There Are Superheroes All Around Us

Aug 6th 2010

Today, I am in a place where everyone has an alter ego. A woman you meet might answer to Kim or Michelle in her everyday life, but she has another identity -- an identity marked not by an ordinary name, but by a title that reflects her special powers: Allergic Girl. Lady M. Naked Jen.

I'm at BlogHer, the massive conference for women who blog. A sample snippet of conversation: "I'm supposed to meet Momfluential for drinks." A sample introduction: "I'm Mary, Weird Girl." (Or, to be fair: "I'm Laura, The Baby Name Wizard.") It's like a Marvel Universe convention for reject superheroes.

At first it felt weird. The more I get used to it, though, the more I like it. Special powers are so much more diverse than x-ray vision and super strength, so why should the boys in tights have all the fun?

Think about it for a minute, and I'll bet you have a super power of your own. What's your secret identity name?


August 10, 2010 9:46 AM

Hey Everyone! I hope that everyone is well

I have 2 questions that I would really appreciate some feedback on

How would you describe my girl name style? I ''think'' my male & female style is slightly different

These are pretty much the top 30 + or - or the names that I keep on going back to and have all pretty much been names that I have loved since childhood/teens ... so, YEARS . They're the most consistently liked.I won't be offended if you say trendy etc

Luna (loo-nah/nuh)
Honour (not a creative spelling, how it's spelt in my country)
Carys (KAH-riss)
Isla (EYE-luh)
Phoebe (FEE-bee),
Penelope (peh-neh-lo-pee),
Arielle (aah -ree-el / R-E-L)
Anastasia (ah-nah-stay-see-ah),
Evangeline (LEEN not line) ,
(I also love Claire, but took her off the list because of someone)
Maya (MY-uh)
Talulah (tuh-loo-luh)
Sasha (SUH-sha or long ''a'' SAH-sha .. not the 'a' in apple)
Tatum (TAY-tem/tum)
Isabella (ih-sah-behl-luh )
(liked it before Twilight was even written lol )
Camille (KAH - meel)
Arden (ARE-den)
Jasmine (Jazz-min)
Sinead (shee-nayd)
Keira (key-ruh or keer-uh)
Briony (brye-oh-nee)

I put in the phonetics as to how I say it, because I know that accent and accental stress changes how a name can sound .. this was just to give a clearer understanding of were I am coming from

Thank you !

QUESTION2 (that looks like an exam heading, but anyway)

I've been thinking about the name RIPLEY a lot. I used to always consider it as a solely a male name, but I've recently been liking it for a girl as well. I've only come across females named Ripley ... the only male is a dog... all of this has been making me more inclined to consider it unisex

I don't have a problem with unisex names at all ; it depends on the specific name for me. I.E. I prefer Robin,Harper, Elliot,Raven & Cameron for boys. I prefer Bailey,Aubrey, Quinn (not because of Glee - don't even watch Glee) ,Taylor,Jade for girls for example . A lot depends on the exposure that I have of the names . For isntance, I have no problem with a male/female Ashley

My question is, do you think that Ripley is a name that walks the gender boundary line , or does it lean towards a specific gender? Do you think that you could get away with using it on either gender?

Thank you and please forgive the length

August 10, 2010 9:42 AM

Screen name

Honestly, I like the sound of Lark . I like it's connotation . It's cool as a name and it's an interesting animal . I love music , hence the song. You get the saying '' sings like a lark'', so the name ''Larksong'' is basically just a joke about that saying, as well as amusing me

It's corny and silly .... but, hey, it makes me happy.Plus, hippy names are a guilty pleasure ( as well as ancient Greek names)

So, like everything about lark.Like everything about music. It's all good

August 10, 2010 11:08 AM

welcome back!

firstly, your tastes are a little all over the place to me, which isn't at all a bad thing, but it does mean that i don't really know what "category" i would put you in...

and ripley makes me think of signourney weaver's character in the alien movies. this may be especially strong for me at the moment, as i just saw aliens for the first time about a week ago. anyway, this isn't a bad association for me: she's a fantastic character, in my opinion. it does make it seem a bit "tougher" than the average name that ends in ley/ly, which is either good or bad, i guess, depending on your preference. but because of the character, i can easily picture it on a girl.

