts? This isn’t a definitive list. We are VERY open to suggestions.

April 18, 2010 3:57 PM

@ Chimu:
Congrats! :D

@ Philippa the First:
I don't think either William or Alexander would be off limits.

@ Mirnada:
Have you considered 'Uschi'? It's a bit silly, but also happy-sounding and fun to say. I also really like Lula (perfect for a little girl!), and don't think it's a stretch at all.

I adore your children's names! They are all in my list of absolute-favorite baby names. Don't be surprised if I end up with a little Jamie myself :)
I agree that the -er endings make Casper and Walter a bit harder to say in combination with your last name (not that that really matters though...)
When hearing Cedric, if anything, I think of Harry Potter. You might not want that association, but at least the book character is a sporty, hard-working, fair, brave, loyal, intelligent man. (I, obviously, have no problem with the connection :D)
Of your other choices, I like Peter (would that sound okay w/your last name?) and Isaac (does that sound to much like Jack?).

Oh, and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about 'Galen.' I really like the history behind the name, and I have a soft spot for G- names. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the name might have negative connotations (I would pronounce it GAY-len). In addition, I can't think of any good nns, as I can't really use the first syllable, and I don't like Len/Lennie. Any thoughts?

April 18, 2010 4:02 PM

My son is named Peter Joseph, so I'd recommend that combination except for the fact that I don't think Peter Palm3r sounds great. A little too sing songy for my tastes. How about Josiah as an almost sound-alike to Joshua? And congratulations!

April 18, 2010 4:52 PM

Jane, congratulations, though I don't envy you with 5 boys to name, I'd run out quickly especially as you've picked most of my favourites!

I know you're wary of the 'er' ending but what about Alistair?

You could consider Harry if your husband likes Henry and you like happy sounding names, is it the 'ie' sounding ending that makes a name sound happy? I agree about Isaac, I think it is a lovely name, but I'm not sure how it sits with the other boys.

By knp
April 18, 2010 5:01 PM

i think Isaac goes well with your other children's names (not matchy, but not that out of the box). I think it might be a great choice-- and I get the happy feeling too. I'd also like to give a shout out for Nicholas. I think of your list, Isaac, Nicholas, Edmond and Peter are most similar to your children's names. Maybe try to use Henry or Joshua as mn options?

Isaac Nicholas is pretty great, actually. a couple combos
Nicholas Henry
Isaac Joshua

By Elisabeth@youcantcallitit (not verified)
April 18, 2010 5:10 PM

@Jane: Happy sounding names that are also pretty classic:

Teddy (for Edmond)-- Ned works too
Theo (Theodore)
Freddy (Frederic)
Billy (William)
Sam (Samuel)
Quentin (for boy #5!)

April 18, 2010 5:42 PM


I really like Nicholas with your other names, and think that Nicholas Henry P.... sounds very good. I also have a fondness for Edmond, and think that Teddy and Ned are great alternatives to Ed. I personally LOVE Felix and wish we could use it. You're so lucky to be able to use Quentin for a 5th! Quentin P.... is very handsome and a little less expected. That's a great suggestion, I think.

April 18, 2010 5:46 PM

Happy Sunday to you all!
hyz+ mirnada-I also replied on the other thread about Sylvia Pilar.

Jane MO5-Wow 5 boys! That is now the 3rd switcheroo on this board (current posters expecting beware)! I love all your names, they are right up my alley. The one that jumped out at me as a possible combo was Nicholas Isaac.

Philippa the First-I DO think the two Rose's are odd as the others said but also think you could get away with Alexander or William. I also like your classic choices and thought I would throw out Nathaniel as an option for you (or Jane).

Eo-Craig is an underused nice-guy 70's throwback name. However, I wouldn't recommend it for many ppl. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the right sound or feel to match the names of today.

Re nn's for Ursula: I like Suley, Sudie, or Lulu. However, Suds to me sounds negative. For me it either connotes washing (as in soap) or drinking (as in beer) neither one is particularly beautiful for a nn for a DD.

Re Top Risers + Fallers: I went the boy vs girl route for the fallers and the names I thought were "going girl" became fallers for the boys. The risers were sound-alikes/respellings of current fads.

April 18, 2010 5:49 PM

Ha Ha knp-you and I were posting about Jane at the same time! I also like Joshua Isaac, Joshua Quentin, Nicholas Desmond, and Samuel Isaac. Wow-lots of possibilities and a good LN to boot!

April 18, 2010 7:44 PM

Thanks for the input on Sylvia Camille and Pilar! It's really helpful. I think I'm leaning back towards Camille. It's nice that there's the family connection, and it'll make my dh happy to use the name somewhere (a small consolation for not using it on a boy, I admit).