August 10, 2010 11:29 AM


First of all,thank you for remembering me! Secondly, thank you for replying to my long post

I'm not really quite ''back'' yet. I've just been so busy! But, when I go on holiday (in November), you all will probably be wishing me away!

I generally classify my taste as ''eclectic''. lol

It's a bit of a spunky, strong woman name for me. I could imagine being the name of a ''Kick Butt Chick'' in one of those types of novels
I'm actually really starting to like it :)

I was going to ask this, and then I didn't .... oh well, it's being asked now!

Are Eden (EE-den/dihn) & Arden (ARE-den) too close for sisters? I'm in a bit of 2 minds about this one.It could be perceived as matchy ...but, at the same time , I know when all of my family members get together, everyone's names get mixed up anyway (we're a troop)- even though our names have completely different sounds! HELP!

Thanks everyone

August 10, 2010 1:22 PM

haha, eclectic works. :]

ripley is DEFinitely a "kick butt chick" sort of name to me (again, purely because of ellen ripley in alien). as i say though, she's pretty great.

eden and arden are a bit too close for me personally, but it's all up to the individual, right? in other words: it's really your call! :]

August 10, 2010 4:19 PM


Ironically, I read a book where 1 of the main characters was a female Ripley. This Ripley was a bot of a tomboy and a cop on a small island. :)
I ''think'' Ripley & Piper sound like 3 REALLY spunky sisters :)

Hmmm, I'm erring on the side that Eden & Arden being a tad too similar , also. If you add Dylan - my 1# boy name since a kid (think 10 or 12), that's way too much -en/ihn sound for 3, two-syllable names
At the moment, this is kind of for a story where I am using my fav names. It is , a guilty consideration at the moment :) But, hey, who knows, maybe by the time I have -- which as I get older, the older I want to be when I have kids, maybe the new favorite names are Gertruida & Frederique!

August 10, 2010 5:43 PM

@ Larksong - I think Eden and Arden are too close for siblings, but I'm someone who doesn't like matching endings.

Re Ripley - I know a toddler Ripley (boy). I actually thought of the name as female before knowing him due to the Aliens character, so I can definitely see it go either way.

By Beth the original (not verified)
August 10, 2010 9:59 PM


I'd call your girl-naming style classic eclectic -- you like slightly offbeat names but they are actual names I've heard here and there. I agree about Eden and Arden being too close, though each is pretty on its own. My problems with Ripley are Ripley's Believe it or Not (which would just be a tiresome joke to endure), and Jack the Ripper (more alarming). Well, OK, and Ripple wine. It feels very "boy" to me, nn "Rip."

On Cohen, I guess it's inappropriate to say name the kid Cohen and nickname him "Trayf," eh?

By sarah smile (not verified)
August 10, 2010 10:06 PM

Just to chime in on the Cohen issue: As Miriam pointed out, it's not that Cohen is a name that is only appropriate for Jewish kids, or for Jewish kids from that specific lineage. Cohen is not a first name in the Jewish tradition at all; it is the name of the priesthood and a surname most often associated with that heritage. So I wouldn't hesitate to comment based on the possibility that the child is 'entitled' to that name; I don't think any child is by traditional standards.

That's not to say you shouldn't hesitate for other reasons, like fear of causing more harm than good. Without knowing this woman and your relationship with her, I'm not sure what I'd recommend on that front. This doesn't strike me as something worth risking a friendship over, but if it were me I would definitely want to know about something like this before the kid arrived.

And just to clarify, I was raised in a very secular family and am still nowhere close to being an Orthodox Jew. And while I don't find the idea of a child named Cohen offensive in quite the same way Miriam does, I do find it kind of bizarre. So I wouldn't assume that only ultra-religious Jews would have a negative reaction.

By sarah smile (not verified)
August 10, 2010 10:07 PM

Beth, I posted at the same time and so missed your comment, but I am still laughing. I suppose that is the obvious nickname for Cohen LN the third, isn't it?

August 11, 2010 12:37 AM

Larksong! Hi! In re: Arden and Eden... I don't always find matching sounds to be a dealbreaker, but in this case they match their entire second/ending syllables and I can't think of obvious nicknames that have more distinct sounds, either. Also, Arden in some accents with a light, frequently dropped "r" could start to approach "Ah-den", which is just a miniscule difference away from the EH-den pronunciation that Eden would get in European accents. (I have relatives who drop r's in their European accents.) Most of all, I think they'd get hopelessly tangled up in day-to-day conversation if they're the names that two sisters get called by.

However, I think you could do _____ Arden (called _____) and Eden Middlename (called Eden) (or vice versa) very easily, and then the matchiness is more of a uniting thread that isn't glaringly obvious to everyone, since middle names are much more secret.

By knp
August 11, 2010 2:26 AM

Does anyone know anything about the name Irais? I have a girl (or at least I'm pretty sure) in my class with this name this fall. How do you say it?

August 11, 2010 3:59 AM

Thanks everyone!


Good point!

Sigh, I've been in a bit of an ''Arden'' name mood...., but, I'm not willing to sacrifice Eden ... even in a story LOL! Oh well, a girl can dream. Oh well, a person can always hope :) But, I do agree with you all

August 11, 2010 5:47 AM

KNP: Irais could be creative version of Iris. According to the ever reliable Wikipedia it is a commune (district) in Western France. Maybe (s)he has French heritage? Then it would be pronounced i-ray. I think.

By Eo (not verified)
August 11, 2010 4:47 PM

Nice to see you again, Larksong!

This might have occurred to you already, but I wonder if the name "Ardyth/Ardith" would appeal to you as well? It sort of unites similar, old elements, as does "Arden", yet gives you more of a desired contrast with "Eden". I've encountered a teenage "Ardyth" who was in fact, interesting and "arty"!

A whole other, mythological direction could be "Artemis"-- I rather like it with "Eden", actually...

By Portia (not verified)
August 11, 2010 7:01 PM

This is my alter ego. My given name is a very late-'80s name, androgynous & spunky (let's just say between Carly and Taylor). My alter ego is drawn from Shakespeare, elegant and mature and very feminine. I go for more "classics" than boyish names when thinking about possible names for my children (Madeleine, Greta, Cecily), who will most likely all be born this decade; but I do see the appeal of '30s girls names like Nancy and George.

(d@mn you, "captcha"! acute accent over the a in some Inca word? really?!)

By Pamela S (not verified)
August 11, 2010 7:59 PM

RPGs = Rocket Propelled Grenades ???

By Larksong nli (not verified)
August 12, 2010 5:06 AM


Thanks ! Ardith is definitely interesting. It's got a really light feel to it. It's not quite ''me'',though, It could grow on me. It's a name that I'll file away for a story
Thank you for the suggestion - I love discovering new names

Absolutely no idea! Sorry

I'd really appreciate it if you could help me categorise the male name favs; the parameters of style lol ... aside from same-letter inclined

These are the default names.The names that I have loved for the longest (YEARS) and always land up going back to

In no particular order

Keiran KEER-ihn it is just more practical than the traditional spelling Ciaran
Kian said KEY-in same as above
Larkin LAR-kin
Lorcan lore-ken

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay in posting . I tried to post 3 times yesterday & once already today, but for some reason the post is not going through , Weird
It doesn't show that it has gone through

Girl names that I really like, but never put in the list, are Poppy,Willow,Ember & Bailey ..... they haven't been liked as long as the others

Also, has anyone else noticed this
It seems like in paranormal/fantasy novels, often the names are spelled in a non-traditional manner i.e. Faythe or Sebastyein .... any ideas as to why?

By Larksong nli (not verified)
August 12, 2010 5:08 AM

Arden & Eden nicknames

It would have been something like:
E & Ari or Eeds & Ari

or, you could always go for A & E , I suppose! Those are probably good nicknames for children of a lexicographer

By Larksong nli (not verified)
August 12, 2010 5:29 AM


WEST were supposed to be in the list

By Larksong nli (not verified)
August 12, 2010 5:36 AM




By Larksong nli (not verified)
August 12, 2010 6:42 AM



last added addition!

By Kristina (not verified)
August 12, 2010 11:00 AM

Re: Cohen

I had no idea there was any controversy over the name until now. A girl at my kids' school, Analeina, has a younger brother named Cohen. If I were to use it, I would consider it a tribute to Leonard Cohen.
Forgive my ignorance, but since the child in question's family is NOT Jewish, how can the restriction apply to them?
For example: I'm a French-Canadian Roman Catholic. I would never dream of calling my child Jesus, but if I were Latin American, it would be a perfectly acceptable name.