He had a little outburst today when I asked him if he liked Suli or Lula as a nickname for Ursula. He said, "But I like Uli! Why do you get to pick all the names!"

It just seems odd to me to start a name with the "oo" sound. It seems incomplete.

I guess I'm just an NE bully! I really TRY to seriously consider the names he suggests. Really I do!

April 18, 2010 7:51 PM

Mirnada-Why not steer him away from the OO sound by presenting the fact that Ursula means bear. Maybe you could call her Pooh-bear or some other affectionate nn rather than a modification of Ursula.

April 18, 2010 7:59 PM

He calmed down and said he actually likes Suli (of course I like Lula better). I would much rather call her Ursula, anyway, and then Sunshine, Pickle, or whatever at home -- like you suggest. Those nicknames just develop organically, anyway, and dh is a pro at making them up. He's given me quite a few. Now I just gotta get pregnant...:)

April 18, 2010 10:42 PM

Jane, I would love for you to use Edmond. It is such a handsome name and would fit so well with your other children. Walter would be my second pick. Congratulations, and good luck!

P.S. I hope poor Juliet isn't feeling the pressure of being outnumbered. At least she is the eldest. :)

April 18, 2010 10:43 PM

Oh, and I didn't even realise Harlow wasn't in the top 1000 until I read Elisabeth's post pointing it out. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it had rose in 2009.

April 18, 2010 10:48 PM

Oh goodness, so much to catch up on. We were at my parent's house once again this weekend and I was too lazy to fight for the computer while there. So Judah's fish are officially named Mooney and Monkey. He took a vote this morning before we departed from the extended fam and those won, with Moon being changed slightly to Mooney. Their shabbos names (Hebrew names) are Siman Tov and Mazel Tov. I almost died of laughter when Judah told me this. For those of you who don't know, Siman Tov u' Mazel Tov is a saying/song that is said/sung traditionally at weddings, bar mitzvahs and other big events and basically means good luck. My father loves this song and sings it constantly, so Judah bestowed the two parts of the saying onto his fish. Lovely.

Also, I finally gave into the name badgering and announced that we're using Ruth (though didn't give in on the mn front). Reception was positive and nothing negative has been said to my face yet.

re Sylvia Pilar: I cant remember who was asking about it but I love it. Pilar is such a cool name to me, very exotic yet familiar.

Chimu- congrats!!!

Jane - wow, 5 boys! I can hardly handle two. I'll have to think more about your naming situation a bit later.

April 18, 2010 10:53 PM

Jane- congratulations, and that's quite the houseful!

With Juliet, Jack, Charlie, Jamie and Patrick, I think I'd stay away from "J" and the "ee" sound, just for practical reasons...

the suggestion of Quentin- that's awesome! Traditional but off-beat, and completely "justified". Quintus is pretty cool too, but maybe a little too unusual with your guys. I'm sorry if I repeat anything or suggest something that's already been ruled out, i haven't been keeping up with the board too much lately...candidates for happy, slightly-further-afield names

Jude (though Juliet, Jack, Jamie and Jude?!)
Francis (Frank)
Archibald (Archie)

April 18, 2010 11:58 PM

larksong-Have you used Grace yet? I was just sitting here thinking of Eden Alyssa Grace OR Alyssa Eden Grace. Anyway just a thought.

Jane-Blythe's listing of your brood made me think that they are a bit paired up. I know you probably don't want to think about the names that way because each of them is special to you in your own way but from an ousiders point of view..Juliet matches up with Jamie, Jack with Charlie, and Patrick with newborn (atleast for me). So I still think Nicholas would be a good choice but these may also work:
Do any of those strike a chord or am I way off base?

April 19, 2010 12:51 AM

Jane, so it's a boy! I raised 5 boys too and now have a dozen grandsons. Boys are great! As you know, I share your last name, so I followed the naming of your twins very closely and am interested in what name you'll chose for this new little boy. My naming style and that of my family is similar to yours.

Our 5 sons are:
Edward ("Teddy" as a little boy; "Ted" later on); I've come to like Edmund "Teddy"/"Ted" very much too)
(John) (you already have a John)

Our 9 grandsons with the same surname as yours:
Joseph ("Joey"), Ethan, William ("Will")
Christopher, Alexander, Nicholas
David, Jonathan, Henry

Our 3 grandsons from two of our daughters (different surnames):
(James) and Andrew

I would suggest all of the above names!

From your list I love Edmund ("Teddy") and Nicholas.

I like Peter but don't care for it with P@lmer (reminds me of the nursery rhyme "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...")

Some of the other names on your list don't seem to have the 'stature' of your older boys' names.