Re: superheor names
My husband is a superhero fanatic, and quite appropriately, shares his name with one. He is Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool from Marvel Comics. :)

August 12, 2010 12:35 PM

Using your example, Kristina, like you, as an Anglo-Catholic (which is what I am), I would not dream of naming my baby Jesus. However, since I live in the American southwest, I do not blink at someone being Jesus (assuming is it pronounced as Hay-soos - bad phonetics). As you point out, it is a common Hispanic name.

That said, if I met a non-practicing Buddhist who named their son Jesus (any pronunciation) then claimed they just liked the sound of it (and didn't know that it was a major religious figure), I would honestly think it was bizarre. I think others, though, would find it offensive. And still others would shrug it off as no big deal.

I do not want to give my baby a name that causes offense. I think there is a big difference between *scrunchy nose* "Edith, really?" and truly offending others. Just my opinion.

August 13, 2010 11:13 AM

ladyphlogiston is very much my alter-ego -
i use it everywhere online, and have for a long time. It's a convenient choice because it's never already taken. when we got married, my husband started using lordphlogiston.

By Joanna (not verified)
August 15, 2010 10:42 AM

I have a few online alter-egos. There's my blog, where I'm known as Jo (short form of my name), or I'm sometimes called "the girl with the pretty life". Then there's my email/online name (kilnashee) which I`ve been using since I was 16 (got it from a book. It`s an anglicised spelling of a gaelic phrase). Then my yahoo and flickr identity is "pyesinn", which relates to a place in a book I was writing at one time. I`m a little too fond of puns, I think.

Can`t comment on the Cohen discussion, not being Jewish or knowing anyone who is. But I do know a little guy with Cohen as his second middle name.

By Guest (not verified)
August 15, 2010 10:56 AM

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By Mommy of Cohen (not verified)
October 19, 2010 2:40 PM

I have been reading all of the comments concerning the girl who has a friend who is pregnant and whether or not to mention anything about her name choice..."Cohen". I have a very personal connection to this issue. MY SON'S NAME IS ACTUALLY, "COHEN". He was born in 2007. We had heard when he was born that it was indeed a jewish last name and is not used as a first name, but we liked the sound. We are not jewish. We also like the idea of last names as first names. We never meant any disrespect by choosing this name and actually live in a city that has a higher Jewish population than some. I am writing to get more feedback, since this issue is MY personal issue. Since reading this my husband and I have felt badly about going in so blindly about our name choice, but at the same time a name "becomes" a person and now at 3, our son IS "Cohen" and we still love his name. We aren't calling him a priest and had not thought we were being inappropriate. We are both educated people and do search things beforehand, but had not found anything this negative concerning the name before naming him. Anyways...if you were in my shoes, what would you do? I do NOT want to cause discomfort for my son in the future if this is a problem. We have considered changing his spelling to "Coen", which is German and means brave. This would be the same name when pronounced, but would be weird to change even that little bit. Please be kind and considerate if you respond.

By Mommy of Cohen (not verified)
October 19, 2010 3:15 PM

To Kristina(Aug 12) I agree with this point...Jesus vs. Cohen. This is a good point. Should Cohen still be considered inappropriate if you aren't Jewish? Jesus is the perfect example to compare that to. I am a Spanish teacher and have heard the latin name Jesus alot through my years of traveling, etc. I've never been offended by it and I am a conservative Christian.

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March 23, 2013 5:31 AM

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عطورات عالميه 2013|
برفانات شانيل 2013|
عطورات نسائيه 2013|
برفانات ماركه 2013|
ميك اب لبنانى 2013|
ميك اب سهرة 2013|
ميك اب للعيون 2013|
مكياج سهرة 2013|

مكياج سعودى 2013|
مكياج هندى للمناسبات 2013|
مكياج سعودى للمناسبات 2013|
مكياج خليجى 2013|
مكياج ماركات عالمية 2013|
مكياج اوربى للسهرات 2013|
مكياج عيون بسيط 2013|
مكياج خليجى 2013|
مكياج خفيف للسهرات 2013|
ميك اب للبنات 2013|