With John, Charles, James and Patrick, I would probably chose another strong, traditional male name. Besides Edmund and Nicholas, I agree with your husband that Henry is a fine name. (Henry is the name of our newest grandson, born earlier this month. The name was suggested by one of my sons (dad of Joey, Ethan, Will) and one daughter (has only daughters). As with you, Henry was never a favorite of mine -- although I always felt very positive about the name's history, but I'm liking it more and more and am sure it will soon be a favorite!)

Best wishes!

By Air
April 19, 2010 1:10 AM

Jane - Might I toss "Cortland" into the mix? I wanted to use it myself but had a girl. :) Not sure if it fits your taste, but thought I'd mention it.

By Air
April 19, 2010 1:10 AM

Oh, and I quite like Peter. I've only known one Peter and he was a class act and quite the catch. All the gals loved him. :)

By Mara (not signed in) (not verified)
April 19, 2010 2:44 AM

My riser picks were:

Alice (so sad to see this one get popular)
Violet (I see this one taking over the top 5 soon)

My fallers:

Ashley (it's time)
Spencer (it feels very 80s/90s and of course Pratt)
Miley (fast riser, fast faller)

But just now I am realizing Quinn as a girl's name has the potential to really climb which makes me sad. I love the name for either sex but more so for a boy.

By namedaftermygrandmother (not verified)
April 19, 2010 6:32 AM

I'm leaning toward Nicholas (classic, good nicknames, not a J name) for Jane, Mo5. Lots of great options, though!

Mirnada, what about using Camille (or Camilla) Pilar? I also like Uli as a nickname for Ursula, because it is already a pretty recognizable German name. But, as you know, nicknames often choose themselves!

I didn't enter either, but I feel that Milo is hugely on the rise, as well as Violet.

By knp
April 19, 2010 9:55 AM

Horror!! I accidentally deleted (and emptied my recycle bin) my name .xls file!! All the brainstorming lost! I'm crying.

Good think I started using Laura's favorite name function!!! I have some at least!

April 19, 2010 9:59 AM

Jane, I've just reread all the above suggestions for your baby's name. I agree that probably a name not starting with J might be best. But even though this is your 5th son, I'd still choose a name that ties in with the style of your other boys' names: strong traditional male names, with ties to historic England and Scotland.

The nicknames Charlie and Jamie have a Scottish leaning, and with that I thought of Geordie. I've always liked Geordie, with George as the given name.

I think Edmund (nn Teddy) would be an excellent name for the youngest brother in your family, but I'd use the standard English spelling rather than the French Edmond. According to, Edmund "was the name of two Anglo-Saxon kings of England. It was also borne by two saints, including a 9th-century king of East Anglia... This Old English name remained in use after the Norman conquest (even being used by king Henry III for one of his sons), though it became less common after the 15th century."

Some other names with royal connections:
Frederick ("Freddie")

Scottish royal names:

If you want a name that fits in and yet is a little bit different, I think your idea of Nicholas fulfills that.

Too, I like the names of the patron saints of the British Isles: along with Patrick (Ireland), they are Andrew (Scotland), David (Wales) and George (England).

April 19, 2010 10:40 AM

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that L1nnea Marie was born late last week, sister to Ame1ia Ann and Stef@n William!

We did not know the gender, so we had a short list of girl names and a longer list of boy names. We were happier with our girl names, so the decision ended up being pretty straight forward after we met our little girl!

Sophi@ Marie, Winston Scott, and Phi1ip David are now all available for general use! :-)

By hyz
April 19, 2010 12:11 PM

Wow, this thread got long quickly! I'll try to catch up....

Philippa -- I don't think it's crazy for you to feel miffed about the cousins taking Rose for their daughter, especially if they know your daughter's name and you and/or your kids interact on occasion. In that case, I'd think it would be nice if they'd have at least warned you first, or got in touch with you after the birth to chat about it (if they weren't telling anyone the name until birth). And I agree that both Alexander and William are totally legit to stay on your list. Both are great names, but if your ln has all the m's that the stand-in has, I also agree that Alexander probably sounds better of the two.

Mirnada--I don't think the Pilar thing with your ex would make it too weird for you to use, but I do think your suggestion of emailing him sounds good, and would just get it out in the open and take away any weirdness there might be. I also understand your hesitation about Ulli--I actually think it's cute, but I might be a little concerned that kids could change it to "Ugli" and there would be teasing potential there. Suley avoids this (as does Sula, which I like a lot).

Ladybird, I have a cousin named Galen, and I've always thought it was a very handsome name. I never even noticed the "gay" thing, and I don't think it should be a problem. I've always said Galen more like "GAIL-in" then "GAY-len" anyway--it's a slight difference, but maybe that's why I never noticed the "gay" sound. I don't think Galen needs a nickname, personally.

Julie--congratulations on your new little one! Hope you all are doing well, and that the big sibs adore her--her name fits very well with theirs, I think. :)

knp--oh, I might be crying over that, too! Thank goodness you have some saved, anyway, although I know that's probably small comfort.

April 19, 2010 12:00 PM

Julie-Congrats and thanks for the update. It is a sweet name and goes well with the others. Best wishes to you family!

knp-How awful! Are you sure there isn't anything you can do. I can't think of anything either except reposting the list I've saved of chimu's combos. Didn't you both have similar tastes?

By hyz
April 19, 2010 12:11 PM

Jane Mo5--that must have been a real shock, but congrats on the little boy! I hope your Juliet is adjusting ok to the news, too.

It's a lot of freedom that you get to pick the name (although too bad your DH nixed the handsome Graeme)! Ok, here's my reaction to the list so far:

Casper--I can't get past the ghost thing with this, although I think it could be a neat mn

Cedric--I don't think of it as an AA name particularly--it sounds more British to me, but a little stuffy, so this wouldn't be my first choice.

Colt--adorable, but doesn't feel established enough to me, and also seems very markedly different from your other kids.

Cormac--I like the sound of this (although not the meaning so much), and I think it works with the others even though it is different. It especially pairs up with Patrick. I know what you mean about not feeling right about using it without any personal Irish connection, though. I wouldn't cross it off yet though, if you like it.

Edmond--nice name, goes with the others, and I like it either using the full name or with the nn Teddy. Ed(die) and Ned don't do much for me.

Isaac--I like this, and think it fits fine with your others. The meaning is happy, and it's certainly a good traditional name. If you like Isaac, what about Isaiah? That's one of my favorites that I can't use, and has a similar feel.

Kai--seems too trendy to me, and too different from the other kids.

Miles, Milo--both of these are nice, but are losing some of their gloss for me because they seem to be rather trendy choices now.

Peter--love this, and think it would be a great choice for you, if ONLY your LN was a bit different, but I agree with the "Peter P@lmer picked a peck..." problem here.

Nicholas--I think this is a great choice and goes well with your others

Walter--I just get "old man" from this (like Walter Matthau), so I don't love it.

Henry--I like it a lot, but if you don't love it, maybe keep it in mind for mn, to appease DH?

Joshua--again, good mn fodder here if you don't want a junior.

Other names I might suggest:
Christopher (I'm picking up on a C theme in your favorites, so maybe one of these C names will strike a chord)
Grant (similar to Graeme, maybe?)

Some of these are more in line with your current kids' names, and some are a little more unusual, but I think all would fit in fine with the others. I also like the suggestion of Quentin, here--entirely appropriate. :) I'll have to think on it some more, too, for additional suggestions....

By Amy3
April 19, 2010 12:47 PM

@julie, congrats! I love the name Linnea so I'm always so pleased to see it used irl. Her name complements her older siblings' names nicely.

@knp, argh! What a terrible thing! I'm glad the "favorites" allows you to recapture some of what you lost.

@Jane MO5, of the names you listed, I prefer Edmund (love the nn Ned), Nicholas, and Isaac (nn Ike seems like it could fit in with the other nns).

April 19, 2010 1:17 PM

Was just wading through the local March births and thought I would post some of the more unusual occurences for this area. I have google-fied some of them. Becky you will like them :) and Eo there are quite a few 70's creeping in but I won't post them.
Bob'Br3al3(g)-this one is odd to me
Keamya(g)-not sure on pronunciation
Klairence(b)-odd sp
Lyniya(g)-I kind of like this one

April 19, 2010 1:40 PM

@ Julie- love your children's names, and many congrats!

@ Jane MO5, how exciting- I second (third, whatever!) the idea of classic traditional names, like George, Henry, Nicholas and Edmond. Another classic name that is never used these days is Richard. And if you are keen on going a little more Celtic, I love Connell and Lewis.

April 19, 2010 1:46 PM

zoerhenne- so funny that Zephaniah is on that list. Technically it's a boys name, but oddly enough I've seen it used on girls more than boys recently. My dh's best friend from high school named his daughter Zephaniah, nn Zephi. I love the nickname Zephi, it's so adorable!

April 19, 2010 2:07 PM

Becky-I think its kind of pretty too with a bit of spunk in it as well. Question: How is Hezekiah prononced? Is it more like Hez-i-KIE-ah or more like Hez-EE-key-ah? and the same with Zephaniah where would you put the accent? I like Ze-fan-nee-ah OR Zeff-a-nie-ah but dont really care for the Hez sound of the other one.

April 19, 2010 2:21 PM

i've only ever heard hezekiah as hez-eh-KAI-uh, so that's my best guess.