مكياج سوارية 2013|
مكياج تقيل للعيون 2013|
مكياج مودرن للسهرات 2013|
مكياج للعرائس 2013|
ميك اب لبنانى 2013|
مكياج مودرن للسهرات 2013|
ميك اب سهرة 2013|
مكياج عيون سوارية 2013|
طاولات سفره 2013|
صور ديكورات استقبال 2013|

ديكورات اسقف 2013|
صالات 2013|
ديكورات رخاميه 2013|
ديكورات بالحجاره 2013|
غرف نوم 2013|
احواض سمك 2013|
مرايات كلاسيك 2013|
ديكورات جلسات 2013|
ديكورات اركان 2013|
ديكورات منازل 2013|

ديكورات بيوت 2013|
غرف بنات 2013|
ديكورات كراسى 2013|
ديكورات غرف جلوس 2013|
غرف جلوس 2013|
ديكورات مودرن 2013|
مطابخ ايطاليه 2013|
مطابخ كلاسيك 2013|
مطابخ فرنسيه 2013|
طاولات مطبخ 2013|


اكسسورات سفره 2013|
مطابخ تركيه 2013|
مطابخ امريكيه 2013|
اكواب شاى 2013|
طاولات كلاسيك 2013|
اطقم مطبخ 2013|
اطقم بهارات 2013|
كيفية تجفيف الورد|
استغلال قشور الفستق|
صور توزيعات قرقيعان|

طريقة لعمل وردة|
خلفيات للبلاك بيرى 2013|
خلفيات ايفون اسلامية 2013|
خلفيات شبابية للايفون 2013|
خلفيات جرح للايفون 2013|
رمزيات انتظار للايفون 2013|
خلفيات خيول للايفون 2013|
رمزيات شعر للايفون 2013|
خلفيات ايفون 2013|
خلفيات رومانسية للايفون 2013|

خلفيات رمال للايفون 2013|
رمزيات قلوب للايفون 2013|
صور شباب للمسن 2013|
رمزيات اسلامية للماسنجر 2013|
رمزيات مسن سبح 2013|
رمزيات مسن دعاء 2013|
صور مسن 2013|
رمزيات مسن خشوع 2013|
صور اطفال للمسن 2013|
رمزيات حب للمسن 2013|

صور مسن صداقة 2013|
رمزيات مسن للبنات 2013|
صينية الخضار باللحمة|
سمك الهامور المشوي|
دجاج محشي بالأرز|
وصفة الباميا بالبطاطا|
وصفة ملوخية باللحم|
سمك بأرز الخضار|
مجدرة الأرز|
وصفة فتة الدجاج|

كبسة السمك بالشبت|
الخرشوف المحشو|
الخرشوف بالليمون|
وصفة الثومية بالبطاطس|
كيفية عمل المسطردة|
الثومية بالمايونيز|
سلطة الكبدة البانيه|
عمل سلطة الخرشوف|
عمل الحمص بالطحينة|
عمل السلطة المقرمشة|

فساتين واكسسوارات للسهرات 2013|
فساتين سهرة باللون الازرق 2013|
فساتين مميزة للسهرات 2013|
فساتين سوارية قصيرة 2013|
فساتين مودرن للسهرات 2013|
فساتين طويلة للسهرات 2013|
موديلات سوارية 2013|
فساتين سهرة بالون الاحمر 2013|
فساتين سوارية 2013|
صور جلابيات مشغولة 2013|
فساتين سوارية طويلة 2013 |
فساتين سوارية عالمية 2013|
فساتين قصيرة للسهرات 2013|
فساتين سوارية حديثة 2013|
فساتين سوارية منفوشة 2013|
اطقم توابل 2013|
مفروشات المطبخ 2013|
اكواب للمطبخ 2013|
ديكورات مطبخيه 2013|
عبايات عالمية 2013||
جلابيات خروج 2013|
عبايات للمحجبات 2013|
سجاد مطبخ 2013|
ديكورات عصريه 2013|
مطابخ من الزجاج 2013|
ديكورات مطابخ 2013|
مطابخ حديثه 2013|
تصاميم مطابخ 2013|
صور مطابخ 2013|
عبايات هندية 2013|
صور عبايات لبنانية 2013|
صور عبايات سهرة 2013|
عبايات خليجية 2013|
جلابيات فلسطينية 2013|
صور عبايات محتشمة 2013|
عبايات مصرية سوداء 2013|
صور عبايات اماراتية 2013|
صور عبايات قطرية 2013|
مطابخ كبيره 2013|

مطابخ خشبيه 2013|
مطابخ صغيره 2013|
مطابخ عربيه 2013|
اكسسورات المطبخ 2013|
مطابخ منازل 2013|
مفارش طاولات 2013|
ادوات مائده 2013|
مطابخ مساحات صغيره 2013|
مطابخ باللون الاسود 2013|
ابواب مطبخ 2013|


ديكورات مطاعم 2013|
مطابخ ملونه 2013|
ديكورات للمنازل 2013|
اكسسورات غرف بنات 2013|
اكسسورات غرف 2013|
ديكورات حديثه 2013|
ديكورات كنب 2013|
ديكورات فرنسيه 2013|
اطقم حمامات 2013|
اضاءات فرنسيه 2013|

غرف مودرن 2013|
مفارش سرير 2013|
صالونات مغربيه 2013|
ديكورات مغربيه 2013|
ديكورات باللون الازرق 2013|
ديكورات غرف اطفال 2013|
ديكورات باللون البنفسجى 2013|
غرف نوم ملونه 2013|
ديكورات ارفف 2013|
مزهريات 2013|

ساعات حائط 2013|
اباجورات 2013|
مفارش غرف النوم 2013|
طاولات صغيره 2013|
ديكورات مكاتب 2013|
ديكورات باللون الاحمر 2013|
ستائر للمنزل 2013|
سجاد سلالم 2013|
ديكورات باللون الابيض والاسود|
كاسات للمناسبات 2013|

اكسسوارات حريمى 2013|
خواتم للحفلات 2013|
خواتم حريمى 2013|
اساور 2013|
شنط 2013|
مجوهرات حريمى 2013|
تنحيف الجسم بسرعة|
طريقة عمل اكلات للريجيم|
اضرار الحمية الغذائية|
ريجيم الام المرضعة|

طريقة عمل ريجيم الموز|
ترهلات البطن|
مشروبات لانقاص الوزن|
القضاء علي الكرش|
فوائد التفاح للتخسيس|
وصفة لسد الشهية|
اسباب تجاعيد الثدي|
اسباب فشل الحمية الغذائية|
اضرار النشويات علي الجسم|
طريقة للوقاية من السكر|


فوائد التمرينات|
التخسيس بدون ريجيم|
الاطعمة الحارقة للدهون|
وصفات طبيعية للتخسيس|
فوائد لبن الصويا للدايت|
اهمية اللبن للدايت|
طرق شد الجسم|
اكلات للريجيم|
الاخطاء الشائعة في الدايت|
مشروبات للتخلص من الدهون|

اسباب فشل الريجيم|
عمليات شفط الدهون|
اكلات التخسيس|
سمك مشوي دايت|
حساء الجزر للريجيم|
اسباب السمنة|
حرق الدهون|
رشاقة هيفاء وهبي|
اسباب النحافة المفرطة|
التخلص من الكرش|

التخلص من السلوليت|
ريجيم ليدي غاغا|
ريجيم بعد الولادة|
مأكولات للدايت|
ريجيم الفشار|
اسباب ترهل اليدين|
التخلص من دهون الخصر |
علاج انتفاخ البطن|
نظام غذائي للتخسيس|
تسريحات نجوى كرم 2013|

تسريحات للسهرات 2013|
تسريحات 2013|
تسريحات للشعر القصير 2013|
تسريحات موضة 2013|
تسريحات الشعر بالريش 2013|
تسريحات شعر فرنسية 2013|
تسريحات الشعر الاسود 2013|
تسريحات شعر اجنبية 2013|
قصات شعر ايمو 2013|
تسريحات المشاهير 2013|

تسريحات شعر 2013|
تسريحات شعر كيرلى 2013|
قصات الشعر المتوسط 2013|
تسريحات الشعر الطويل 2013|
قصات شعر اجنبية 2013|
تسريحات شعر خليجية 2013|
تسريحات شعر غريبة 2013|
تسريحات الشعر المدرج 2013|
تسريحات فرنسية 2013|
تسريحات شعر اوربية 2013|


تسريحات لشعر العروس 2013|
تسريحات نسائية 2013|
تسريحات للشعر القصير 2013|
فوائد النوم للبشرة 2013|
علاج جفاف البشرة|
ماسكات للبشره 2013|
قناع الفراولة للبشرة 2013|
فوائد البكينج صودا للبشرة 2013|
تساقط شعر الحاجبين 2013|
كيفية العناية بالمظهر 2013|

العناية بالبشرة في رمضان |
انواع البشرة 2013|
قناع لتفتيح البشرة 2013|
كيفية تعطير الجسم 2013|
علاج النمش والشامات 2013|
بقع تقدم العمر|
فوائد حمام الاعشاب للبشره|
اقنعة للبشرة الجافة 2013|
فوائد الرمان للبشره 2013|
وصفات طبيعيه للبشره 2013|

تشققات القدم 2013|
العنايه بالشفايف 2013|
المناطق الداكنه 2013|
طرق ازاله الشعر 2013|
علاج حب الشباب 2013|
ماسك للبشره الحساسه 2013|
قناع اللبن بالدقيق|
فساتين زفاف امريكية 2013|
فساتين للعرائس المحجبات 2013|
افكار دعوات افراح 2013|

مكياج بسيط للعروس 2013|
اطقم ذهبية للعروس 2013|
فساتين زفاف مطرزة 2013|
فساتين زفاف بسيطة 2013|
فساتين زفاف 2013|
فساتين جزائرية للعروس 2013|
اكسسورات هندية للعروس 2013|
فساتين اعراس ايطالية 2013|
فوائد السواك للمسلم|
احاديث الهجره|

الصلاه على الفراش|
مكفرات الذنوب|
اذكار السوق|
فضل الشكر لله|
ادعيه قبل النوم|
فضل شهر رجب|
من هم المنافقون|
حكم فطر الصائم|
كسوف الشمس|
حسن الظن بالله|


فوائد صيام عرفه|
الدعاء بظهر الغيب|
صلاه التهجد|
الاخلاص فى الدعاء|
حكم تعطير النساء|
حكم التزيين بالدهب|
حكم ازاله شعر الحاجبين|
الحفاظ على الصلاه|
فوائد صيام رمضان|

العمره فى رمضان|
قيام الليل|
حكم عمل المراه|
ميراث المراه|
التطهير من الحيض|
حكم تجعيد الشعر|
حكم تبرج المراه|
حكم لباس الكتف|
عده المطلقه|
مكياج عيون 2013|
مكياج للعروس 2013|
صور ميك اب 2013|
مكياج ديور 2013|
عده المطلقه|
قمصان نوم 2013|
ملابس داخلية 2013|
ملابس نوم 2013|
مايوهات 2013|
فساتين بيت 2013|
ميك اب شانيل|
مكياج بنوتات|
مكياج للمناسبات|
مكياج للافراح|
ميك اب 2013|
اغراء الرجل|
دمية بالصور|
الجماع المراة|
الزوجة اثناء الجماع|
طرق الجماع|
اوضاع الجماع|
اثارة الزوج|
كتاب تمارين رياضيات|
ازياء قاسم القاسم|
كتاب نشاط علوم|
عبايات كويتية 2013|
مداعبة الزوج|
تدليع الزوج|
شوربة خضار|
ستائر سيدار|
صور عبايات 2013|
العاب جنسية|
الصلاه بعد الطهاره|
حكم تغطيه القدمين|
حكم تقبيل القران|
تارك الصلاه|
حكم صلاه الغائب|
احكام غسل الميت|
حكم الاحتفال بالسنه الميلاديه|
جزيرة ترنجانو 2013|
صور قدح وبرليس 2013|
بوترا جايا 2013|

السياحة في الصين|
السياحة فى راخستان|
السياحة فى ملاكا|
السياحة فى مدينة بجاية|
السياحة فى قرطاج|
اهرامات مصر|
ولاية جيجل|
صور مدينة تطوان|
السياحة فى البحرين|
معالم مدينه الخفجي|

جزيرة الباهاما 2013|
السياحة فى دبى 2013|
Samsung Galaxy Beam|
سامسونج جلاكسي اس 3|
سامسونج جلاكسي 8250|
Galaxy Tab 8.9|
Samsung Galaxy Ace|
Samsung Galaxy Y|
سامسونج اس ادفانس|
Galaxy S2|